On the Yamal peninsula in Russia there will be new craters - VIDEO PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 September 2015 15:12

In July 2014 on the Yamal Peninsula, 30 km from base oil producers Bovanenkovo ​​helicopter pilots found the crater of unknown origin. This deep crater with steep walls and water on the bottom has aroused the interest of scientists around the world. It left a crater expedition of the Institute of Geophysics named after AA TrofimUK, which found that its diameter is 40 m and depth - 24.6 m, 10 of which were occupied by water. This summer, researchers examined the funnel again, it was found that the outer diameter has increased by 5-10 meters, the crater is almost completely filled with water, and a year later he would become indistinguishable from the other lakes in Yamal. Scientists using satellite imagery, found that before the formation of crater at this point was "heaving hill" - lifting the soil is almost perfectly round shape. Thus, experts have come to the conclusion that it blew up this "hill", which was due to methane emissions. According to one version, methane from deep deposits rose crust along faults up on the other - has led to global warming that have begun to collapse nitrates methane gas formations are solid, at a depth of about 60 m. This results in the release of gas and an increase in pressure, thereby exploding "bumps." According to the deputy director of the Russian Academy of Sciences IPGG Science Igor Eltcova crater on the Yamal Peninsula illustrates the effect of changes in temperature conditions of eternal permafrost, when emerging from gas hydrate stability, in which there were hundreds of years. Massive gas outputs are observed for several decades, and the transition to the gaseous state its volume increases by 163 times, which leads to explosions. However, as noted El'tsov, Yamal unique shape of the crater - right, almost perfectly round, which may indicate that it was not an ordinary explosion, and "Pnevmohlopok" when there was a strong increase in temperature, and the preceding process lasted for years, according to "RIA Novosti". The permafrost may be other such craters - scientists have found a crater not far from the new "hill". El'tsov stated that bowels of the planet contains a large amount of methane - about 200 million cubic meters and a million times more than in the form of gas hydrates. Such hydrates may exist in the form of ice in the permafrost at the bottom of reservoirs. However climatic changes lead to the fact that they cease remain stable. We already know the other funnel, similar to the Yamal - five in Yamal, one on the Taimyr Peninsula. And though, as scientists believe, sooner talk about a possible gas hydrate disaster, these phenomena must be studied.