The thief, who has repeatedly robbed tourists, was detained in Haikou, Hainan Island, China

When the tourists were swimming in the sea on the Baishamen beach in Haikou, there were thieves on the beach waiting to commit crimes. Recently, the Haikou Pok Oi Police Station and the Haikou Hongdao Police Station jointly reviewed the case and arrested the thief. The suspect committed a crime has committed 8 crimes in the last month.


When one of the tourists and his family went to the coast of Baishamen to swim, he locked his wallet, mobile phone and other things in the car and parked the car in the parking lot near the beach. Before going to the sea, the tourist hid the car keys in his carry-on baggage and put it on the sand. Half an hour later, he discovered that the keys to the car were gone.


He rushed to the car and saw that the car door was open, and the cash, laptop and mobile phones were gone. The thief also stole car keys, and the car could not get to the house, besides, after the mobile phone was stolen last night, the thief also used a mobile phone to steal 1,500 yuan from WeChat.


The police investigating the case, interviewed the guards, looked at video surveillance, extracted traces of material evidence, found all the evidence in the case and, finally, detained a suspect in a criminal offense.


During the investigation, it turned out that most of the robbed tourists did not report to the police after the theft, when the police found them, some people said: “There was no hope. I did not expect the police to solve the case so quickly. Thank you very much!"


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