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Shops and shopping centers in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is intended, rather, to the exclusive, or at least, high-quality purchases. Cheap products from the standard of the Chinese market is not found. It is said that in Hong Kong East and West meet, and also that you can buy the impossible. For example, the iPhone for a couple of tens of dollars, which is easily converted into a TV with telescopic antenna, and a bitten apple logo glued to any part - of your choice. And this unit will serve you faithfully for many years.

All the variety of shops in Hong Kong to describe, and even more impossible to visit. Probably, it is more convenient to divide the metropolis to shopping areas, and to devote one of them at least a day.
Shopping areas of Hong Kong

Admiralty and Center. These are the areas where you can meet the very rich and very famous people from around the world, areas that do not sleep all day. During the day they lured guests boutiques elite brands, works of art from art galleries and antique shops, malls Pacific Place, Landmark, IFC. At night in the Center begins a new life, numerous entertainment venues offer at least an exclusive vacation.
Dambovyi harbor. Almost all the variety of the Hong Kong Trade shows in the area. Clothing, shoes, accessories, branded and fake electronics, household goods, cosmetics - everything you can imagine, and you can not assume that this happens, you will find in the area. Here and luxury fashion boutiques in the Lee Gardens, Times Square, Fashion Walk, and the average price segment in the mall SOGO, youth and cheap stuff in Island Beverly Centre. No street market can not do, it's called Jardine's Crescent.
Sheung Wan. It is an old area of ​​the city where you can find Chinese goods and the national food. In Western Market traded products of Chinese artisans. On Koh Shing Street, you can find traditional medical drugs and services. Rarities from the depth of Chinese history painted in the windows of shops on Cat Street.
East and West Kowloon. These areas can be called the shopping center. It is not as noisy as in the central regions, fewer tourists and more locals.
District Mong Kok interesting whole streets of shops the same direction. In one street, selling electronics, and other dresses for special occasions, on the third - household utensils. There is also a Ladies Market market with inexpensive goods.

Re: Shops and shopping centers in Hong Kong

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Outlets in Hong Kong

Chinese special administrative region of Hong Kong - a paradise for shopaholics. Even not very cheap prices for hotels and plane tickets here not deter the influx of Russian tourists wishing to take a walk on the outlet in Hong Kong, its boutiques and department stores and become the proud owner of an inexpensive and fashionable wardrobe. Traditionally, shopping in Hong Kong begins with the purchase of a new suitcase. So you can comfortably move around the mall, the more new things that would not fit into an existing baggage.
Useful things

Hong Kong is known as the world capital of the exhibit. There are regularly held to demonstrate the achievements in various fields of national economy. At these exhibitions you can buy the best new electronics, jewelry and fur coats are much cheaper than anywhere else.
Outlets are located in Hong Kong's outlying urban areas, and therefore it makes sense to look for a hotel near the site of the alleged shopping, not to waste time on long journeys through the vast metropolis.

Megamall in Chinese

Twenty-eight floors of Hong Kong's most popular Outlet Horizon Plaza - is a hundred shops and boutiques, which includes such brands as the global Polo Ralph Lauren, Marni, Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto and Jimmy Choo. In addition to men's, women's and children's clothing outlet in Hong Kong that offers visitors the electronics and home furnishings, antiques and toys for children. All products are made in full compliance with the standards of production, but they have a discount on the initial cost, often reaching 80%.
Horizon Plaza infrastructure designed to trifles. Here, each item has its place, at the entrance are issued pamphlets with detailed navigation, and a sufficient number of comfortable and spacious fitting rooms allows shopping quickly and efficiently.
Each boutique has an additional system of bonuses and rebates, but to visit this outlet is best in Hong Kong on Friday. On Thursday evening, the range is updated, and on Saturday there is too crowded, and because local fashionistas prefer to spend a day in search of a new and beautiful things.
And if suddenly the non-flying weather ...

Citygate Outlets - no less popular outlet in Hong Kong, located near the international airport. Three floors of shopping paradise - it is tens of nice shops where you can buy branded stuff for half the price or even cheaper. Additional 20% discount is waiting for those who are willing to pay for three things and more, and a supermarket on the ground floor selling fresh produce and ready to take-away the most pleasant in the city prices.