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Wednesday, 31 December 2014 14:18

Many scholars have suggested that the planet Earth is not the birthplace of humanity and people appeared on Earth thoUSAnds of years ago, not on their own. It is likely that we have been forced to leave their present house and we had to adapt to life on a new planet for us - the Earth. However, there is another option - we just experimental mice, and the whole earth, it's just a big laboratory.

On that assumption indicates a number of physiological characteristics of the human body, which are different from those of "indigenous" inhabitants of the earth - animals. This proves that humans evolved separately from other types of life on earth, and parallel to, and in spite of.

Doctors have studied people suffering from diseases of the back and the musculoskeletal system and came to the conclusion that mankind was conceived and developed in terms of lower gravity than Earth.

In addition, despite the fact that humanity as a whole considers himself the most advanced views of the planet, it is not the most adapted organisms to their environment. This is indicated by high rates of chronic diseases and more. In human babies are so large heads, which often die in childbirth mothers and newborns themselves. Indeed, human labor the most dangerous and painful of all the ways the birth of the inhabitants of the earth.

Intolerance long solar radiation and emerging as a consequence, Sunburn, they say that the home planet of people was a little farther from the Sun. After all, no other species on this planet has no such problems. Even the lizards can every day to bask in the Sun without any consequences for their body. In addition, research scientists in the field of sleep and human life argue that according to our biological clock, we are optimal for the day, lasting 25 hours.

It turns out that modern humanity, as well as its lateral branches and the ancestors of Neanderthals and "Homo erectus" were obtained by mating with extraterrestrial races and brought them to Earth 60-200 thoUSAnd years ago.

Mankind did not evolve from a particular terrestrial microorganisms, it originated elsewhere and were delivered to Earth, as already fully developed and intelligent species of life!

It is interesting that similar arguments about the inconsistency of humanity environment, expressed in the 50-ies of the last century, the Soviet science fiction and prominent scientist Ivan Efremov in his novel "The Razor's Edge." However, in the historical context of the time, this statement smacked of sedition - so he preferred to explain it all pay for walking upright.

Artistic and documentary film about the life and work of the scientist and writer Ivan Yefremov. Used dramatizations based on the novel "The Hour of the Ox" and other works of the writer. All text cinematographic - a reflection and approval of the hero himself, taken from his writings, correspondence and numerous interviews. Rare newsreel and journalism, fiction and detective ... 32 actors including famous names who participated in the gaming scene in a movie, enliven the pages of famous novels of Ivan Efremov "Andromeda", "Razor", "Hour of the Bull," "Thais" ... Along with the actors in the film attended by scientists, writers, astronauts, as well as the writer's widow TI Ephraim.

Ivan Efremov was not just a writer, a geologist and paleontologist, professor, winner of the Stalin prize. In addition to the dinosaur excavations in the Gobi Desert, he participated in the search for ores, including Uranium - knew a lot. Once published a story describing the diamond deposit in Yakutia - even before the first diamond found there. And it's not a one of his insight.

As a writer received prophetic information? For example, in the story "Hellenic secret" refers to the strange dreams. The hero sees himself in ancient Greece and learn the recipes substance softening ivory, allowing you to create amazing product refinement.

Where all information is taken about the future, about alien worlds and advanced sverhnaUKe?

On this issue the writer responds in the novel "Andromeda". It says about the "Great Circle": space is filled with visual information that is sent from distant stars our brothers in mind. In the novel, these signals are captured by satellites. But hinted to other contacts: the hero of the book during the experiment a vision of alien, she proclaims: "Offa Allie core!" As if Efremov talks about his own experience extrasensory perception.

Mysterious words "Offa Allie core" still sounds like a spell, and book lovers Ephraim priznosyat them as a secret password. But what do these words mean - so no one guessed. Can learn when you really encounter of two cosmic civilizations happen?

What "predictions" Ephraim come true?

- In 1944, in the story "Diamond pipe" the writer told the opening of diamond deposits in Yakutia. In 1954, only 300 km south from those described in the story places, opened its first Yakut diamond deposit - pipe "Mir".

- The discovery of large deposits of mercury ores in the southern Altai - in "The Lake of mountain spirits" (1943).

- Holography - in the story "The Shadow of the past" (1945).

- The peculiarity of the behavior of liquid crystals - in the story "Fakaofo Atoll" (1944).

- In the novel "Andromeda" (1955): three-dimensional television screen with a parabolic concave, a geostationary satellite, which is always over the same point of the earth's surface, and ekzokostyum ("jumping skeleton"), which allows people to overcome the increased gravitational pull.



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