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Transport system of the Hainan Island

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Haikou East Railway Station Address-Адрес Восточный вокзал  Хайкоу.jpg
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September 13,2010
Yesterday started tests on high-speed railroad Haikou - Sanya, the first train was running on this high-speed railway, but the maximum train speed was limited and amounted to 160 km / h and in the evening on September 12 passed a static test of the bridge of the railroad overpass in Haikou. During the tests verified the absence of possible obstacles to the movement of trains and evaluated the dynamic characteristics of high-speed trains passing on the road section , the data will be analyzed prior to September 15, 2010 , when officially begin full dynamic testing of high-speed railway Haikou , Sanya, which provide a full run individual locomotives and locomotive with a full number of cars on all sections of high-speed railway . The full dynamic testing will continue until November 10, 2010 , a train during testing will accelerate to maximum speed of 250-300 km / h, after analyzing the test data , 21 November 2010 will begin trial operation speed railway Haikou - Sanya in conditions as close as possible to real, and a week -speed railway Haikou - Sanya will officially open to passenger traffic.

The length of the high-speed railway Haikou - Sanya is 308 kilometers 110 meters , the road will have 20 stations , the road began to build at the end of September 2007 , at the scale of investment it was a project number 1 on Hainan Island (the value of investments at September 10, 2010 is estimated at 3,015 billion U.S. dollars).
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September 18,2010
At the opening of new offices of China Travel Service (CTS), which was at September 16, 2010 in Sanya, it was announced about negotiations China Travel Service (CTS) with a several chinese airlines to open new charter flights for tourists from the Nordic countries of Europe to Sanya, Hainan. For details of the negotiations are not reported, but were called some Nordic countries of Europe, the opening of charter flights which will go on a priority basis , including : Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany . It is possible that the charter flights from Sanya will open in the near future, as in Ireland, the former Prime Minister of Ireland twice in 2010 visited Hainan and met with representatives of the Government of Hainan Province .

All issues of charter flights will deal with China Travel Service (CTS), which is the largest tour operator in China and the oldest and most experienced travel agency in China, currently has offices in Hong Kong, Macao and 21 overseas branch in 14 countries. China Travel Service (CTS) was founded in 1928 in Hong Kong as China Travel Service in Hong Kong (CTSHK), and in 2007 merged the China Travel Service in Hong Kong (CTSHK) with several large tour operators in China, as a result of the merger came a unified China Travel Service (CTS), which currently has about 150 subsidiaries and 500 offices . Assets of China Travel Service is estimated at 50 billion RMB ( about 7.5 billion U.S. dollars ), more than 40 thousands employees.

Chinese travel service (CTS) is a full member of the following major tourist associations :
-China Association of Travel Services (CATS)
-Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)
-International Air Transport Association (IATA)
-United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA)
-The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
-International congress & convention Association(ICCA).
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September 22,2010
China Southern Airlines reported September 21, 2010 about opening of the flight Moscow - Guangzhou in October 2010. Negotiations about the opening of this flight were conducted for several years, and finally, agreed to organize a flight from Moscow to the capital of neighboring Hainan Guangdong Province, Guangzhou city. Projected flights from Moscow to Guangzhou will take place with a stop in Urumqi, but despite this, it is assumed, that the flight from Moscow to Hainan via Guangzhou would be preferable, than a flight from Moscow to Hainan via Beijing, which is used by many Russian citizens, as China's Southern Airlines flying from Moscow to Beijing four times a week, and from Beijing to Hainan planes fly every hour.
With this new flight Moscow - Guangzhou, will be flying to Guangzhou, and in Guangzhou to buy a ticket for a flight Guangzhou - Sanya, Hainan (time and cost of flights see on our website in section "Tickets") or can buy a train ticket to Guangzhou - Sanya, the cost is almost the same as the cost of a plane ticket, but the travel time from Guangzhou by train to Sanya - about 12 hours, and by plane - about hour.
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October 2,2010
It is reported, that since March 2011, is expected to begin operating a new type of ferries in the rail transport of Hainan Island with Guangdong Province, located in mainland China. By Day of the PRC is one of those ferry was launched at a shipyard in China. This new type of ferries will improve quality rail cities of Hainan with other Chinese cities, this is due to the characteristics of a new type of ferry, so, the length of which reaches 190 meters, and total capacity 23,000 tons. The ferry is equipped with multi-level decks and can carry up to 25 rail cars, 80 cars and about fifteen hundred passengers, speed ferry will also rise, compared with the speed ferries, old style , is now working on the ferry Hainan -Guangdong, and will be 17 knots.

The ferry is equipped with modern systems of fire extinguishing system ensure stability of the vessel during the voyage, which prevents the sharp roll of the vessel at sea waves , as well as satellite navigation systems .

A passenger ferry deck is spacious and equipped with facilities for passengers, equipped with air conditioning.

