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Sunday, 07 June 2015 21:00

Certainly, none of the healthy people in the world are not able to go without sleep. But how much do we know about him? It turns out there are a lot of interesting things associated with sleep and dreams, known as a rule, only to specialists. Most of the people on them are simply unaware or mistaken in this regard. Here are some of them ...
Dreams dream of all healthy people

Some people claim that never see again or to question what they dreamed answer that never dreamed of anything ... In fact, almost all the dreams they see, just do not remember them all. The complete absence of evidence of dreams mental illness and can not be considered the norm.

A small percentage of people have dreams in black and white

Until the mid-60s of the last century the figure was about 12 percent. Now the share of those who dreams only in monochrome version is only 4.4 percent of the total sample. The researchers attribute this to the spread of color television.

We "see" night from four to seven dreams

"View" can take from half an hour to two hours. But we rarely remember everything we dreamed of, and the time during sleep can flow quite different - faster or slower than in real life.

We remember only 10 percent of our dreams

If immediately after waking up, we can still remember what we dreamed of, then after ten minutes of sleep 90 percent of the content is usually forgotten. Entirely we remember a dream only if it has been interrupted by something and we do not inspected it through.

Snoring and dreams are not compatible

People snore only when they are in REM sleep, in which dreams can not be seen. Therefore, if a person is snoring - it currently does not dream ...

Men and women dreaming different dreams

Thus, the stronger sex often dream that they are communicating with someone fight or fighting. At the same time they often dream about other men than women. And the fair sex dream about the same number of women and men. Also, a man in a dream usually behave more aggressively than women.

Blind people also have dreams

It is paradoxical, but true. Those who are blind from birth, however, can not see visual images: they only dream of sounds, smells and sensations.

animals, too, have dreams

This show and the observation of the animals and scanning their brain impulses. In highly developed creatures dream schemes do not differ from men, except that the content is probably more adapted to an animal thinking.

All the people that we dream are real

Sometimes we dream images of strangers. In fact, all these people we've seen somewhere before, but on a conscious level they do not remember. But their appearance was deposited in our subconscious to emerge later in a dream. Spontaneously generate the wrong person unconscious, alas, can not.

In the dream, we often experience negative emotions

It can be the fear, anguish and despair. We may, for example, the dream that we face some danger in our lives, or there is something wrong. But the joy we experience in sleep is rare.

Dreams are often symbolic

Many are skeptical about the teachings of Freud, pushing all the images from dreams as manifestations of our "unconscious". In fact, the majority of dreams is not interpreted literally, and one object in a dream can indeed be a symbol of quite another object, according to experts. However, some symbols can be interpreted unambiguously, and others - these are the signs that can be interpreted only by ourselves.

Prophetic dreams - reality

Although the existence of prophetic dreams are constantly being debated, the statistics can not escape it. Studies show that 18 to 38 percent of people at least once had dreams that predict the future, and 70 percent felt the effect of "deja vu", which is also associated with dreams. From 63 to 90 percent of study participants living around the world, they admitted that they believe in the possibility of prophetic dreams.

In the dream, we occur temporary paralysis

The man is able to see the dream only the so-called REM sleep (the so-called REM-phase, from 20 to 25 percent of the total sleep time). So that we do not repeat in real physical movements that have occurred during sleep, the subconscious mind during this period paralyzes our body. If this mechanism fails, then there are phenomena such as sleepwalking.

Surrounding reality becomes part of our Sleep

External stimuli affect us while we sleep, are woven into the fabric of a dream, but interpreted distorted. So, if we are cold, may dream that we at the North Pole. If the apartment is playing the radio, in a dream, we see ourselves as a musical concert, and so on.

In the dream, you can experience sexual aroUSAl and orgasm

It depends on the plot of sleep. And some even manage to deal with waking up and not real sex with your partner. But this is a variant of sleepwalking.



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