3D-master key opens all locks - VIDEO PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 September 2015 12:34
Because of data leakage in the management of the US Transportation Security public image began secret universal key for suitcases. Using this information, you can print a duplicate key in the 3D-printer and use it to open the suitcase, closed on the lock, which approved the use of the very same management. Office was founded in 2001 and since then has repeatedly been criticized for ineffective measures to ensure transport safety. The news for those who are going on vacation. The Transportation Security Administration recommends that US travelers to lock their suitcases on the locks, only approved by the Office. But it is not so safe. It turns out, can now be developed to forge universal key management, simply print it on the 3D-printer. Recently, the US Transportation Security Administration was a large leakage of data, resulting in the Internet got the image for a long time kept secret. Those who have already printed these keys, confirm that duplicate work. RT appealed to the management seeking comment. TV channel said that the opportunity to make keys for approved locks does not threaten security. Computer security experts Eric Vustrou believes that the leak occurred due to the fact that the administration did not adhere to their own rules. "US Transportation Security Administration has committed a big mistake, which resulted in information on any universal key management and operational capacity became public and the media. Through 3D-print (particularly keys) to commit a crime becomes much easier. This incident once again demonstrates to what problems can cause failure to control its own rules and regulations, "- says an expert on computer security from the University of Michigan Eric Vustrou. US Transportation Security Administration was established shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Its budget is huge: in 2016 allocated almost $ 5 billion. However, not all satisfied with the work of management. In his address regularly receives complaints from passengers on searches of children tactless personal inspection, disrespect to the religious customs. In addition, the effectiveness of these measures raises questions. To protect airports, management has spent nearly $ 160 million to the new scanners. However, during a secret test of internal security management agents could carry through these scanners almost all models of explosives. According to head of operations scanners do not record even metal objects. The journalist Patrick Henningsen, conducting independent investigations, such as a security breach does not surprise. "The Transportation Security Administration - is a large department that functions as if it were a private contractor Department of Homeland Security. The organization does not have the proper central government, there is simply collected a lot of private companies. In other words, it is possible to spend billions of dollars a year, but the gaps in the security system will appear regularly. In my opinion, security costs do not correspond to its real level. I saw how the staff of the Office of Transport Security inspect a person who has all four limbs amputated, checking his every wooden prosthesis for explosives. It happened in the US, I was a witness, "- said the journalist Patrick Henningsen.