First artificial magnetic space wormhole - VIDEO PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 25 August 2015 08:14
Physicists from the Autonomous University of Barcelona have collected a device that can transfer the magnetic field from one point to another on the invisible path that is not registered external devices. In physics and science fiction term "wormhole" it is well known for at least half a century. It is a portal in space-time through which any object can be instantly transferred from one point in space to another. However, so far no one has proved that this is really possible. The experiment was conducted Catalan physicists, this is one of the few developments of this theory, albeit at a more basic level. Unlike many of his colleagues, scientists from the Autonomous University of Barcelona were not limited solely to computer models, and built a very real device - a three-layer sphere of superconducting strips with magnetized metal tube in which the inner layers change the direction of the magnetic field, and the outer hide it from sensors outside. Typically, the magnetic field diverges in all directions from a single point, while it is possible to detect any position around the source of radiation. However, magnetic wormhole directs the magnetic field from one end of the tube to the other so that the transfer field "invisible," and it, as claimed researchers pops up out of nowhere, the other end of the tube. Apart from the purely scientific significance of this technology, for example, can be used in medicine, in particular, say the developers, it can help to upgrade MRI scanners. Since the device is able to redirect the magnetic field from one point to another, it is now possible to take pictures of the bodies with the help of a strong magnet located at a distance, and not to force patients to suffer from claustrophobia, lying in a narrow tunnel MRI machine or directly under the heavy equipment to more outdoor unit embodiments. However, for this form of "worm holes" have to change with the spherical to cylindrical.