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Philippines News

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Cathay Pacific will carry on the Philippines spetstarifam
Airline Cathay Pacific Airways establishes special fares for flights from Moscow to Manila and Clark (Philippines) .

 Buy tickets at low prices can be up to 15 June this year. The offer applies to flights from Moscow from May 15 to August 31, 2014 .

Tickets to Manila and Clark shares will be 399 euros " round-trip ".

As reported in the journal TRN company UNEX, tickets at special prices is difficult to acquire.

"Now in the Philippines low season , and a number of carriers are usually in this period offers spetstarify for transportation. However, these tickets must " catch" , the direction is quite popular among independent travelers , divers who previously actively snapping up deals airlines "- the company said.!
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Philippines hopes to keep Russian tourist flow

Philippines for the year are going to keep the flow of tourists from Russia to the level of last year, when the country was visited by about 43 tys.rossiyan. Despite the difficult economic situation in Russia, the Philippines Department of Tourism optimistic about the Russian market.

"We are adapting to the changes in Russia. Therefore, active yield of the final customer, trying to use more emotional component. But we will also continue to pay a lot of attention and work with tour operators, trying to provide them with more information about the new directions ", - he told the" Bulletin of the ATOP "Director of the National Office of Tourism of the Philippines in Russia Valery Ishunkin.

He also noted that the quality of Russian tourist who travels to the Philippines, is changing. Whereas previously most visited divers, tourists who stayed mostly in budget hotels, but today it is the travelers who prefer accommodation in five-star hotels, and those who are traveling with a family. For these family tourists launched a special offer "kids room are free."

"Many family tourists traveling from the Far East. It is natural that our people seek to save, because when you travel with children costs are quite high. So it's a special offer on the free children's rest can save on accommodation and excursions young travelers "- the director of the National Office.

Speaking about charter programs of Russia in the forthcoming season, Mr. Ishunkin said that Natsofis will contribute, first and foremost, charter projects in the Far East and Siberia. "This is due to the fact that Moscow and St. Petersburg quite a regular service on direction that contributes to a more competitive and attractive prices. For example, rates have "round-trip", which will start from $ 600 including all taxes and tariffs that the current situation can be called a good deal, "- he said.

Among the competitive advantages directions Valery Ishunkin called visa-free travel for Russians - our compatriots do not need a visa to enter the Philippines for 30 days. Also, the country has ample opportunities for beach and family vacations, medical and educational tourism.

As told Gigi Livang, senior manager of the Office of Tourism of the Philippines, the number of tourists from Russia to the Philippines over the past decade has grown more than 10 times: in 2004 the country was visited by only 3.5 tys.rossiyan, then in 2013 this figure exceeded 35 thous. people. On average, our compatriots in the Philippines carried out from 15 to 30 days, spending a day around 100 dollars. More often go to the Philippines from Moscow, Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg.

To maintain interest in the direction of the fall in the three major cities of Russia - St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk - launched the campaign "Days of the Philippines", which aims to end tourist. At the airports of these cities will branded stands, which will contain information about the country, various activities are planned, Front tour operators. In St. Petersburg, the project involves three tour operator in Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk - two. It is expected that in the northern capital during the campaign will receive information about the Philippines and see about 120 thousand. Man in Yekaterinburg - about 80 thousand. Man in Novosibirsk - about 45 thousand. Man.

In addition, the Department of Tourism of the Philippines announced and a new campaign - "Visit the Philippines again in 2016", which aims not only to have to attract new tourists, but also the fact to make the country attractive to those who have already visited the Philippines earlier. The campaign will be organized events such as the Asian Tourism Forum 2016, an exhibition of Routes Asia 2016 addressed to representatives of the tourism industry, as well as a number of sports and musical events and festivals.!
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