Buses, bicycles, taxis in Hong Kong

Buses, bicycles, taxis in Hong Kong

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Taxi in Hong Kong

Taxi in Hong Kong - a huge number of cars, represented mainly by "Toyota" with a spacious interior (car seats 4-5 passengers), equipped with counters and air conditioning.
Taxi Services in Hong Kong

For Hong Kong taxi characterized by three colors: red taxi (they can not call in a recreation area Discovery Bay, and on the island of Ma Wan they are allowed to call in from 23:00 to 07:00) serve clients anywhere in Hong Kong; blue taxi - ride to the island of Chek Lap Kok, cruising around the island of Lantau, pick up passengers at the airport and Disneyland; green taxi - working at the airport, Disneyland and the New Territories.

You can take a taxi, going to the special areas marked on the pavement inscription "Taxi" (there are special places for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers), as well as catch the car on the street (at the free taxi you see a burning red light located on the windshield, in the lower part thereof).

Sitting in a taxi, it is necessary to buckle up (this also applies to the back seat) - otherwise the driver may refuse to carry you.

To call a taxi, you may need the following telephone numbers:

Red Taxi: 2760 0411; 2527 6324; 2760 0477; 2362 2337;
Blue Taxi: 2984 1328 (Lantau Taxi Association);
Green Taxi: 2457 0317; 2657 2267; 2699 1088.

The cost of a taxi in Hong Kong

Everyone who wants to know how much a taxi in Hong Kong will be able to satisfy their curiosity by reading the current tariffs:

in a red taxi (it is the most expensive) for landing, including overcoming the first 2 kilometers, passengers are asked to pay 20 Hong Kong dollars. As for the next 200 m, then they will be charged at the price of 1,5 HK $;
blue taxi (it is the cheapest) for landing + the first 200 m you will be asked to pay 15 Hong Kong dollars, and for the next 200 m - 1,3 HK $;
green taxi landing overcoming 2km path costs to passengers in 16,5 HK $, then every subsequent 200 meters are charged at the price of 1,3 HK $;
waiting for you pay HK $ 1.3-1.5.

It should be noted that the passage of wheelchairs and crutches are not subject to any additional payments, and for the transport of a pram or animal you will be asked to pay 4-5 HK $ (worth so much baggage of any large luggage).

With regard to additional payments for travel on bridges, tunnels and toll roads, they have to carry a passenger. For example, the fare for the Discovery Bay Tunnel Link are charged 50-250 HK $, at Shing Mun Tunnels - 5 HK $, on Lantau Link (bridge) - 30 HK $.

Despite the fact that drivers do not expect tips, they rounded the invoice amount in a big way.

If you remain dissatisfied with the service or you have a conflict situation with the driver, you can call the complaint hotline on 2889 9999 (please keep the receipt confirming payment of travel).

The transport system in Hong Kong is very well developed and is particularly diverse, but for traveling short distances ideal taxi.
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Taxi in Hong Kong

Since this special region of the People's Republic of China is one of the leading financial centers of the world, a high level of development are all the other economic sectors, including transport. Taxi in Hong Kong can be found almost everywhere, with the exception of remote regions.

Experts have developed specific recommendations for potential passengers HK taxis, the main purpose of - human security.
Recommendations for passengers

One of the main issues of interest to visitors to Hong Kong, where you can "catch" the car. There are several ways, including:

finding the nearest parking lot (the fastest and most convenient way);
near the tourist accommodation (hotels, hotel);
on the road (but there are areas where stopping is prohibited).

Machinery serving passengers, visitors to the area, most of them new, equipped with meters mileage account. Because there is no problem with the definition of the amount of trips, she highlighted, besides the taxi driver is obliged to print a check. If this is for some reason not possible, you need to ask the driver to write a check by hand, which is also part of his responsibilities.

On the dashboard of any car is a taxi driver card, on which he wrote his name and license number. In the event of a dispute it is necessary to record these data and call the hotline, which receive complaints and claims of passengers.

For a complete list of recommendations can be found on the website of the Department of Transport in Hong Kong, here listed phone specialists to help solve the problems associated with the movement, including a taxi. Questions can be asked by phone: + 852 2804 2600, submit a complaint to the hotline by dialing 852 2889 9999.

Another phone (+852 1872 920) for passengers who have forgotten things. It receives all the information here about the lost luggage and personal belongings.
Colorful Taxi

Generally, in Hong Kong, you can see the taxis of three colors that are within the same region. The exception is the local Disneyland and the international airport, these two holy places for tourists can be reached using any taxi, regardless of its color.

Red cars that can be called by phone at 2398 1881, 2332 2477, 2574 7311, operating almost the entire territory, they have their own system of tariffs. The first few kilometers of the cost of HK $ 22.00, then payment includes every 200 meters or minutes of waiting (HK $ 1.60). Taxi Green (telephone - 2383 0168, 2677 8888) serve New Earth, the fare is lower in the first part of the journey HK $ 18.50 (HK $ 1.40, respectively). Blue taxis can be found on the island of Lantau, the price for the trip - HK $ 17.00 (HK $ 1.40), for the call to dial 2984 1328.
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