The cost of living in China

The cost of living in China

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The cost of living in China

Visitors to China for the first time, will be absolutely delighted. It is no exaggeration interesting country - the skyscrapers and miniature houses, an insane amount of the population, amazing attractions, delicious food, chic shopping and incredible exotic culture. What is the cost of living in China for people who want to get acquainted with this ancient country?

In China only goes one national currency - the yuan, but the Hong Kong dollar has gongongskie and Macau - Pataca.

The cost of housing in the country depending on the region. In large tourist cities is much higher than in other areas. In China, the traditional international hotel classification applies only to hotels in foreign networks, local hotels also differ in other characteristics. There are three categories of hotels:


Among the cheap hotels are often found quite comfortable hostels. They cost depending on the number of beds in the room fluctuates based on the US dollar from $ 5 to $ 10 per night per person. The mid-range hotel for the night asked from $ 20-30 to $ 120. As for the expensive hotels, room rates here start at $ 100. Classy "luxury" can be removed for a thousand. Many hotels charge around 10% of service, but it does not apply to hostels and cheap hotels. There is also the opportunity to spend a night in China at the monastery or the locals, but it must be negotiated in advance.

It all depends on the preferences and capabilities, but average food in China will cost $ 30-50 per day. It will cost $ 10-15 dinner for two in a normal restaurant. If you have plans to visit an expensive restaurant, and try the high Chinese cuisine, then this amount can be easily multiplied by 10. Tasty and budget you can eat Chinese fast food - it costs about $ 1-2. Cheap China fruits, they can safely buy in the shops or from street carts.

Vehicles in China is also surprising: there are both ultra-modern trains and buses, and the ancient crumbling model. Prices are reasonable - from $ 10 to $ 100, depending on the duration of the trip and the vehicle class. Subways and buses are generally penny taxi from $ 1. You can ride a boat for $ 45, and the cable car - $ 10. You can rent a car with a driver only, will cost $ 80-100. Many take rent bikes. During the day, you will have to pay $ 05.10.!
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