Currency in Hong Kong

Currency in Hong Kong

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Currency in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, which is part of the People's Republic of China, has an autonomous status. Its independence, he confirms the presence of its own currency - the Hong Kong dollar (HKD). He ranks eighth in the world list of the most traded currencies. Currency introduced in 1985. Since 1983, the Hong Kong dollar is dependent on the US dollar. 1 HKD = 100 cents. Money in Hong Kong treated as follows:

bills for ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred, five hundred and a thousand HKD;
coins: one, two, five, ten and HKD ten, twenty, fifty HK cents.

Hong Kong dollar is issued at the same time 3 different banks. An interesting fact is that each denomination currency has several varieties. They differ in appearance and size. This is due to the fact that with the introduction of new banknotes from circulation old are not withdrawn.
What currency to take to Hong Kong

The most convenient currency, which can go to Hong Kong, is the dollar or the euro. Exchange them for the Hong Kong dollar will have no difficulty. You can make an exchange in banks, airports, in the exchange. It should pay particular attention to the presence of the commission. The most profitable exchange is made in the bank. The local rate is highly dependent on the US dollar. Import of currency in Hong Kong, in contrast to export, is not limited. Export of local currency outside the Hong Kong officially banned. The buyer who pays the national currency are guaranteed certain discounts and bonuses.
Currency Exchange in Hong Kong

As in any country can make an exchange at the bank, at the train station, the airport, the exchange offices. In an exchange takes a commission of 50 Hong Kong dollars. In some exchange offices such commissions does not exist. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, currency exchange best in the bank or at the airport, to carefully read all terms and conditions and the size of the commission, if available.
credit Cards

In Hong Kong is well developed network of ATMs, which operate around the clock. Therefore, problems with barge funds with a credit card you will not have. Most stores accept credit cards. Some hotels also accept checks. For owners of these cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, there are some advantages. They are able to withdraw money directly into the local currency and no commission.!
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