It is reported, that will be reconstructed following types of hydraulic and coastal structures:

- rebuilt and expanded marinas and ramps at marinas :

- rebuilt railway yard;

- reconstructed facilities of communication, centralization and blocking the movement of cars;

- built new storage area for vehicles;

- reconstructed ferry yard.

It is assumed, that this new type of ferries will greatly improve transport links with the island of Hainan, and attendance at major tourist attractions of the Hainan.This new type of ferres is most suitable for the carriage of high speed trains, as expected, in the near future will make a single high-speed railway line Beijing-Sanya, it will the longest high-speed railway line in the world.
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October 23,2010
Yesterday afternoon in the Sanya docked the famous cruise ship "Legend of the Seas." On board this ship are more than two thousand visitors from 40 countries worldwide. Cruise ship "Legend of the Seas" beginning to perform a new cruise route Hong Kong-Sanya-Vietnam-Hong Kong.

Cruise ship "Legend of the Seas" is called "Liner light" because it is guaranteed a fantastic overview of the passengers, since more than 50% of the liner - it's transparent surfaces: stained glass, glass canopies, skylights windows and portholes in human growth. Cruise ship is characterized by its distinctive style and personality. Sunlit atrium (central hall), the white marble staircase, with wood and brass, luxurious fountains and foliage, dressed leather, and carefully, selected artwork create a warm and cozy atmosphere, which can only be found on the this elegant liner of the middle class.
Special features of cruise ship "Legend of the Seas":


- 11 passenger decks, offering a variety of leisure facilities, entertainment and accommodation;

- Over 50% of transparent surfaces: stained glass, glittering glass canopies, the laid roof and windows, through which open unforgettable landscapes;

- A warm and welcoming atmosphere envelops the sense of comfort and a festive mood;

- All kinds of entertainment: from the theater to the Casino;

- A modern health and beauty salon ShipShape;

- Located at a height of 60 meters above sea level, climbing wall;

- The deck for sunbathing and solarium with automatic roof, indoor pool and whirlpool;

- A seven-story atrium (Central Hall), with glass elevators that lift the visitors to the highest point of the liner - Viking Crown Lounge (Lounge-cafe "Viking Crown"), where you can enjoy a panoramic 360-degree views;

- Internet Cafe Royal Caribbean Online, from which you can send cards and news to your friends and relatives;

- Children's Adventure Ocean club and Optix Teen Center.
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11/19/2010 The cruise ship Costa Classica visited the Sanya City
More than 1300 foreign tourists from 23 countries arrived on a cruise ship Costa Classica in the Sanya City, Hainan. Today in Sanya City foreign tourists visited the major tourist attractions. This ship will carry out further regular rounds on the route Hong Kong-Sanya-Vietnam-Hong Kong. Feedback from passengers who travel on different ships, Costa Classicais one of the finest ships. This boat has been completely renovated in 2001, but has not lost her former beauty, but instead became even more beautiful and comfortable.

Remodeled Costa Classica has on its decks, delightful bars. Costa Classica includes a concert hall, which is constantly playing live music, has a few bars, as well as a designated place to dance near the concert stage.

On the ship, built a magnificent ball-room Ruccini, it is decorated in a modern style. Each cabin has also been changed, that almost immediately noticeable - but a new modern and stylish interior of each cabin has a personal mini-bar.

All that was done on the ship Costa Classica - was made for the benefit of passengers, so that he felt most comfortable and cozy. This was the original idea a complete renovation ship - to make all conditions that the guest could have the most pleasant and unforgettable experience while staying at the Costa Classica.
For passenger liners are all the possibilities of entertainment and relaxation - you can experience the luck in the Casino San Remo, visit the theater Colosseo, which is located on two decks, and there are always beautifully presented.

On the Costa Classica also has a fitness complex Caracalla Spa, where you will rest well and bring yourself into shape. In addition, all passengers are encouraged to visit the ship numerous bars, coffee shops and cafes or relax on the spacious outdoor deck with swimming pools.

Costa Classica is the perfect choice to break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a lovely casual atmosphere. This is one of the most comfortable and beautiful aircraft, and perhaps the most ideal way to spend your time.

Displacement of the ship is 53,000 tons of water at a maximum speed of 19 knots. The length of the ship Costa Classica - 221 meters, it has 11 passenger decks, and the total number of cabins - 654. The ship is fully equipped with the following premises:
- Restaurant operating in two shifts;
- Buffet restaurant;
- Pizzeria;
- Sportsground;
- Gymnasium;
- Library and reading room;
- Bars (Madame Butterflu, Florian, Dolce Vita)
- Night club;
- Snack Bar;
- Jogging track;
- Ballroom;
- 2 swimming pools;
- Club for children;
- Eight elevators;
- Living rooms;
- Theatre and Variety;
- Beauty salon and barbershop;
- Casino and game room;
- Medical station;
- Gallery;
- Gym;
- Shopping;
- Video game room.

