How to start exports to China

How to start exports to China

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How to start exports to China

In connection with the fall of the ruble, many are thinking about how to start the export of Russian goods to China. The following tips will help novice businessmen to evaluate your idea from different perspectives and to prepare for possible difficulties.

1. Make sure that the Chinese market need your product
China is actively following categories of imports of goods. In brackets shown growth over the past 5 years.

Works of art and collectibles (+ 7.061%)
Cereals (+ 477%)
Dairy products, eggs, honey (+ 402%)
Sugar (+ 395%)
Meat and seafood (+ 278%)
Clothing (+ 209%)
Pets (+ 209%)
Coffee, tea, spices (+ 199%)
Precious stones and metals, coins (+ 180%)
Cotton (+ 179%)
Medications (+ 151%)
Alcoholic Beverages (+ 175%)
Cocoa (+ 173%)
Leather (+ 169%)
Products grind grain (+ 166%)
Clothes, custom and ethnic clothing (+ 163%)
Vehicles (+ 161%)
Natural and artificial fur (+ 159%)
Wood (+ 158%)
Dairy and cereal meal (+ 155%)
Oil (54%)
Other convenience foods (+ 150%)
(Site data

To determine whether your product is suitable for sales in China, analyze the market for cultural characteristics, the presence of such goods and the possible competition.

2. Find out what rules your product is made in China

The procedure of importing goods into the country usually takes the buyer. However useful to understand how the process, and find out in advance whether your product in a particular design. Below is a list of resources that are often used by foreign exporters.

AQSIQ - for exporters of food and beverages
Before entering into a contract with a Chinese buyer, both parties must register in the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine / 中华人民共和国 国家 质量 监督 检验 检疫 总局).

CCC - China compulsory certification

Some foreign goods sold in China must have the mark of quality CCC (China Compulsory Certificate). This applies to the majority of electrical and electronic devices, including their parts, motorized vehicles and spare parts, various means of health care, household cleaning products and children's toys. Experienced Chinese buyers can help you to obtain the CCC.

CFDA - Chinese management by the Food and Drug Administration
Cosmetics, medicines, medical devices and food supplements (dietary supplements) must be certified by the Chinese Office of the Food and Drug Administration (China Food and Drug Administration / 国家 食品 药品 监督 管理 总局). Again, competent distributors should help you pass the certification, if required.

CTD - customs duties and taxes
This resource contains information about Chinese customs tariffs and taxes levied on foreign goods, as well as detailed documentation requirements.

HS code for China

Look codes for your products here. http: //rtsit.rf/a103388-codes-china-garmonizirovannaya ..

3. Decide on the price of goods

Consider in detail cost structure. The price of goods shall consist of the items correctly installed. Your income is obliged to cover the costs of delivery of goods, documents and all possible taxes. Chinese buyers are sensitive to the fact that the import of goods into their country is worth the money, so immediately beneficial to set yourself a price to your cooperation and continued profitable.

4. Identify the best channels to maximize output to the Chinese market

There are several forms of doing legal business in China, and some of them require the establishment of the company. If you are just starting out in the field of exports to China, follow proven methods. You can start with the sale of goods directly to wholesale buyers / distributors or agents.

Avoid exclusive distributors in China!

China - a huge country, so work with a single wholesaler to limit the spread of your product, since such a network is usually covers only a few, and sometimes only one region. If you do decide to sign an agreement on exclusive distribution, make sure that it will act only in one-specified region. It will also help to avoid unpleasant consequences if your partner will promote goods properly.

5. Bring a contract with a buyer / distributor in accordance with the formal requirements

In the contract it is important to clearly set out what, when and how the purchaser will pay for the product, as well as how and when the provider will send the goods. Glossary of International Trade Terms (Incoterms) will help to clearly define the points of the contract related to logistics, insurance and other issues.

Typically contracts have the same structure regardless of the type of business. Key provisions of the contract for the export of goods shall include:

- Business description
- Terms of delivery
- The delivery / dispatch
- Packaging, marking and labeling
- Taxes, duties and taxes
- Prices
- Terms of payment / installment
- Trading Conditions
- Documents Required

6. Choose to send your goods to China

To choose the best way to send goods to China, consider the following factors: price, speed of delivery, security of goods in transit, the volume and weight of the load. Since this aspect includes decisions on how to pack, insure and inspect the goods, it is better to ask for help to the Russian or international companies.!
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Re: How to start exports to China

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The four most promising exports from Russia to China
Today, the export of goods from Russia to China (of course, if it is not resources) remains a phenomenon in its own way unique. Many people think that to sell our products in China is almost impossible, because "Chinese people themselves can do anything", and "to whom we needed there at all." But this is not so.

Along with the growth of China's economy growing prosperity of the Chinese population, and therefore the demand for a variety of types of goods - from food to cars or luxury goods are also growing rapidly. Many Russian entrepreneurs are gradually beginning to realize what benefits can carry output to one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and in the current crisis and unstable exchange rates, this topic is becoming increasingly important. Here we will talk about several kinds of products that today can be successfully exported from Russia to China, and to increase their profits even despite the crisis.
1. Food

China is not only the world's largest population, but also one of the fastest rates of urbanization in the world. Because of this the country is growing demand for food, including foreign ones. Today, products - is one of the most promising types of exports to China and the scope for action is infinitely wide. In China imported more foreign meat, various types of grain and other agricultural products. Modern Chinese Foreign attached to the kitchen, so the demand for non-traditional delicacies and Chinese products, including eggs, cheeses, sausages and even honey.
2. Alcohol

Along with changes in the culinary tastes changed and the Chinese approach to strong drinks. Despite the ancient and rich culture of alcohol China, residents of China are increasingly prefer foreign drinks. A changing face of Chinese cities inspired and encouraged these changes - everywhere opening new bars, clubs and restaurants spread foreign culture of drinking. All this creates a great opportunity for Russian business, because the rich tradition of Russian alcoholic known far beyond its borders.
3. Jewelry

Thanks to the welfare of the Chinese people, the demand for luxury is growing constantly. Local nouveaux riches do not skimp on jewelry, so China has become one of the main markets for the world's largest luxury brands, including Cartier, Tiffany, Bulgari and others. Despite the fact that on a global scale Russian producers of luxury goods are allocated fairly weak, the Chinese may be interested in is its exclusivity. This concerns both the jewelry and precious stones and art objects.
4. Waste

It would seem that someone may need our garbage? Why do the Chinese have to something that we do not find the application? However, the processing technology is not standing still, so today the export of waste can be a very lucrative business. China, with its growing industry needs a constant supply of raw materials and resources, and recycling becomes a cost-effective solution for Chinese producers.

Various types of metal, plastic, electronic components and recycling of waste paper after successfully used in the manufacture of new products. Industry "junk" trade today is much more developed than it might seem at first glance. For example, the total cost of the collection, sold to China alone the United States last year, amounted to several billion dollars. For Russia, where the processing is very poorly developed, sales of waste to China can be beneficial in terms of both economy and ecology.

Of course, this list can not be called complete, because there are so many specialized industries, for which access to the Chinese market can be a very profitable venture. The important thing to remember is that the Chinese market, with all its magnitude, is not something distant and inaccessible.!
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