Restaurants, bars, food festivals in Hong Kong

Restaurants, bars, food festivals in Hong Kong

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Traditional cuisine in Hong Kong
Power in Hong Kong - a paradise for gourmets: here you will meet a variety of restaurants, offering its visitors a variety of cuisines of the world (in Hong Kong, more than 60 restaurants with Michelin stars). As for the cost of food, it all depends on the location of places - the price of the same dish in the middle of the block and close to some attraction will differ by several orders of magnitude.
Food in Hong Kong

Diet of Hong Kong consists of rice, fish, seafood, noodles, hot sauces, vegetables.

In Hong Kong should enjoy the taste of savory snacks packed in bamboo baskets ("features DimSum"); pork ribs, fried in a pan ("chasiybao"); boiled pork with shrimp ("shiumey"); boiled shrimp dumplings ("hargau"); meat roasted on a spit; chicken baked in salt; Peking duck.
Where to eat in Hong Kong? At your service:

cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy local and other cuisines;
food courts, outdoor shopping malls and subway.

Only in Hong Kong, you can taste the true Chinese cuisine, popular in different regions of China - it is worth a visit to the floating restaurant or restaurants Kowloon. And you can dine on a sampan in the Bay Causeway.
Drinks in Hong Kong

Popular drinks of Hong Kong - soy milk, coconut juice, green and black tea, fruit juice, drink based on sugar cane, Red Bean Ice (ice-cold beverage of red beans with sugar syrup and condensed milk), Bubble Tea ("pearl" with black tea or colorful balls of tapioca), Pineapple Ice (pineapple drink with sugar syrup and ice), Yuan Yang (drink, representing a mix of coffee and milk tea in Hong Kong), Hot Coke (a refreshing drink with lemon and ginger).

Of alcoholic beverages in Hong Kong, you can try the rice wine ("ziandzhing"), plum brandy ("lianghua drink"), whiskey ("kaolin"), beer ("tsingtao", "San Miguel").
Gastronomic Tour in Hong Kong

Embark on a gastronomic tour in Hong Kong, you will visit for a walk to the local shops and restaurants where you can taste the best traditional dishes. On this tour you together in a guide that tells you about the history of Hong Kong, stroll through the "delicious" places - visit the restaurant where you can taste noodle dishes, as well as a restaurant with dim sum snacks, traditional tea, stores where selling traditional Chinese puddings, and stores with a wide selection of dishes from soy.

And if you want you can come to Hong Kong for a master class - in the morning the guide will take you to the market and will help you choose products that will be used for the preparation of your meal (you will take an active part in this process). In addition, as part of the tour you will visit the wine cellars and taste the different wines.

Hong Kong - is clinking wine glasses, cozy cafes, savory flavors preparing meals, noisy celebration and food festivals. Wherever you are in Hong Kong, you will want to sample a variety of dishes. Try them all - do not resist the temptation arisen.

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Where to eat in Hong Kong?
Not worth thinking about where to eat in Hong Kong. Here you can eat in a variety of cafes, restaurants, food courts, street stalls ... It is worth noting that in Hong Kong opened many schools of different levels, which serves traditional Chinese dishes, in particular, Cantonese, Sichuan, Shanghai cuisine.
Where to eat cheaply in Hong Kong?

Budget can eat at a Chinese restaurant Delicious Kitchen - here you can treat yourself pork chops with rice, chicken, baked with lemon and sesame seeds, various soups, tofu with spicy-sweet sauce, lime mousse, caramel bananas.

If you - a fan of Vietnamese food, cheap prices and delicious cuisine await you in Nha Trang. We recommend to try the salad with papaya, pancakes with various fillings and herbs casserole with vegetables and tofu.

Inexpensive meal will turn into Max Noodle - this restaurant specializes in noodles. It is worth to try the noodles with shrimp, steamed vegetables with shrimp sauce, Chinese soup with ginger, transparent noodles with chili.

In Hong Kong institutions of self-service (the principle of "buffet") you will have the opportunity to try a variety of cuisine at reasonable prices. So, visit Café Too, you will be able to try the pizza, sushi, chicken curry and other dishes.
Where to eat in Hong Kong delicious?

Jumbo Kingdom: this floating restaurant, is a 3-storey ship, you can treat yourself as a classic Cantonese cuisine and sea food dishes and modern fusion food. This institution is encouraged to try turtle soup, drunken shrimp, steam grouper, lobster salad. If you want an after-dinner drink tea, you are prompted to move in the tea garden.
Glasshouse: This restaurant is located on a hill Braemar, you will be able to hide from the bustle of the city and try Tom Yum Kung (soup with meatballs trademark of various varieties of fish on a complex broth of mussels, shrimp and scallops). In addition, here are preparing excellent seafood and grilled vegetables.
Cuisine Cuisine: This restaurant is decorated in an original style, offers no less extravagant menu. Here you can order the shrimp with crabmeat and black truffles (the dish is decorated with black caviar and served with pumpkin soup).
Rainbow SeaFood Restaurant: in this institution established aquariums, which inhabits marine life. At your request, fish and other mammals caught a butterfly net and will prepare you any proposed method. So, here you can enjoy grilled lobster, all kinds of clams, rainbow perch.

