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Education in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong - a leading financial center in the world. Since there are offices and the main offices of the largest international corporations, the study here - a wonderful chance to get high quality and prestigious education, as well as get acquainted with the activities of these corporations.

Education in Hong Kong has the following advantages:

Opportunity to get excellent and the most advanced knowledge (higher education, MBA programs) in the field of finance and business;
Opportunity to learn English;
Hong Kong's universities rank high in the world rankings;
The opportunity to do an internship in Hong Kong (this will open to students at incredible vistas).

Higher education in Hong Kong

Those who wish to study in Hong Kong university after high school must pass the 2-year training for entry into higher education. Such training is a specialized and divided into different sections (art history, engineering, medical).

After training and exams graduates awarded the Hong Kong certificate attesting to receive instruction in the educational program of advanced level (the same exams are entrance examinations in Hong Kong universities).

Those who wish to take advantage of graduate programs can get MBA education - a diploma obtained highly valued by employers, which means that graduates can easily find work in international companies.

You can enroll in a business school, he worked at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (it cooperates with the school Kellogg, which in turn opened on the basis of Northwestern University of Illinois).
language courses

In Hong Kong, there is an opportunity to learn Chinese and English: this is especially true for young people preparing for admission to universities; adults who want to improve their education; business people who are interested in moving up the career ladder; and just for all those who are interested to learn foreign languages​​.

For training, you can choose a school Q Language: Teaching staff - qualified native speakers from Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK. With regard to the equipment of the school, then there are audio and video equipment, computer classes, free Wi-Fi, DVD, magazines, textbooks, press.

Depending on the time that students are willing to spend on learning the language, you can use the short-term (1-4 weeks) or long term (2-12 months) programs.

To get an education in Hong Kong - so get a prestigious and high-quality education (local universities recognized as the best in the world), which recognize and appreciate both employers and research institutions in all regions of the globe.