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Entertainment in Hong Kong

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Entertainment in Hong Kong

Entertainment in Hong Kong presents bars, trendy nightclubs, museums, children's parks, gardens, shops.
Amusement parks in Hong Kong

"Hong Kong Disneyland": visitors can see its fairy-tale characters, enjoy colorful performances, ride numerous attractions. It is worth noting that guests can visit the amusement park "Toyland", "country of the future", "Land of Fantasy" (all are 5 thematic areas).
"Ocean Park": here guests will wait aquarium, amusement park and zoo. It is worth noting that among the thematic sections can be navigated by cable car (you will be able to visit the "water city", "Rainforest", "Sea World" and other thematic areas).

What entertainment in Hong Kong?

If you enjoy nightlife, visit night clubs "Volar" (famous club theme parties - it is designed for fans of electronic music), "Dragon-I" (there is a dance floor, VIP-room, bar with outdoor terrace), "Kee" (you can dance to modern and incendiary music, and play poker).

In Hong Kong, be sure to visit Victoria Peak (you can get on top of the cable car): climb to the observation deck of Sky Terrace, to admire the view of the city, as well as look at the Wax Museum.

If you are partial to horse racing, visit the racetrack Happy Valley (Racing here are held from September to June). If you wish, you can also visit the museum dedicated to the arts in Hong Kong Jockey.

Great place to relax can be Kowloon Park: here is to go on a Sunday, when the guests are entertained by a kung fu show (martial arts demonstrations, followed by a theatrical performance). In addition, you can have a picnic and enjoy the birds.

If you like active entertainment, you can play golf, using the services of one of the golf courses and hiking through national parks or protected zones.
Activities for Children in Hong Kong

Science Museum: Children will be delighted to visit this interactive museum - here you can see, touch, and even feel the effects of a mechanism (in a museum exhibition dedicated to different sciences and the phenomenon, as well as science room, where children are introduced to the optical devices).
Hong Kong Zoo: Your child can see monkeys, kangaroos, cheetahs, jaguars, krasnoskulyh gibbons, birds and snakes.

On vacation in Hong Kong you will find light and music show - Symphony of Lights, boat trips, shopping, lively nightlife.

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Water parks in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there are many places where you can spend a day having fun as friends, and with family.
Water Park in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's "Ocean Park" offers:

oceanarium, divided into several zones (pacing the transparent tunnel, visitors will see a shark aquarium and a variety of fish, as well as be able to see the performance of dolphins);
mini-zoo with pandas;
lagoons with fountains;
water slides and attractions, making it possible rafting on the river (the attraction "The Rapids"); test the water attraction "Raging River" (it involves a boat ride up the river through the jungle and steep downhill);
cafes, restaurants, shopping stalls with soft drinks, ice cream and sweets.

In a particularly delighted to visit Ocean Park will have children - for them are arranged holidays and exciting show.

Guests are asked to pay for the ticket of HK $ 250, while children (3-11 years) - 125 HK $.
Water sports in Hong Kong

To pamper yourself daily dip in the pool, tourists should stay in a hotel with a swimming pool, for example, in the "Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel".

Guests are encouraged to visit the Hong Kong spa-salon The Peninsula Spa - here they will wait a sauna, swimming pool, 14 rooms, which makes a variety of treatments (massage - 1500 HK $ / 1.5 hours, intensive facials - HK $ 1300 / 1hour; Aromatherapy - HK $ 1 200/1 hour).

Visitors can ride the ferry StarFerry - it runs between Hong Kong and Kowloon (the trip lasts about 15 minutes; ticket for adults is 2.5-3.4 HK $ for children - $ 1,5-2,1gonkongskih and tourism ticket acting 4 day tour will cost HK $ 25). It is worth noting that right off the ferry, you can enjoy the laser show "Symphony of Lights", if you can podgadat boat trip to 20:00.

Those who love to spend time on the beaches, can look at the Repulse Bay (here you can soak up the sun with a stay on the sunbeds, use the barbecue for a barbecue, play volleyball on the equipped areas, yachting, scuba dive, enjoy seafood delicacies in the nearby restaurants ), Deep Water Bay (the bay is protected from sharks stretched mesh, and the beach is equipped with cafes, restaurants, rescue patrols), Sheko Beach (year-round here, "rage" rather big wave that is attractive for surfers; in addition, there will be interesting to fans rock climbing and cook barbecue), Big Wave Bay (although the big waves here - a rarity, it is still "occupied" surfers of all ages).