Independent travel to Majorca

Independent travel to Majorca

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What to visit in Mallorca?

Balearic archipelago is made up of a number of beautiful islands, but the most important place in the hearts of tourists takes, of course, the biggest of them - the island of Mallorca. On this island resort there are opportunities for a summer pastime, and not only the beach, but also cultural. It is important to decide what to visit in Mallorca in the first place, that to postpone until the next arrival.
Natural attractions in Mallorca

Island pleases mild warm climate, amazing unique natural landscapes, the beauty of the individual representatives of the flora of the kingdom. During a trip around the island you can see the picturesque valleys and dark emerald forest jungle, mountain ranges concealing the top of the clouds, and Crystal River.

Among the most famous natural attractions of Mallorca occupy first place scenic caves, which are located in the northeastern part of the island. Rooms in caves, created by nature itself, have interesting names associated with the Christian religion. So for the time not very long journey the tourist will have time to visit and in "Paradise" and "Hell" and "Purgatory". This tourist route involves and other entertainment for the guests acquainted with the stalagmite-record, the highest in the world, reaching 22 meters; visit unique concerts, where classical music accompanied by a light show; purchase amazing work souvenirs in the local little shops.

Yes, and on the way to the caves the tourists will have the opportunity to see how the art of working with major's factory jewelers, as well as participate in a tasting of delicious local liqueurs.

Among other natural attractions of tourist brochures Mallorca recommend to visit "Cabrera", the national park reserve, or Galattso, another very beautiful natural park. Amazing sea views await guests at Cape Formentor.
Dive into the world of underwater beauty

The very first object in response to the question, what to visit in Mallorca on their own, will be Marine Park Palma de Mallorca. This institution for many years, holding the title of best European aquarium. It covers a huge area and has more than fifty themed aquariums, each of which presents the most striking inhabitants of the Mediterranean in all its pristine beauty.

Travel to this famous aquarium can be yourself, just enjoying the appearance of sea creatures. If you want to know about them some interesting facts related myths and legends - then "welcome" on the tour.

But be prepared that time on a route around four hours. Going on a wonderful journey, a visit to the marine inhabitants, it is hard to drop everything halfway. The second interesting point - during the tour will be able to touch the depths of the individual inhabitants of the open mini-aquarium (sea cucumber and sea urchin).

The third surprise of the maritime complex in Mallorca - the presence of the deepest aquarium in Europe for sharks. It is designed in such a way that carnivorous fauna float just above the heads of visitors.
Travel the architectural masterpieces

Not only are natural monuments await guests on the island of Mallorca, where you can find and discover beautiful buildings, structures. One of them - the Castell de Belvedere Castle, built in the Gothic style. It has its own flavor, since the island only at the Belvedere round shape of all similar buildings.

To get to the castle can be one of three ways: by going on your own or rented car (parking is free at the castle), taking advantage of the tourist bus services (excursion program is provided), or on a regular bus. Castle impresses with its round shape and massive walls.

The highlight of this architectural complex is the tower, which stands apart from the castle, but is connected to it by a corridor. From this tower are well looked through the neighborhood, which excluded cases of sudden attack.

The main temple of Palma de Mallorca is the Cathedral, he was consecrated in honor of St. Mary. This is another fine example of Gothic architectural style, construction of which began in 1230. In not a good tradition of the time the construction of the temple complex was delayed, it was built and rebuilt. For interior decoration put up one of the most famous Spanish architects - Antonio Gaudi. The highlight is the original stained glass windows installed in numerous windows of the Cathedral, so that within Gothic church looks quite bright and airy.!
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