Gastronomic tours of Hong Kong

During such trips can be organized walk to local shops and restaurants, where you will be able to enjoy traditional dishes. So, you will be able to visit the gastronomic tour of the region Sham Shui Po - here you visit the store dishes made from soy, shop with traditional Chinese puddings, bakery Legendary Bakery, restaurants Braised Goose and Oodles of Noodles.

You can easily find places to eat Chinese food in any part of Hong Kong. And if your taste international cuisine, then this is no problem - here you will find everything and European restaurants, and network facilities, such as KFC and McDonalds.

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Hong Kong's best restaurants for lunch

1) Nosh
Skrembl with smoked salmon and dill (HK $ 80). Source:

Go to Nosh for timeless classic English cuisine - is objectively the best in the city of egg-skrembl with smoked salmon and dill (HK $ 80), oatmeal with honey, cinnamon, caramelized bananas, cranberries and roasted pecans (HK $ 50) - it may not be the most useful and healthy dishes - but certainly the most delicious too! By the way, it is important that in contrast to other non-specialized cafe Nosh make really good coffee, and it means that you do not have to go to another institution, to drink a cup of espresso after breakfast is finished.

Address: 11 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan, (closed on Mondays)
Tel .: +852 2559 8508,

2) Prune Organic Deli & Workshop
Dishes in Prune - the dream of any instagram-dependent. Source:

You want to start your day right? Then you direct road to Prune. Food in the cafe - the dream of any instagram-dependent - they are so nice and look appetizing! And besides, they are also super helpful! Because made exclusively from natural products of organic origin. Nowhere else I do not ever try vegetarian dishes that are so delicious! Lemon Wafers with chia seeds, almond condensed milk, maple syrup and fresh fruit (HK $ 108) - simply Yum! Just as the egg-Kokot with dried tomatoes, artichokes, fried spinach and shiitake mushrooms. Prune in a huge selection of smoothies and fresh juices. In general, there is everything for a delicious and healthy start to the day.

Address: 14 Fuk Sau Lane, Sai Ying Pun (closed on Mondays)
Tel .: +852 2873 3353,

3) 3 / 3rds
Three cheese and onions (HK $ 65). Source:

The cafe is open from 9 am and offers visitors a delicious toast. My favorite - three cheese and onion (HK $ 65)! Be sure to order it - you will not regret. And, of course, croissants! They are so good that a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a great view, which opens from the windows of the cafe, you will not for a moment regret that currently are not in Paris!

Address: Unit D, 22 / F, Yally Industrial Building, 6 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang
Tel .: +852 3462 2951

4) The Continental
Delicious food in beautiful settings - what else is needed for a proper start to the day. Source:

Here you will find a large variety of options for breakfast. I would recommend definitely try avocado with pink grapefruit, fennel and pumpkin seeds (HK $ 160) or a traditional American breakfast - if you want a square meal - hashbrauni with scrambled eggs, bacon and croissants. And here an endless coffee!

Address: 4 / F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty
Tel .: +852 2704 5211

5) The Kinnet Café
In addition to delicious food in Kinnet Cafe still has a cozy terrace! Source:

When it comes to this café, not to mention Shakshuk with feta cheese (HK $ 80) and avocado with yogurt-Benedict (HK $ 90), and another terrace in the fresh air. The menu has many interesting smoothies and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Address: 3 / F, The Kinnet, 33 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan
Tel .: +852 3968 7623

6) Café Deadend
Ideal for lunch in all respects! Source:
. The Café Deadend you can look at any time of the day, however, the breakfast is, nevertheless, is more appropriate. The friendly atmosphere of this establishment will charge positive energy and poached eggs with crab meat (HK $ 95) and the freshest pastries from the bakery Po's Atelier, which is in the same room with the coffee shop, to make your start to the day just perfect!

Address: 72 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan (closed on Mondays)
Tel .: +852 6716 7005

7) Brew Bros
Eggs Benedict with Parma ham and asparagus in Brew Bros. Source: author's photo

Coffee is, admittedly - not very much, but the food - very good. Eggs Benedict with Parma ham and asparagus - tasty, healthy and nutritious choices.

Address: 33 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan
Tel .: +852 2572 0238

8) The Cupping Room

This cafe offers the most interesting and varied, in my opinion, the breakfast menu. A coffee in the institution - beyond all praise, so have breakfast here - a must the visit to Hong Kong.

Address: 299 Queens Road Central, Sheung Wan
Tel .: +852 2799 3398

9) Papillion Caffe
And in Papillion Caffe great pancakes! Source:

What I like about this place - is the ability to choose different options of the same dish, so here you can walk almost every day - do not bother. Take for example my favorite eggs Benedict. The choice has options with smoked salmon and caviar, bacon and onions or mushrooms and spinach (all of HK $ 90).

Address: 17 / F, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queens Road East, Wan Chai
Tel .: +852 2527 9282

10) Le Salon de Thé de Joël Robuchon

Try here crepe with chorizo, eggs, cheese, tomatoes and basil (HK $ 138). A wide choice of crepes, toast and waffles make you return to this true French cafe again and again.

Address: Stores 315 & 334, 3 / F, The Landmark Atrium, 15 Queens Road Central, Central
Tel .: +852 2166 9088
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