I will consider any job offers in China

Re: I will consider any job offers in China

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Resume №23.11
Name: Natalia
29 y.o., single

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Objective: to find a position as an interpreter, translator, secretary, receptionist (other variants are also possible)
Experience: September 2009 – present moment: teaching Russian at a university (Teachers College of Mudanjiang), China, Mudanjiang. As well has experience teaching kindergarten kids English.
March 2006 – September 2009: tutoring of English and French languages to children (7 – 12), teenagers and adults. Freelance translating (English and French – documents, treaties, business communication) and interpreting (English – business phone calls), Russia, Ussuriisk.
April, 2006 – June, 2009: JSC “Primornefteproduct” (petrol company) – secretary.
June, 2005 – April, 2006: International Educating Center EF English First, teaching English to teenagers and adults, Russia, Vladivostok.
September, 1st, 2005 – March, 28th, 2006: “Design-club” Ltd. – business communication (translating English), Russia, Vladivostok.
November, 2003 – September, 2005: Humanitarian College – teaching English to 18-20 year old students, Russia, Vladivostok.
April, 1999 – September, 2009: A/S touristic compamy, tour-guide for English-speaking tourists, Russia, Vladivostok.
Education: 1998 – 2003: Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Linguistics Department, English and French translator, B.A.
References: upon request.
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Re: I will consider any job offers in China

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Resume №06.12

Kyzyl, The republic of Tuva, Russia

Date of birth: March 27, 1982
Marital status: single
Nationality: Tuvan
Objectives: I hope my experience in the executive power of the republic of Tuva will (would) allow mе to be conductive to the cooperation with chinese investors in the field of the opening up of the natural resources and the development of the traffic infrastructure. I have a strong desire to make an important contribution to the prosperity of this republic.
Tomsk State University, 2005
- the faculty of history
- specialist of documentology and document supported management
Work Experience:
08/2007 – 09/2010: Government apparatus of the republic of Tuva
administration for realization of priority national projects, head department
control projects such as: “Health”, “Construction”, “Agriculture” and “Education” in Tuva
11/2005 – 08/2007: Cabinet of the head of the government of the republic of Tuva
government service of staff politic, main specialist
Consulting, work on staff issues, staff reserve
10/2005 – 11/2005: Republic center of psychology-medicine-social work “Saizyral”, secretary
reception of documents
03/2000 – 08/2000: Tuvan State University
IT faculty, assistant
Professional Skills:
Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express.
Driver’s license B, personal car.
Foreign languages:
Native Russian and Tuvan
English (Intermediate)
German (Pre-Intermediate)
Personal Skills:
Responsible and hard-working person, good decision making, administrative, communicational and interpersonal skills.
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Re: I will consider any job offers in China

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Resume №18.12-2
Date of birth: 23.06.1982
Nationality: Russian
Education: higher.
From 1989 to 1999 studied at the secondary school 9 of Angarsk.
From 1999 to 2004 studied at the Irkutsk State Linguistic University.
Specialty: External and internal politics of China.
On graduating from the Irkutsk State Linguistic University I worked in some Chinese companies as a interpreter.
From 2005 to 2009 studied at the Russian International Academy of Tourism.
Specialty: a manager of tourism.
From 28.05.2006 till 24.10.2006 had a practice in 5 star hotel "Iberotel Felicia Village" in Turkey in Food and Beverage Department.
From 10.08.2007 till 20.12.2008 worked in People's Republic of Saha (Yakutia) in the building of oil pipe-line as a interpreter (Chinese and Russian languages).
From 25.03.2009 till 25. 05.2009 worked In Uzbekistan in building gas pipe-line as a technical inspector (Chinese and Russian languages).
Take into consideration:
During the study at the Irkutsk State Linguistic University repeatedly took part in university and regional Olympiads.
In 2003 year in university Olympiad took the second place.
Being a student was awarded the Certificate of Encouragement for active participation in the public life of the university.
During the study at the Irkutsk State Linguistic University had passed a regional practice in Irkutsk newspaper "The Ether of East". During the practice I showed myself as a conscientious person and a skilled professional.
I can work a computer (120 symbols a minute).
I am a sociable person; I am fond of music, reading English and Chinese books.
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Re: I will consider any job offers in China

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Alexey.jpg (3.49 KiB) Просмотров: 3699

I would like to find a job which would allow me to use my experience of relations with people, knowledge and skills,
would be interesting, useful and would bring positive emotions.
My priorities health, sports, internal stability and knowledge which give me a wide sight about life and the world.

