How to start business with China

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How to find a manufacturer in China

Method №1: Alibaba
Website - brilliant marketplace, working on the model of B2B. It is the world's largest online wholesale market, which is the volume of transactions has furnished eBay and Amazon combined. And the site has a Russian version, as, indeed, and many other versions.

It is available directory and search bar - you can easily find a manufacturer that is able to produce the right product. But there is a catch. The manufacturer may be (and in most cases will) is not representative of the factory, and the mediator - with all the consequences.

To distinguish the seller from the manufacturer without a visit to the place is very difficult, and sometimes mission impossible in principle. This type of fraud in China is flourishing. Therefore, it is not necessary, finding an interesting offer on, immediately placing.
To distinguish the manufacturer from the online broker is often impossible

The site is primarily needed to navigate in the given circumstances. You can "probe" segment of the market you are interested in, including, compare prices. Before bidding, and serious negotiations stated amount - something like the average temperature in the hospital, but you will not interfere with these figures.

And yet, digging on, you know which region of China produced a product. You'll know where to go, when you want to inspect the plants. Knowing where the cluster in one trip, you can reach several companies.

Method №2: Canton Fair
It is the largest in China and one of the world's largest trade show, taking place in the southern city of Guangzhou twice a year - spring and fall. Show yourself and look at others traveling vendors from all over China, and not only - every year the number of participants, laovaev.

If we decide to go, do not rush to take the plane ticket to the opening. And spring and autumn fairs held in three stages, ie, manufacturers of various product groups alternately replace each other. For example, a factory producing household appliances occupy pavilions in the first phase - in April and October. On the sporting goods manufacturers can be found in the third stage - in May and October. And so on.
Write factories that interest you, and schedule an appointment during the Canton Fair
And just before the trip remember school days and homework. Write factories that interest you, and schedule an appointment during the exhibition. This move will appreciate the Chinese people and will welcome you as an old friend. And do not worry about what the manufacturer of your dreams may not be at the Canton Fair. If it's anything like self-respecting firm - will. And the rest of you, in all honesty, do not need, even though cheaper.

Even if a Chinese supplier of made you most rasprekrasnoe impression, do not rely on intuition and visit the factory.

Method №3: Panjiva
Throwing aside all prejudice, we have to say thank you to the capitalists for the opportunities they give us. For example, any goods that cleared through customs in the United States, accompanied by a consignment note. Information from the document often misses the sharing - they have to play there in the open. There are companies that collect this data, systematize and then - no, not drained, and sold as a subscription for access to the database. Starting Panjiva subscription service costs $ 99 / month. You can juzat free limited version.

For example, you decide to sell the rubber boots. Rummaging in the Internet, get American (or British, or German - wide geography) companies that import the same goods. Then - look for information about these companies in the database Panjiva.

It happens that the brand name and the name of the company that its imports are not the same. Do not despair. Procure information about the parent company of a small brand, please visit the WHOIS. It did not help - rummage in the domains. Tie searches the name of the owner, he could arrange the goods for myself. Involve a specialist in the end, it's worth it!
In the US a pretty high standard of quality, so if a Chinese factory regularly uses the American company, the plant at least good
When you find the name of the company in the base Panjiva, go to the "shipment". There will be information on all the products that the company has delivered and cleared through customs, and a brief description of the product. Indicate and production plant, of course. Immediately, a click, you will supplier description and a number will be information about the delivery and other clients. In the US a pretty high standard of quality, so if the services of a particular Chinese factory regularly uses some American company, it can be concluded that the factory at least good.

The first filter is passed. Then look for the plant site and find out all the details. Search on the internet to the same has not been canceled.

Method №4: nose to the wind
Constantly monitorte market situation and Learn to listen. These banal advice can sometimes save money businessman cloud or bring a surprise profit.

For example, you are going to expand the range of goods. If you are in good relations with the current supplier, he mentioned the plans - perhaps a good advise "nezaezzhennoy" producer. And will you have an exclusive contract.!
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Re: How to start business with China

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The prices of Chinese products: negotiable

It is for this reason that the first request price you can get prices that are 30% or even 40% different in a big way from the real price.

In the Chinese business is still a couple of decades ago, you would not have met the concept of "price". Many Chinese manufacturers (and especially export companies) still do not enjoy the price and are not ready to take them adequately. For this reason, please provide the price will cause your Chinese partners surprise. Respond to such requests in different ways: some will specify how much you're willing to buy goods, someone points inflated prices and offer bargain.

Another important point: that the Russian businessman in business management will be considered "fraud", the Chinese call "profit." And for the sake of the benefits of China's partners will be willing to go to great lengths. At the same time to get an order for a vendor is important. So bend the price to order for you - it is a real challenge.

In the market you can bargain with the Chinese and be sure to do it. Many experts say that the best price on products from China - this is when her last words a seller is willing to curse the buyer!

