Remittances from China and China

Remittances from China and China

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Remittances from China and China
Plans to carry out the procurement of goods in Keith, the scheme should consider the transfer of funds to the manufacturer. Money Transfer in China - it is not an easy task, as most European and American payment systems (for example, Western Union or Moneygram) are blocked by the Chinese government. Therefore it is necessary to take care of how to transfer money to China. Choose payment method is necessary, depending on the cost of the Commission, the rate of transfers and security systems.
To transfer to China are both private and legal persons.
1. Legal entities.
To the company was able to make money transfers to China it must: be a member of foreign trade, have an open transaction passport, have a currency account.
Before you issue the transfer of money from Russia to China entity shall prepare a complete set of documents, to provide copies of contracts and invoices, according to which the payment is made.
Having a formal request to send money to China, you have to provide that the money the Chinese partner will receive in 1-3 days.
2. Individuals.
People are often faced with the need to transfer money to China or to transfer money from China to Russia (if the manufacturer of your funds remained from the previous payments). Today there are many ways to do this: the banking systems (Moneybookers, Western Union); Virtual wallets (Yandex Money, WebMoney, Kiwi); specialized companies.
Money Transfer to China
1. Western Union.
The system enables money transfers from Russia to China.
The cost of translation - 0.8-1.2%. It should also be noted that the difference in rate between the CBR and the system can be 4-6%.
2. Bank transfers according to invoices and contracts.
3. Specialized companies.
For example, our company allows you to make a transfer to China is fast, convenient safe. We have a lead-out rates.
Conditions: For individuals: a minimum transfer amount - 5,000 yuan (cost of remittance services to China - 50 yuan); for legal persons: the minimum transfer amount - 15,000 yuan. Exchange rate is always equal to the rate of CBR.
How to transfer money from China to Russia?
If you have a need to receive money transfers from China to Russia by relatives, friends or business partners, the following information may be helpful.
1. Yandex-money.
Restrictions: 100-150 dollars.
The cost of the system: 4% of the total amount.
2. MoneyGrame.
The cost of translation in China to:
$ 1,000 - $ 9,
$ 3,000 - $ 27,
9999 USD. - $ 80.
3. Unistream (UNISTREAM)
Terms of money transfer services in China - 2-5 days.
Expenses paid by the sender of funds.
Cost for:
$ 100 - $ 9,
$ 200 - $ 10,
$ 300 - $ 13.
If you face the question of how to make the transfer of money in China, then you can take the popular SWIFT system or CONTACT. If your provider opened a bank account «Bank of China», then make a transfer is not difficult.
In order to arrange transfers to China via CONTACT system needed: passport data of the sender; beneficiary's account number in China.
Cost of services:
up to $ 500 - $ 12,
up to $ 2001 to $ 5000 - $ 27,
from $ 5,000 - $ 37.
Before you transfer money from China to Russia or vice versa should calculate the economic benefits of the transaction with a particular system. Advise on how profitable to transfer money to China you can professional managers of specialized companies.!
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