Container transport as one of the most popular ways of getting goods from China

Container transport as one of the most popular ways of getting goods from China

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Container transport as one of the most popular ways of getting goods from China

The growing volume of freight traffic makes increasingly topical issue of choosing the methods of delivery of goods from China to Russia. Comparison of the options and the accumulated experience allow us to confidently conclude that one of the most convenient is container transportation. Learn about their benefits, you will be able to read this article.

Types of containers

The main criterion for the classification of containers is their capacity. The most widely used 20- and 40-foot containers.

In addition to capacity, the containers are divided into categories depending on the characteristics of their design and is equipped with options and accessories. When freight is used:

- Reefer containers. Intended for the transport of perishable goods (mostly we are talking about food);
- Ventilated containers. Finds an application in the delivery of goods that need a constant influx of fresh air;
- Containers platform. Their distinguishing feature is the absence of side panels and a rigid roof. Become the best choice if you need to carry loads that are not afraid of the impact of the environment and create a burden only on the floor;
- Containers tanks. Designed for transportation of liquid foods, chemicals and other goods, having a liquid form;
- Some other types of containers.

Advantages of container traffic

The use of containers for delivery of goods from China makes it possible to choose any convenient form of transport - sea, road or air. In addition, there may be multimodal (those in which the different segments of the path used by different modes of transport).

This product is not necessary to overload from one container to another when changing vehicle, which is very convenient.

Containers provide reliable protection of cargo delivered from China, from mechanical damage and adverse climate impacts. With proper choice of the type of container is made possible the safe transport of almost any cargo. Protect containers against illegal encroachments intruders during the loading of the goods they are issued documents, after which the container is sealed.
Payment on delivery of goods from China in containers is strictly for the amount (weight), which is transported.

Can deliver even small loads. In this case, there will be a so-called consolidation - waiting for the goods in a warehouse until the volume until you have enough to send the container.!
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