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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 08:21
In order to discover something beyond our understanding, not necessarily to go to Nazca, chasing green men or watch unidentified flying objects. Simply turn to the man himself - our body sometimes presents such surprises, explaining that modern science simply can not. And we are not talking about clairvoyance, levitation or the ability to walk on fire without any whatsoever damage. We are talking about the strange anomalies of age, "jokes of nature" when a person suddenly begins to come back like a lost youth. Such cases do not say that much, but they are known in medical practice: at the end of life's journey for human biological time suddenly reversed. With such a phenomenon often encountered many dentists: they were surprised to discover that some of their patients, deep old men and women, all of a sudden start as a baby ... cut his teeth! But this does not end the rejuvenation: darken gray hair, wrinkled skin is smoothed, recovering health. Here are just a few examples. Pekingese 91-year-old Lan Shizhen once very ill: he could not even look at the food and weaker right before our eyes. The doctors just shrugged and could not help, because I have not been able to figure out what was sick old Lan. Three weeks old lay in bed, and not touching his food, and then he woke up ravenous appetite returned and the years lost vigor. Doctors examined Lan again and were surprised to find that the old man's new teeth were cut, and the roots of white hair turned black! "The expression" toothless old age "can no longer suited to the 90-year-old resident of Shanghai Tan Tszichzhen - writes Chinese newspaper" Daily Tszefang. "- She has grown in a short time, 25 new teeth, constituting together with the surviving complete set. Demonstrating his smile refreshed old woman told reporters that her teeth began to fall out a few decades ago. But one day my grandmother Tan felt itching and pain in the gums, as it happens in babies when they teething. When a few days later, she looked in the mirror, then nearly fell: both jaws young pearlescent shine! " Several years ago, the agency "Xinhua" has already reported similar miracle happened to an elderly Chinese peasant. However, the joy that the old woman was not an example of better: with teeth began to actively grow and jet-black hair! But the fact that recently began to happen with the 97-year-old Italian Rosa Faron does not fit into any framework for health: today she has the figure of a girl, and she is not only aging, but also with every day looks younger! Doctors discouraged, they need to check whether there is fraud, conducted a survey on the subject of plastic surgery, but nothing like this has been found. Moreover, Rosa Faron even cosmetics never used. "This woman is amazing. She never resort to plastic surgery, looks 70 years younger than his age! - Surprised shocked Dr. Graza at a medical conference in Genoa. - Her memory and the brain sharp and clear. This is the most mysterious phenomenon, with whom I have ever had a chance to meet. " He first read about Rosa in the Italian newspaper. The photo was captured a beautiful young woman surrounded by six grandchildren, fifteen great-grandchildren and great-grandson of sixteen. Rose looked at the photos Faron younger than his thirty-year granddaughter. Checking the liver, heart and blood arterial pressure, held at a private medical clinic, has shown that analyzes and grandparents are not worse than that of girls. But what is more surprising - they were better than they were in 1960. Time flowed like the tide! Dr. Graza, an expert on aging, will observe the woman for six months, hoping to find a clue in her genetics. In the meantime, he just throws up his hands. The very same culprit commotion doctors explain all a blessing from above. "I eat everything, smoke and drink more than you need - says Rose. - The only thing that discourages me is the fear of getting pregnant - funny bear, when you're a hundred, and I have to take birth control pills." Japanese Say Senagon from FUKuoka, reaching 75 years, also felt the inexplicable changes in your body. At first she had gone gray hair, and the hair acquired its former luster and black. Then they started bleeding gums, so that she could not wear dentures. Say thought it was the effects of radiation and even wanted to have a will, but just in case, decided nevertheless to consult with doctors and paid a first visit to the dentist. But he examined the gums old woman, said that radiation is radiation, but she dies, probably not soon, because her for some unknown reason, suddenly began to cut his teeth! And then followed and did a fantastic event. We Say became flatten the skin on the body and face, muscle acquired its former elasticity, have Sunk into oblivion attacks osteoarthritis and other age-related ills, and after a couple of years longer to learn Sei friend on the street, because it twenty years younger. Some time later, she resumed menstruation, she divorced her husband and married forty banker, who claims that Sai looks no older than thirty. Say Senagon for some time he became the most famous and recognizable woman in Japan. She endlessly interviewed were invited to various talk shows and endlessly plagued with requests to sell for any money the secret of her youth. But even