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Monday, 28 September 2015 14:53

The very first planet from the Sun - Mercury - may one day collide with Earth or Venus and forever leave his house - the solar system. This forecast was presented recently in Nature group of astronomers from the Paris Observatory, led by Jacques Laskar. And on Monday, the sky will be the bloody Moon. These phenomena we have discussed with the scientists. Why Mercury was suddenly on the lips of scientists? What allowed to assume such an outcome for the planet named after the god of commerce? And what is the effect of the Moon on the red earthlings? We talked about this with the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, head of the department of physics and evolution of stars of the Institute of Astronomy Dmitry vibe. First - Mercury. According to Dmitry vibe. - No one can predict the movement of the planets for many years (millions or billions) forward due to the fact that in this perspective, these movements become erratic. Chaos This, of course, does not mean jumping on the orbits of the planets, just depending on those small errors that we have today, in the future, differences from the current paths can be quite unexpected. - That is insoluble question? - Yes, even millions of years to come, not to mention the billions of solving this problem is not present. - What did you say then about the work of Laskar? It's pretty bold. Several years ago, Laskar undertook to model the solar system several billion years ahead using the best of its computer program. But as the exact starting position he, like everyone else, no, he lays the different settings in the program and receives thoUSAnds of different models. For example, in one planet Earth is one point in the other - 20 cm in front, in the third - 20 cm behind. Similarly, he puts in their orbits and other planets. And among the 2501 version he had received in recent years, there were really such a combination in which the planets occur most incredible things. - For example, "otfutbolivanie" Mercury of the solar system. How is it possible? It's contrary to all laws of physics. This option, as I recall, was by the Laskar because of the possibility of occurrence of resonance with Jupiter. Now, of course, it's hard to imagine, but after billions of years of the planets relative to each other may be such that between them will increase the amplitude of the forced oscillations. Jupiter, on the model of Laskar, these waves are not particularly disturbed, but a small Mercury can be thrown out of their powerful influence of the solar system. At the time of the flight and possible collision with Earth and Venus. - As the astronomical community refers to this model? Very skeptical. Nobody except the group Laskar not doing it seriously. Many people ask the logical question: if the chaos in the space near to us so likely, why did not the solar system has collapsed over the past 4 billion years? If we talk about the future of our planet with a more realistic position, it is likely, Mercury, like Earth, will be dragged in an evolving and the Sun is absorbed by them ... We have moved from the possible events in the future to the next Monday, September 28. On this day, or rather night, there will be a rare astronomical event - the sky will be the bloody Moon, which took place the last time 33 years ago, December 30, 1982. Exactly 4 hours 6 minutes 50 seconds Moscow time, staying in the constellation of Pisces, our companion grow in size and gain a dramatic red. This will happen for two reasons - because of the passage of the Moon at the closest point to the Earth and a full lunar eclipse. As reported by "MK" in the State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg itself perigee - the closest point to the Earth's orbit - our companion crosses once a month, but with a full eclipse is not often coincide. Since 1900 it happened only five times: November 17, 1910 November 27, 1928, December 8th, 1946 December 19, 1964 December 30, 1982. The next such event can be expected to December 8, 2033. So, those who controlled himself and did not fall asleep on the night of September 28, will be able to see how the Earth will pass between the Sun and the Moon in the near distance to the Moon, to 363.104 kilometers. Selena for an hour with little will appear red due to the Earth's atmosphere, which scatters the Sun's rays. Having come into the Earth's shadow 4 hours 6 minutes, night light is completely immersed in it at 5 o'clock 10 minutes 44 seconds Moscow time. After 1 hour, 13 minutes of total eclipse of the Moon will start over and out of the Earth's shadow. This is best eclipse will be visible in North and South America and most Western countries, Western Europe and Africa. On the territory of Russia and better luck to those who live close to the western part of the world, they will have time to enjoy the spectacle before Moonset. Formidable name phenomenon - "bloody Moon" - is derived from the biblical prophecy, which says that our companion "turned to blood" before the second coming of the Savior. However, there is the phenomenon of another romantic name - "hunter's Moon," as it was named as a site NASA. The expression «Hunter's Moon» exists in English since ancient times. During the ascent of the full Moon the hunting season, hunters discovered pursuit of game.     



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