The cheapest hotel in Shanghai at the end of September 2010

The cheapest hotel in Shanghai at the end of September 2010

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From 20 to 27 September can be booked on our site double room in hotel for only 237 RMB per a day. The price includes breakfast, in the room has two beds, air conditioning , desk, TV , shower , coffee / tea.
Hotel Name -Baolong HomeLike Hotel (Luojing Branch).
You can know more about this hotel , if you go to a our website page on- line booking rooms of this hotel . To do this, you must in the blue box , “Booking hotels in Sanya, in Hainan, in China and another of 150 countries around the world” ( located in the upper right corner of any website page enter the correct country and city (by default, given to China and Sanya, you must choose- Shanghai), select the desired You hotel -Baolong HomeLike Hotel (Luojing Branch), click on " Search " and get
IN YOUR LANGUAGE(You can choose language):
1 . Best and lowest price of rooms at the hotel
2.dozens of fotos of this hotel .
3. dozens of reviews from tourists from many countries ;
4. Foto with a note of the hotel on the map
5.Foto from the satellite , indicating the position of this hotel in the city
6. description of this hotel
Booking Process only takes a few minutes .
Learn that the ordering room at this hotel through the site, you can join the bonus program of the international network of hotel reservation , getting bonus points in total from 4 to 7% of the amount of your payment. These points you can use during the subsequent reservation of any other hotels participating in this online reservation (there are about 90000 ) in China, USA, Korea, Japan, Europe or any other specified in the booking form 150 countries worldwide.
You can choose any currency charge on your RESERVATION - choose dollars automatically instantly get all prices in rubles, choose CNY(RMB) - select automatically instantly get all the prices in CNY(RMB) , choose EURO - select automatically instantly get all the prices in EURO, the total available dozens of world currencies.
Just try! And you will see how really cheap and quickly available hotels in Hainan and around the world through our website!

In our database there are hotels in Shanghai and by 143 yuan per night for two, but at this time there is no availability , but may appear, so check availability on our database (total we have 228 hotels in Shanghai).!
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