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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 15:48

Centrifugal gun

All these fancy technology mostly limited to fast-moving vsazhivaniyu metal parts in the body, or building machinery. We used bullets More two hundred years, sending them on the pipe using explosive charges. Connecticut Company Trinamic Technologies believes that we can do it much better, and it DREAD gun is a futuristic creation, using centrifugal force. The company claims that a weapon can make 120,000 bps without recoil or flash. But in your pocket it will not put: Trinamic plans to use it on satellite platforms.

Generators storms

Non-lethal weapons - the big growth market, as kind of the crushed bodies on the battlefield is not very conducive to the establishment of public relations. Better ten years of armed Israeli forces stood futuristic weapons Thunder Generator (generator storm), a tool for crowd control, initially designed to scare birds away from the fertile fields. This device uses pulse detonation technology, directing the explosion of a huge resonant barrel which sends high speed shock wave in air. These waves can overturn and temporarily disorient targets at a distance of 30 meters. In 3 meters they lead to a horrible and painful death.

Lasers to undermine drones

The Holy Grail of fantastic military technology - is based on laser weapons ray. While we all use the amplified beam to identify goals and labeling for conventional ammunition, which is rather boring. As technologies become cheaper, necessary for the creation of powerful lasers, they begin to find themselves on the battlefield. Boeing Laser Avenger - it developed the project, which emits a constant the laser beam power in kilowatts of heat transfer to the target - ideal for shoot down enemy drones from the sky, or detonation of explosives long distance.

Bullets with homing

Technologically bullet - quite boring invention. It's just a piece of metal, which flies through the air at high speed, and (perhaps) someone kills. DARPA has decided to modify its clothing and to make bullets that can to change its course right in the middle of the flight. Program Agency Exacto manufactures cartridges of 50 caliber with integrated computer guidance which manages the small flaps on the surface of the bullet and allows it adjust the rate depending on the circumstances. They can even be direct at moving target that looks pretty scary.

robotic exoskeletons

Out on the battlefield at the helm of the giant robot is still in the anime, but one of the last projects of Lockheed Martin aims to equip soldiers costumes of "Iron Man." Project HULC (Human Universal Load Carrier) It is a mechanical exoskeleton to equip soldiers on the battlefield. He It consists of a pair of mechanized of titanium brackets for the legs that allow owner carry up to 100 kilograms of cargo for almost unlimited period of time, it is not straining. On-board computer monitors the movement and load levels and allows the chassis to move in synchronism with the carrier. Completely may soon come these suits walking on the battlefield, with people or without.

Quantum camouflage

Optical Camouflage - patterns that adorn the uniforms and transport to their it was more difficult to detect enemy - has its limitations. They are designed, to color and texture to be close to the environment, but never perfectly in She did not join. So many military engineers engaged in the creation "Quantum of camouflage," high-tech system of shelters that will bend light around an object, making it invisible (after all, to see the object need to see the light reflected from it).

Neuromorphic drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles have radically changed the methods of warfare Actions on enemy ground, since the drones are able to carry out mass Action without endangering real soldiers. These drones need Pilots who will operate them, but the next step in the evolution of UAVs can become a revolution. Not long ago, DARPA has conducted an experiment which has equipped small helicopters "neuromorphic" chips, which tend to imitate the human brain. Drones were able to scan their environment and compare it with others visiting the area, "learning" on the fly and acquiring new skills in navigation. While these technologies are in their infancy, are may go completely autonomous soldiers and combat vehicles.

Insect cyborgs

Pets fought us on the battlefield from the very beginning of the war, the armed Cavalry coached up on bomb dogs. The CIA even as it tried to find a way use martial pigeons, and about dolphins in general can not speak. From DARPA's latest projects we are interested in the armed insects (and very hazardous). The idea dubbed HI-MEMS (Hybrid Insect Micro-Electrical-Mechanical System). ZhUKov take still a pupa and implanted them into electrical body. When they go through the stage of growing up radio signals to activate these circuits, making beetles, in fact, radio-controlled. If you attach it to the equipment espionage, they can be used for virtually undetectable surveillance on the field battlefield.

Liquid-metal rocket

Here is another new type of weapon that threatens to turn our understanding of explosion of things. Traditional shells are explosive that detonates upon impact and scatter metal debris. New artillery DARPA MAHEM (Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition) uses a more sophisticated approach. Every warhead stores magnetic generator which impact the metal melt shell core, that takes the form of a pointed spear, which is better It penetrates the armor with which face. This technology allows to carry out more accurate punches with maximum lethality.

Plasma force fields

With all these new-fangled bullets race begins search for new forms of armor, that can protect the vulnerable parts. Aerospace giant Boeing is not so He registered a patent for a long time, which may hint at the next wave tank technologies: plasma forcefield that can reflect or absorb the shock waves from the blast. This technology uses electricity, lasers and microwaves for rapid heating area prior to the blast, creating an interference field of the plasma, which in theory should absorb the released kinetic energy. The technology is still under development, but it sounds very cool.

All of this sci-fi weapons simultaneously surprised and scared us. It It makes us think about all of these types of weapons in the film, video games and Now in real life. However, the lightsaber is far from development.



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