What should not be forgotten

China - a very high level of competition between manufacturers. For this reason, there are often willing to make price concessions. But it happens, and so that the manufacturer has first agreed with you at a certain price, and only then begins to think about how to invest in the quoted price with the existing production. This may affect the quality of the finished product.

No need to start trading on an aggressive step to establish contacts with suppliers. The only check with the manufacturer, under what conditions he would be willing to offer discounts. If the proposed initial price will allow you to make a profit, you can start cooperation. By the way, with customers who traded a little, Chinese businessmen are very attentive and rarely deliver the goods to the marriage.

According to their logic, the buyer who pays, can not scare. But on the second and third deal with the same supplier can gradually begin to bargain. It is important to show loyalty, act gently and carefully. In this case, you can get a reliable supplier for a long period and at a good price.!
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Re: How to start business with China

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The main advantages of doing business with China as interesting novice businessmen

Today, with the suppliers from China agree to cooperate, you can even remotely (that can not be done in the case of working with colleagues from Japan or South Korea) via the Internet or by phone. At that time, as the organization of deliveries of products from other Asian countries require mandatory personal appearances.

China is becoming a favorite!

Today we can confidently say that in terms of the production of the PRC significantly ahead of the competition. In comparison with its Asian neighbors, China is much faster and more successfully implement the latest technical developments and introduce innovations into production. Often it is in China (but not in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea) business can not find new items for sale, which have already been put into mass production, and which analogue in the world does not exist. Of course, you may encounter minor flaws of the product, of course, the development of other leading countries in the time will be different great quality and reliability, but Chinese products have can be purchased here and now and do it retail.

Chinese goods are no longer "Chinese"!

Many entrepreneurs say that were popular in the 90's slogan that "Chinese goods and inferior goods - is synonymous with the phrase" completely relevant today. Contemporary China of the new millennium is able to offer consumers products for every taste and receive appropriate quality of goods you can at that price, which is paid for it. You're probably aware of the fact that the production of the world-largest Apple products located in China? Already hardly anyone complains about the poor quality of "apple" laptops or smartphones.

Of course, in China it is very popular and in demand, and cheaper products - mobile and computer equipment, household goods, clothing and footwear, household appliances and more. All will depend on whether you are ready to pay for the really high-quality product or ready to chase the minimum price to the detriment of quality. And if to be honest: buying cheap Chinese products end consumer receives the goods at a fair price and is unlikely to be "offended" the unreliability and fragility of the item purchased.

Dispel stereotypes about "China" and that the country has a huge number of industries that specializes in the manufacture of products for middle-class consumers. Carefully selecting suppliers, providing customers with good quality products at the right price, you have a much better chance to develop their own business and make it popular and successful to establish itself in the Russian market as a reliable seller!!
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Re: How to start business with China

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Representative in China
For successful business related to working with our Chinese partners, Russian companies, it is important to have an experienced representative in China. It could be one person or group of persons.
Representative of the company
A company representative must combine many important qualities, skills, have extensive experience doing business in China. Doing business requires a perfect knowledge of the Chinese language, the mentality of the Chinese, as well as features and operating principles and business relations in China.
A representative from the company conducts business from the very beginning, seeking out suppliers for contracts, to control the quality of goods, documentation, solutions of non-standard situations.
Large companies, long time working with Chinese manufacturers, are staffed by professionals who are familiar with all the specifics of doing business, and constantly being in China or making periodic trips. Small or young companies often do not have such a valuable frame. Send to address important issues not quite competent officer without experience with the Chinese - a big mistake.
Search Representative in China
Such firms often post vacancy announcement: I am looking for a representative in China. In this case, it is important to find a reliable representative, permanent leaving the relationship, which has considerable experience in doing business in China, able to resolve any issues. For such purposes, it is possible to work freelance or consult the company is engaged in services for doing business in China.
Such representatives in China have staff who permanently reside in the territory of the state, have extensive experience with Chinese enterprises. Functions in companies distributed among employees with a company sign an agreement on cooperation and negotiated all the terms.
Services representatives:

• Search producers needed;
• provision of samples;
• the conclusion of contracts, the terms of cooperation with Chinese partners;
• control of the manufacturing process;
• quality control of goods;
• design documentation;
• transport of goods;
• solution of current issues, and others.

In choosing a trade representative in China, it is important to understand that this is the man who is able to responsibly perform all assigned cases to make correct and important decisions for the company.
From the actions of an employee depends, in general, the company's business, as the receipt of defective goods or goods with different characteristics can bring huge losses.
Such products are either not suitable for trading on the territory of Russia, or cause customer dissatisfaction. That makes a lot of damage to the reputation of the company. To avoid such situations do not arise, the product was made on time, correctly framed documentation during the shipment, it is necessary to work with reliable experienced representatives in China.!
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