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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 09:25

Not all of what is said is true. From early childhood, we get a lot of information, which often take a scientific fact, and never doubted his veracity. That's just science is constantly evolving, scientists are using new methods of research and as a result some truths cease to be.

Lightning does not strike in the same place twice

Lightning strikes in the same place. Since the purpose of lightning - is to find the fastest way to the ground, the tall buildings, trees and other structures are considered high-risk sources. The higher, the better the chance that lightning will strike, and not just twice.

The tongue has a special taste zones

There are no special language areas are responsible for the perception of bitter, sour, salty and sweet taste. By the way, there is also a fifth taste - umami perception of proteins. So, all areas of language can feel these flavors.

Murder from a height

Even if a coin to throw off the roof height Empire State Building, it will not kill anyone. The maximum speed of a body falling from a height of 80 km / h. It is not enough to deal a fatal blow, perhaps get shot.

Water fingers swell


After a long stay in the pool or bathtub fingers appear swollen, as if absorbed a lot of water. But in fact, it is due to vasoconstriction. Vessel walls are reduced, and the fingers are covered with wrinkles.

Sunflower turns to follow the Sun

Sunflowers do not turn their heads towards the Sun, they always point to the east. And here's another netsvetuschie plants just follow the heavenly body, once and for all determine the correct direction.

Bulls annoying red

Bulls react to the matador cape not because it is red. To them, it looks like one of the shades of gray. But waving them under the noses of the animals, very frustrating.

alcohol warms

Drunk alcohol dilates blood vessels, causing blood flow to the skin surface. In fact, the body further cooled due to the outflow of heat from the air in the vessel.

Seasons depend on the distance to the Sun

Seasons do not depend on how close we are to the Sun. They depend on the angle of inclination of the axis of the Earth, which is 23,5 °. When the Earth moves around the Sun during the year to it is drawn that the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern. At the hemisphere that faces the Sun, the summer comes, as it receives 3 times more Sunlight and heat.

Need to drink two liters of water a day

Eight glasses of water a day - is extremely subjective measure. Number of water needed depends on many factors: the level of activity, body weight, environment and so on. N.

In the Middle Ages, people lived to an average of 30 years

Although life expectancy in the Middle Ages and was smaller, but there it was not so low, as is commonly believed. This is an average figure, which takes into account infant mortality, which at that time was incredibly high. Therefore, some modern methods take into account only the children who have reached 12 years of age.

Loading dose of vitamin C protects against colds

Orange juice, lemon tea or a handful of tablets of vitamin C does not help prevent colds, but will reduce the duration of illness, when suddenly she caught someone.

Immortal earthworm

If earthworm cut in half, then survive, not two, but only one part, one that with the mouth.

In humans, the five senses

Everyone is used to the classification, which came up with Aristotle, according to which a person has five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. This is not true. Superheroes people can not be named, but now I feel there are about 20, including a sense of balance.

Bats are blind

Bats are not blind. Most small species really basically use echolocation to navigate in space, but their eyes were in complete working order. But the major representatives on the contrary prefer to rely more on just normal vision.

After the meal, you can not swim

No need to wait 30 minutes after eating to swim. Although the intensity of swimming and can cause cramping, most vacationers at sea can not be attributed to the Olympic reserve. Therefore, the myth of the increased rush of blood to the stomach for digestion time food that can cause cramps, you can forget. But alcohol and the sea - that's another story.



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