Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport

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03/05/2011 Hong Kong International Airport: address, phone number and background information
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Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) has much to be proud about and ranks as the world's 14th busiest facility of its kind, currently seeing annual passenger levels of around 44 million. Hong Kong Airport is surrounded by water and is just 40 km / 25 miles to the south-west of the central of Hong Kong, close to both Lau Fau Sha and Ngau Kwu Long. The airport itself is a modern and impressive complex, due to considerable reinvestment, forward planning and high standards. Currently $4.5 billion is being spent to improve facilities at Hong Kong Airport even further, and this will include an extension of the central concourse and the construction of the adjacent SkyCity, home to the AsiaWorld-Expo, SkyPier, grand hotels and a magnificent golf course. Hong Kong Airport currently handles upwards of 3.5 million tons of cargo, features a staff of 60,000 and regularly features Airbus 380 passenger flights, the biggest commercial aircraft on the planet.

All passengers over 12 years at the departure from Hong Kong International Airport must pay the boarding taxes in the sum of HK $ 120 (usually included in ticket price), but this does not apply to passengers arriving and departing in the same day. In addition there is the fee in the amount of HK $ 33 to support the safety and passenger services required now from the international airports.

A trip to the high-speed express train, owned by the Hong Kong subway (MTR) from the airport to Hong Kong Island takes about 24 minutes. This is the fastest mode of transport to get to the airport and back. Express passengers can enjoy free shuttle bus from the stations carrying Koulun and Hong Kong to major hotels. Both stations offer free registration services in the city.

Taxis come in blue (from the airport to Lantau), red (from the airport to all parts of Hong Kong, except for Tung Chung Road) and green (from the airport to the New Territories).

All taxis can travel to the airport and depart from it. Payment is made on the counter, and terms of payment and additional charges are listed in each taxi. To get from Hong Kong to the airport by car at first have to go on the motorway West Kowloon Expressway, with her on the highway signs to turn onto North Lantau Highway. The airport works open parking and an indoor multi-storey car park

There are nine convenient bus routes, buses that take you to all the key places in the city, making fewer stops than an ordinary city bus. When you exit the arrivals hall, turn right to get to the stop and the special buses.

Arriving passengers, who need personal limousines, minibuses, vans and buses for tourist groups can reserve them for transport companies. Offices of these companies are located in the arrival hall and ground transportation center.

From the pier to Tuyen Tun Chun Mun in the New Territories can be reached by ferry.
Hong Kong International Airport is also the land and sea transport hub for travel to mainland China.

Between piers of Macau, Zhuhai Jiuzhou, Zhongshan, Shenzhen Fuyong, Shenzhen Shekou and DongGuan Humen and airport support message speedboats SkyPier. Tickets can be purchased at the arrival airport.

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