Rental of premises

Rental of premises

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Rental of premises

Common mistakes when renting premises for the shop

"For Retail important three criteria - location, location, and once again the place."
How often I hear that old expression. And by the way completely agree with him.

But if you think about it, few people rent of your shop, spend money on the opening, and thus believes that the place he chose - bad. So why am I so often hear from entrepreneurs sacramental phrase - "We made a mistake with the place."

The fact that the word "good" - an abstraction. To assess the suitability of the trading premises should be taken specific quality criteria, and for each concept store will be characterized by its own criteria, with its hierarchy of importance for the success of the store. If such a set of criteria for the entrepreneur is not present, a high risk of making a mistake, and to open a store that will not be enough to visit, in order to become profitable.

What are the mistakes that can be called "typical", most often committed? Especially if the future owner of the shop said that this place is "good" simply because, for example, in this shopping center is a lot of people, or commercial premises is located on a very busy street? Here you can tell a lot, but if such errors summarize, we have:

• Probably the most frequent and most dangerous error - the concept of the store does not match the characteristics of the flow. That is, the number of people passing by the store is great, but the proportion of your potential customers among them is low. You pay high rents for this amount, but in reality, it's not your people. For example, you have a youth club clothes and your shop is located on a very busy street with business offices. Among the clerks and managers are not so many regular customers of this type of clothing.

• There is another option - the context of the purchase in your store is out of context stream. For example, your store women's clothing business is a large shopping center, located outside the city limits. Arrives at the weekend with their families, have fun, buy groceries and other family shopping. In such a situation, the woman is often difficult to find enough time and attention to choose the office outfits. Only extreme need can get her to make a purchase.

• The store is in the "right" place, but for some reason it is difficult to get. This may be input from the side of the building, in case separately store location. Or third floor of the mall, or any other "barrier" between the visitors and the entrance to the store. Quite often, entrepreneurs can not assess the severity of the impact of such a "barrier" to the future store traffic.

• The quality of the room itself can not provide sufficient comfort to buyers. No ventilation, no air conditioning in the room, a south-facing. Often, when deciding on renting, entrepreneurs do not pay attention to it, thinking that its positive side (ie large flow), its location, outweigh these "minor" flaws. But for a successful business buyers should not only go to the store, but also to buy it. In a stuffy, hot sales room, if the air is not enough oxygen, the conversion of serious falls. Yes, and sellers can not work normally complete change. And no motivation, and pogonyalovo not help. Hygiene factors are very important.

• The lack of windows. Very well remember how we took the room in a very good Moscow shopping center with high traffic, but the entrance to the store was a short corridor. It was not even a hallway, and quite wide and short hallway, but showcases the store was not. Although we have carefully drawn up this "hallway" and rent was much lower than in adjacent normal rooms and we agreed to place free advertising shop in the mall, ENOUGH send visitors to the store, we did not succeed. After some time had to close shop. Also a strong influence on the impact of retail space has the form of a trading hall.

• Your customers travel by car, and you have nowhere to park. It is sometimes difficult. Your goods suggests that for them need to come by car. For example, you are selling potted flowers. Very few people will buy flowers to lug them around. And you uncomfortable to drive. For example, there is no exit route.

• You rented a room in the shopping center, which would very much like to get. Lease agreement, which gave you the landlord was typical, all other tenants have signed the same. In this situation, entrepreneurs often do not pay attention to the terms of the contract, and to understand the 30-page document without confusing experience is almost impossible. Often, the most that in such cases is made, a contract is given to a lawyer who checks his legal clarity. And sometimes signed without a lawyer. He types. And then it turns out that the contract was full of "traps" that are made under the law, but lay on the tenant a number of additional benefits, responsibilities (which also cost money) and penalties. And it turns out that the shop is open only to pay the rent with all the additional costs rather than the pocket of the owner.

What is the conclusion?

First, prior to signing the lease agreement is required to conduct its examination for the presence of all sorts of "traps and ambushes."

Secondly, the first set of design criteria for a correct evaluation of the room. This set is developed based on the characteristics of your target audience, the consumption situation of your goods, a basket of consumption and other essential elements of the concept of your future store.

Remember to choose the right place store locations - one of the most important factors in his success. It's all retailers are unanimous. And there's nothing worse than the need to change this place, especially if you can not terminate the lease without direct monetary losses.!
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