Algorithm for company registration in China

Algorithm for company registration in China

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Algorithm for company registration in China

1. The company with 100 percent foreign capital. It may consist of a single person - only you. All activities must be licensed.

2. The branch of your company in China. There is already a need to hire enough staff employees and an extensive high-grade office rent. The secretary and an accountant - are required.

3. Representation in China. Profits derive from activities in China can not only watch the fulfillment of the tasks of the parent company.

The first option is the most common, as the least cost and at the same time opens the horizon for a large enough business. Algorithm for company registration in China is as follows:

1. Appeal to the Ministry of Commerce in the city where you are going to run your business.

2. Submission of application. At this point, the Chinese officials will decide on the preliminary approval of the name of the future of the company.

3. Submission of a full package of documents and feasibility study of opening a new business. Documents are served, depending on the profile of the company or the Ministry of Foreign Trade (if the company is engaged in trade or transportation, except for sea and air), or to the Ministry of Communications (for sea transport), or the Office of Civil Aviation (for air) or the People's Bank of China (if the firm is engaged in financial or insurance business).

4. Approval of the documents.

5. Registration of the company.

6. Application for a license for that type of activity, which will deal with your company. This step should be taken to clear the statutory period not later than thirty days after the issuance of the certificate of approval to you.

7. Open a bank account in China.

8. Adding the share capital by an account in a Chinese bank. 20% of the capital will have to make at once, when registering a company in China. The remaining 80% is allowed to make within two years.

9. Preparation of a single code of the enterprise.

10. Check the print company and its registration in the Office of Security.

11. Obtaining permits for hiring foreign labor force (if necessary - a permit for hiring Chinese employees).

12. Registration in the management of foreign exchange controls, tax service, financial services, customs services, employment services, service management and fire safety to protect the environment.

Here is the general scheme of registration of the company in China. The event is not an easy job, usually it takes 8 - 12 months and requires a thorough knowledge of Chinese law. We'll have to find out where the relevant public service, what documents to submit and how to issue statements to understand the nuances of the law and prepare to interact with the tedious bureaucracy.

Are you ready to give up? It is not necessary: ​​it is better to transfer all cases concerning the registration of a company in China, specialist. This solution allows you to not be present in person when the legal procedures and not to delve into the numerous laws, regulations, instructions. And most importantly - will protect against mistakes, each of which extends the company's registration in China and increases the cost of the event.!
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