Start of production in China

Start of production in China

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Start of production in China
Start of production in China - the experience of Russian startups PlayPad

Denis Bulavin, Director General of the project for the production of tablets for children PlayPad, based on their own experience, wrote a column about how to choose the factory to check the manufacturing process of the product and to establish contact with their Chinese counterparts.

Hardware is back in vogue. Around the world, every day there are companies that want to establish a manufacturing process we put all of the product. To enter the industrial market every day is becoming easier - an increasing number of Chinese factories, respectively, fall in value materials required for the manufacture of products.

We produce children's tablet in China for two years. The following five points - for those who want to organize their own production in China.

1. How to search for and select the manufacturer

First, assess the extent of their venture. If it is, relatively speaking, about a hundred or two hundred mobile LED-lamps, easier, and cheaper, of course, to work through intermediaries. But if you have a "Napoleonic" plans, the manufacturer is required, which would be best to look at the exhibitions.

Hardware-companies from China can be found in Hong Kong. First of all, pay attention to the exhibition Hong Kong Electronics Fair, which is held annually in two sessions, in spring and autumn. In addition, it makes sense to visit the exhibition and Cantonese in Guangzhou. Electronics are usually exposed in a few days.

The producers in the priority of cooperation with customers who plan to produce at least a thousand units sold. However, if you want to "feel out" the market, make an test batch. Chinese, not always willingly, but still go for it.

Work with the manufacturer directly and avoid intermediaries, or any problem (and not do without them), turn to you in an unsolvable puzzle.

Remember - a good stand with a huge logo on the exhibition does not guarantee that the manufacturer in front of you, not a mediator. Go to the factory and make sure that its name matches the name that is declared on the bench.

What is not recommended

Search manufacturers online Alibaba and other Internet sites. It's like playing the lottery - the probability of finding something useful negligible. There may be the lucky ones who were lucky, but personal acquaintance with, I can not boast.

2. How to communicate

From my own experience, we came to the conclusion - relationships with Chinese counterparts are specific, but to establish partnership relations with them more than real.

Employees and representatives of the factory, where you will find exhibitions, usually speak in English. The bad news is that they do not take any decisions. They can discuss general aspects, but to solve fundamental and serious issues meaningless. Business cooperation is necessary to establish directly with the "big boss" ("laoban», 老板). Here is another bad news - "laoban" usually does not speak in English.

Out there - you need to look Chinese, Russian holding. However, here too there are subtleties:

It is desirable that he was from the same province in which the factory. Chinese from the north often does not understand Chinese from the south. They can be long and like to communicate productively, but in fact the issue is resolved. And there is the likelihood that you will know about it immediately.
Look for an interpreter on the recommendation.
What is not recommended

To speak with an interpreter in English. Another foreign language will only complicate understanding between you.

Chinese always understands you, but you never know, right or wrong.

3. How to evaluate the factory

You do not have the competence to assess the production capacity of the factory? Bring a technologist. You need to pay attention to the following points:

number of employees at the factory;
level of technical equipment;
Test methods finished products.
Chinese can be proud of in the market known names of former clients and a lot of talk about them, to impress you. But do not fall into this trap - ask to see the finished product. Do not believe, if they occur excuses for failure - privacy, "now pick up their game, and the next will be in a week," and so on. Insist on his.

Before starting production definitely get approved pattern - patterns, which will be made by the whole party. I emphasize - approved.

A common excuse: "now it is an engineering sample, so he made bad, and the software works not matter. But when the conveyor assembly, we all fix that. " Do not fall into the trap. You must approve the benchmark prototype as a template for future production. It will appeal to it, if you find yourself unhappy with the quality of the product manufactured.

What is not recommended

Sign a contract without checking all the details, or start mass production, not having the fully satisfactory sample.

4. How to control the quality of production

Try to control everything that can: purchase of components, compliance with technical requirements, product testing.

If possible, prescribed in the contract not only technical, but also the external aspects - the gaps between the parts, color and so on.

All controls should be implemented either alone or with the help of a qualified technician (not Chinese).

What is not recommended

Trust the reception of finished products of the Chinese company auditor as verification of a formal nature and allow only weed out the most obvious marriage.

Unable to make a quality product without full control over the production process.

5. How to set time limits

Dates in China are very conditional. Feel free to multiply declared for two. To be sure - the best three. The British newspaper The Guardian writes that "the production of [...] takes no more than a week from prototype to sample ready for mass production." This is not true.

Here, for example, the case of personal practice. Before you leave China and transfer control issues our technologist, I wanted to bring the party to an acceptable level. Already having some experience in working with the Chinese, I decided to vacate the apartment that I rented for a week after the deadline of reception of the goods.

But even after a week Chinese partners said they did not have time in time and promise for three days to resolve all outstanding issues. Well, these three days, I took a hotel. As a result, I had to extend the hotel nine times and lived there for 32 days.

If there is a contract and an agreement that you will make orders with the company in the future, the Chinese are going to finalize easily enough. The number of these improvements can be measured in tens.

What is not recommended

Postponement of the contract with the Chinese in the contract with contractors for whom you are acting supplier.


On the experience we have seen that the production of quality goods - quite feasible task.

Moreover, now our production expands considerably in relation to dealing with a major electronics riteylerskie network and access to foreign markets. Under this project is actively seeking investment, reviewed the relationship with Chinese partners, more stringent quality requirements and handle other issues related to the rapid growth of the company.

Do not be afraid of the Chinese manufacturers - the myths about them much worse than the reality!
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