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Saturday, 22 August 2015 13:28
Technological development has radically changed the way wars in the world today. Those days when two Army soldiers fought on the battlefield face to face, are history. In their stead come cyber attacks, information warfare and sabotage. Against the backdrop of the changing and growing conflicts, governments are constantly trying to find ways to obtain a technological edge over their opponents. Most of the military inventions that we know, developed by the United States and its allies. The following eleven examples of modern military technologies seem to be something out of science fiction. From robotic exoskeletons, given to soldiers superhuman strength, to the "reasonable" unmanned helicopter - all this is the future of the war, and it's amazing. Centrifugal machine guns thunder-generator All these new technologies mainly boil down to, as quickly as possible and powerful striking pieces of metal buildings, equipment, machinery and people. We are shooting bullets in much the same way as two hundred years ago. Trinamic Technologies Company of Connecticut believes that it is possible to improve the weapon. Their futuristic gun uses centrifugal force. The company claims that the weapons can produce 120 thoUSAnd shots per second without any return. There are quite impressive video of the prototype test. This is not a gun, which can carry. Trinamic says that these weapons will be used for satellite platormah. Generators thunder laser-avenger Non-lethal weapons is becoming popular as mutilated bodies strewn battlefield will not help resolve the conflict. About five years ago, the Israeli military used one futuristic weapons - thunder generator to disperse the crowd of protesters. Originally it was designed to scare birds away from fields of crops. The device uses pulse detonation technology. The air produced high-speed resonant shock waves. These waves are strong enough to knock down and temporarily stun the enemy at a distance of 40 meters. The use of this weapon at a distance of four meters from the closest person can lead to terrible, agonizing death. Laser weapons mahem The Holy Grail of science fiction military technologies - laser weapons. As long as we use the laser only for identification purpose, which will be destroyed by conventional ammunition, which is rather boring. As cheaper technology of such weapons, powerful lasers will soon be used on the battlefield. Currently, a draft military laser called Boeing Laser Avenger. Odnokilovattny solid-state laser beam is able to melt the target. It is ideal for the destruction of enemy drones or detonate explosives from a distance. Zombie zombie Some believe that the final frontier of warfare is the human mind. Defense Minister of Australia reported on the weapon that can cause excruciating pain in humans and turn them into easily manageable "zombie", weakening their cognitive function. Tests have shown that low-frequency radiation that can inspire thoughts in the brain, so that the appearance of such weapons - it's just a question. Homing bullets exacto Technologically, the bullet rather boring. It's just pieces of metal flying through the air at high speeds. DARPA defense is going to give the opportunity to adjust the pool course. The company has developed a bullet Exacto with computer guidance system, controlled by small fins that allow it to make changes to its course during the flight. They can strike even moving targets, which is quite scary to see in action. Exoskeleton hulc Fantasy fighting at the helm of the giant robot still prevails in the field of animation, but recently the development of Lockheed Martin hastened soldiers one step closer to becoming an iron man. A mechanical exoskeleton consists of a pair of titanium leg supports, it allows its holders to wear without fatigue in the field of up to 80 kg of cargo for unlimited period of time. On-board computer monitors the motion and load level, and synchronizes the movement frame and a soldier. Quantum camouflage quantum-camouflage- Normal visual camouflage, which is worn on military uniforms or vehicles to make them less visible to enemy troops, has its limits. It is intended to approximate merging with the surrounding terrain, but never perfectly in harmony with it. That's why many military researchers are working in the development of "quantum camouflage", which is a high-tech camouflage system, which distorts light and makes it absolutely invisible. At least one firm claims that it managed to improve the technology. Their camouflage is not required for energy, and for the refraction of light is used a lot of small antennae. Neuromorphic dronoy neuromorphic-drone Drones are reversed, since it is necessary to fight on foreign soil. UAVs are used more often, so as not to endanger pilots. DARPA research recently conducted an experiment in which they are equipped with small helicopters "neuromorphic" chips that mimic the human brain. Helicopters were able to scan the surrounding area and compare them to other areas they visited, in fact, "learning" on the fly, which helps them to better navigate. This is just a proof of concept, but it can be a great first step towards creating a fully autonomous soldiers. Insect cyborgs insect Since time immemorial, the animals helped us on the battlefield, for example, groups of sniffer dogs. CIA once tried to find a way to use pigeons as ammunition. But a recent project of the Office of promising developments intends to use as a weapon of insects. The beetle pupae stage implanted electrical circuits. When they grow up, they sent a radio signal starts the circuit, which makes them essentially remote-controlled. By attachment of sensors, these "bugs" can be used to virtually undetectable combat and exploration. Molten metal rocket Here is another new type of weapon, which aims to turn the idea of ​​scathing blast munitions. Conventional bombs explode on impact with the body. New magneto-hydrodynamic explosive weapons have less spectacular impact. Each warhead contains a generator of magnetic force, which impact melts metal, which allows the projectile to penetrate the armor, he meets. This technology allows for precision strikes targeted maximum destruction. Plasma power fields plasma-forcefield Aerospace giant Boeing has recently received a new patent that may change the tank battles. Plasma force field can reflect or absorb explosive shock waves. The technology uses electricity, lasers and microwaves to rapidly heat the area exposed to the shock wave, impeding the field of plasma. Theoretically, it must absorb the kinetic energy of the stand-out. It is still under study, but it sounds pretty darn cool. All of this sci-fi weapons and scary at the same time delicious. Ideas from movies and video games become the basis for a real military developments.