1991 - 1996 – the economic faculty of the Chuvash State Uuniversity,
a speciality - «The Theoretical economy».
The personal grant of Association of the Russian HIGH SCHOOLS / the Honours degree/.
During this time I was the head of the faculty student's council.
2005 - 2006 - «Negotiations skills», «Skills of an operational administration», «Time Management»,
«NEW Basic of management» at the Educational center of "Unilever SNG", Moscow.
2008 - «Marketing in the dealer center» at consulting center "SIDO", Samara.

Experience about 10 years - Human resource management, Management of sales,
Distribution,Automobile dealer business, Advertising

2009 – 2010 / «The Branding and Communications Agency "PromoOcean»
∙ Formation of structure of the company: the Sales department, the department of the POS-materials manufacturing, the printing department . Management, planning, control and the activity analysis. Selection, training, coaching the personnel.
∙ As a result the competitive sales department have been created. The manufacturing have been adjusted.
The base of regular customers have been generated.

2007 – 2009 / "General Motors", the official dealer of «OPEL» & «Chevrolet» brands in the city of Cheboksary
Head of a sales department
∙ The Organization of sales (marketing, advertizing, purchase, logistics, sale, registration). Selection, training, coaching the personnel.
Adjustment of interaction with adjacent departments.
∙ The Dealer has became one of leaders on sales of foreign cars in Cheboksary. The successful, professional team focused
on the client have been generated. The solid client base have been turned out, image of a successful dealer have been created.
2006 – 2007 / Motor showroom "POINT"
Sales Director
∙ Start up the business on sale of cars. Selection and personnel training. The organization of sales. Marketing, advertizing.
∙ Successful start up. The client base of regular customers have been turned out. The planned targets have been achieved .
2005 – 2006 / «Unilever» - the English-Dutch company/
Customer Sales Supervisor, Service of sales
∙ Representation of interests of «Unilever» in the Chuvash Republic and the Mary-El Republic.
The organization of more effective system of direct sales in the entrusted territory, develop the distribution.
Control and the analysis of activity of trading department. Analytics, marketing, budgeting, planning.
∙ The effective structure of the distribution on territory of 2 regions have been created and the lead positions in the market
of Chuvash Republic and Mary El have been achieved . Sales volume have been increased in 2,5 times.
2003 – 2004 / The Joint-Stock Company «Vimm-Bill-Dann» (juice & milk products) in the city of N.Novgorod
The Regional Sales Representative "Cheboksary"
∙ Representation of interests of Joint-Stock Company «Vimm-Bill-Dann» in the Chuvash Republic.
he Organization of direct sales in retail shops by means of distributors efforts. Carrying out of promotion actions.
Selection, training, coaching the personnel.
∙ The sales department was generated. Sales volumes have been increased on juice direction in 3 times,
and in a direction of milk products in 4 times. As a result the Diploma from the "Vimm-Bill-Dann"
for successful advancement of production of the company in the market of the Chuvash Republic.
2001 – 2002 / «Coca-Cola HBC» in the city of Cheboksary
Sales manager (the head of trading department)
∙ Direct sales of soft drinks in shops. The Organization of work of direct sales in retail shops,
training of sales representatives and merchandisers, control, working off of routes. The analysis of activity of department.
Carrying out of promotion actions.
∙ The optimum structure of commercial service have been created. Relations with executive,
financial services ahd with clients have been debugged. The system of work with clients is debugged.
Professional Qualities

• Skilful at developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives
• Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team
• Excellent communication skills
• Professional. Good organizational skills and has a good eye for detail
• Knowledge in sale, marketing, experience with advertizing agencies, TV, the press.

Other skills and interests
• driving license
• speaks English, Russian native
• IT skills (the experienced user of Microsoft Office, good skills in PowerPoint, Coral Draw, PageMaker)
• experience in public organizations and activites
• well travelled

Other interests include
• hiking, travelling, snorkeling, swimming, rollers, mountain skiing, fads, gym, cars, the informative literature, philosophy, drawing, photo.
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Re: I will consider any job offers in China

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State University – High School of Economics (2009 – 2011)
Department of Business Analytics
State University – High School of Economics (2005 – 2009)
Department of Corporate Information Systems
• Awarded a diploma «for the development of the Faculty»
• the winner of the road-show project «Business Battle 2007» (in the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation)
• the second place in the competition "Global Management Challenge – Russia 2007"
• participant of the All-Russian economical competition in operation of business (in the Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman in 2008)
• data analysis (SPSS)
• experience of holding of interuniversity olimpiads and sporting events
• basic knowledge MS Excel (VBA), C#, Visual Studio, ARIS, BPwin, Html, XML
• Chinese language (second year of learning)
OSG Records Management
• SPSS counseling
• training of personnel (SPSS)
Additional information:
• do not smoke
• I'm prepared to be as mobile as necessary to contribute to the efficiency and profitability of the company
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