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12/12/2010 Train travel time between Beijing and Sanya, Hainan will be 10 hours in 2012
Ministry of Railways of China to disclose information, that in 2012, finally completed and will be in operation all branches of high-speed railroads, connecting the capital of China and cities in the Hainan Island. As a result, it will be possible by train from Beijing to Sanya for a completely fantastic time -will be about 10 hours. Note, that even on an airplane flight from Beijing to Sanya takes only half of this time. Already in 2010, created all conditions for the operation of high-speed railroads between Beijing and Sanya in the Hainan Island, as in this year was built a branch of high-speed railroad between Haikou and Sanya, and in this year was ordered several new ferries, which are capable of carrying high-speed trains. New type of ferry services will improve transport communication between cities of Hainan with other Chinese cities, this is due to the characteristics of a new type of ferry, length of which reaches 190 meters, and total capacity 23,000 tons. The ferry is equipped with multi-level decks and can carry up to 25 railcars, 80 cars and about fifteen hundred passengers. The first ferry of new type will come into operation in March 2011, at the present time ferry has launched and is running tests. It is assumed, that the introduction of direct high-speed train between Beijing and Sanya will significantly improve attendance at major tourist attractions of Hainan Island, as well as enhance the attractiveness of resort Hainan Island among foreign tourists.

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12/16/2010 High-speed train Haikou-Sanya will soon come into operation
On our website we have already reported about the construction of high-speed railway Haikou-Sanya. Under the plan, high-speed trains were supposed to take its first passengers in November 2010, however, flooding in October 2010 caused the destruction of railway in the east of Hainan Island, and date of acceptance in the operation shifted to December 2010. As reported, in the near future, the train will run continuously between the cities of Haikou and Sanya, but the exact date is not called, but we already have a ready-made photo of the high-speed train, sent our visitors, you'll see the link below on our forum. Average speed of high-speed train on the track will be 200 km / h, but in some places of the path, the train will accelerate to 250 km / h, travel time between Haikou and Sanya will be about 90 minutes. High-speed train length is 213,5 meters, train consists of 8 cars, including a VIP-class car (car number 5), two first-class cars (car number 1 and the car number 8), the dining car (car number 4) and four cars of the second class. Photos of a train and cars can be viewed on our forum, by clicking on the link below:

Re: Transport system of the Hainan Island

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12/28/2010 Approved tariffs and schedule of high-speed trains Sanya-Haikou
On December 26, 2010 began trial operation of high-speed train Sanya-Haikou and on December,27 2010 has been approved rates and train schedule, we reduce the cost of travel to the stations on the route (for the first class):
-Haikou-Sanya-114 yuan (RMB);
-Haikou-Lingshui-90 yuan (RMB);
-Haikou-Wanning-72 yuan (RMB);
-Haikou-Boao-56 yuan (RMB);
-Haikou-Qionghai-52 yuan (RMB);
-Haikou-Wenchang-33 yuan (RMB);
-Haikou-Haikou Airport-14 yuan (RMB);
The fare to stations on the route (for the second class):
-Haikou-Sanya 95 yuan (RMB);
-Haikou-Lingshui-75 yuan (RMB);
-Haikou-Wanning, 60 yuan (RMB);
-Haikou-Boao-47 yuan (RMB);
-Haikou-Qionghai-52 yuan (RMB);
-Haikou-Wenchang-33 yuan (RMB);
-Haikou-Haikou Airport-14 yuan (RMB);
For students and children discounts are available.

Total, daily train will go to 10-fold, from 7.00 am to 20.30 without a break, the total length of the path Sanya-Haikou is a 308 km, travel time is about 90 minutes. Currently, during the trial operation, high speed train runs continuously between Sanya and Haikou, with the full presence of all staff, and accelerates to 250 km / h (see photo taken December 26, 2010):

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12/29/2010 High-speed railway Haikou-Sanya will be opening tomorrow

Has already begun selling tickets for a first passenger trip on a high-speed train Haikou-Sanya, which will be held tomorrow- December 30, 2010. Opening scheduled back in November 2010, but for some reason, was postponed to December 30, 2010. Now you can buy tickets in booking offices and at special vending machines,will plan also will sell tickets over the Internet in the near future. At this point, at 11.00 am on December 29, 2010 yet there are free tickets for the first passenger trip on a high-speed train Haikou-Sanya, anyone can buy them in the Booking Train Station. In Haikou railway station has 15 offices and three machines, where you can buy tickets, are also constantly displayed in the hall video, which explains the entire process of buying and using tickets. High-speed trains will go on a daily basis, the first flight at 7.00 am, and last flight, at 20.00 pm. Vending machines easily found on CRH inscriptions on them (see photos), the buying process takes a few minutes and recalls the process of buying tickets in the subway, in the booking hall is also a scoreboard, which shows the number of empty seats in first and second class of high-speed trains, which promptly updated, so that you do not have anyone ask about the availability of tickets. Photos of new railway stations in the cities of Haikou and Sanya:
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