Aegean Conifer Suites Resort

Aegean Conifer Suites Resort

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It is a 5- star hotel, in each of the 130 rooms you can feel warmth and comfort . Each room offers guests a bath with Jacuzzi , air conditioning, bathrobes, daily newspaper,clock service , shops , elevator, cafe, bar . Guests seeking exercise or leisure , can be found in the hotel child pool, jacuzzi , kids club , fitness room , water sports (motorized) , outdoor swimming pool, private beach . The hotel combines first-class service with modern amenities . The area the hotel directly on the sea, a large common area pools, good beds, clean sea, excellent spacious rooms , beach towels at any time from morning till night , a polite and qualified staff , jacuzzi on the balcony with hot water and some rooms on the first floor there is a way to basseyn.There is a washing machine , cooker, microwave , dinner service for 2 people , devices , large saucepan , detergent and liquid soap for dishes. Across from the hotel across the street is a restaurant , where preparing Chinese and European cuisine. Yards in 50 is located tourist market , which sells needed to rest at sea things, souvenirs, articles of pearls and corals (for the money I can not guarantee the prices low ), fruits and vegetables . Here, grilled fish , shrimp , corn and other vegetables . Very tasty and inexpensive. In any place you can take a taxi , of which there are many , at any time , tariffs are low. Do not forget to bring your name to your place in Chinese. And , most importantly , have a business card at the hotel, and then return it will be problematic .

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