more surprising is that today looks much younger Say Thirty women and seriously fears that if the process of rejuvenation of the current rate, then fifteen years later it will turn into a ten-year girl! How to explain such a phenomenal transformation, modern science can not understand. However, some steps on the path of knowledge is already there: not so long ago uchenye- gerontologists have discovered a gene which, as it helps the formation of cells capable of destroying aging and dead cells. They arose suspicion that an oncogene that under certain circumstances, cause rapid and uncontrolled cell division and leads to tumor disease, is nothing other than the gene of youth, just like "gone mad" and not destroying diseased cells and healthy. Therefore, aging - a completely unnatural for the human body, inside of which was originally laid the whole system and a program of protection from impending death. Researchers today are aiming to bring the dormant reserves from the rest and make them function actively. By the end of gerontologists cause of sudden awakening of genes of youth is not fully clear. And if all called by their names, it is not clear at all. It will also find out why the vital genes usually sleep. Naturally, for the final solution of such complex problems requires scientists to constantly guinea pigs. And as one of these "rabbits" in the early '90s he performed a resident of Germany Amanda Raydenaur. However, about her we can say that she is young in half. In appearance she could give about seventeen or eighteen, and she was a real beauty: her beautiful thick hair, smooth skin tender transparent, clear, big eyes, regular features ... This wonderful head resting on the broken body over the years, and disease - Frau Raydenaur actually 95 years old, she was the great-grandmother of several grandchildren almost adults. And she feels according to his age. Senility, which is ruthlessly crushes the body of a woman, almost touched her face. This phenomenon interested physicians, conducted a thorough examination and testing of the required documents, and above all found out that the woman had never in my life have resorted to plastic surgery. Nothing good could not figure out, and Frau Raydenaur began to study genetics. When world-renowned geneticist Dr. Gerhard Dremkan saw Amanda Raydenaur the first time, I decided that he was dealing with the case of an unusual illness in very young women. Maybe it's some kind of unexplored form of progeria, severe incurable disease in which the body begins suddenly a young age, and people die in 20-25 years, looking at this very old man? But Amanda - not a young girl, she really lived on earth 95 years. At a press conference, Amanda said: "Last year my husband died, and I know that I myself have not long. Before, I did not want out of me makes a mockery around there newspapers, and now, if you need in old age to spend a guinea rabbit for doctors - I agree, most importantly, it would be useful to people. " However, so far neither genetics nor other scientists are not able to give an explanation for this phenomenon. The consequences of "gone mad" youth gene can be varied. Japanese Say Senagon over time can really turn into a little girl and American Tina Jenkins, on the contrary, become an adult woman is only five hundred years! Today, Tina babbling, let bubbles and plays with dolls, like an ordinary baby. Meanwhile, it is already 45 years old! Everything else except the age, it is normal. Scientists with one voice insist that it is perfectly normal healthy girl with the physiology and behavior-year-old child. And by the way, adding that if it will continue to develop at a pace that has a chance to live 1,500 years. And its majority Tina Jenkins, according to estimates of experts, at this rate of development will celebrate somewhere in 2388. We have before that date certainly not survive if researchers in the coming years and did not wake up the sleeping youth gene. However, there is another explanation for these phenomena. Scientists believe that in our body "ticks" several "biological clock" located in different organs, and each is responsible for his body. One of the most important tasks: to understand why their work often happen glitches that turn for some joy, but for others - a tragedy. Scientists have discovered that in the first days of life babies live 25-hour rhythm, and only some time later rebuilt in the 24-hour, daily. That is, almost born, the child is exposed to extreme stress: it lacks an hour in a day! Stress that sometimes (fortunately rare) causes Progeria. Stop this process until science can not. In the world of recorded about fifty cases of progeria, and they all ended sadly. But what is it that this "biological clock" and what determines their proper course? Science does not yet give satisfactory answers. According to one language, "biological clock" - a conventional term for the ability of a living organism to navigate in time. The basis of "biological clock" - strict periodicity occurring processes in the cells. It is believed that the failure of our internal "clocks" contributes to insomnia, stress, ecological imbalance, smoking and alcohol. But whatever the explanation scientists have put forward no, no one understood what is really the secret of the sudden aging, and even more so - rejuvenation.



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