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Wednesday, 03 December 2014 07:58

Many people love to solve all sorts of puzzles. And especially attracted to those who have not yet solved. Ciphers, puzzles and public messages encoded tease us with their intrigue why this message is encrypted? what great secrets it may hide in yourself?

Such a great variety of puzzles, but we decided - in the spirit of the time - to make a top 10 mysteries of the world, which has not yet been solved.

In the first place, of course, the Voynich manuscript. Named in honor of the Polish-American antiquarian book dealer Wilfrid M.Voynicha who bought it in 1912, "Voynich manuscript" - a detailed book, fairly thick - 240 pages, written in absolutely unknown language.

Unknown until now! And there is not even any suggestion that it may be for the language. Its pages are also filled with colored drawings and strange diagrams, pictures of incredible events, as well as plants that like no one known species, which only adds intrigue to the document, which is impossible to decipher. Author manuscript is unknown, but radiocarbon analysis, as well as several examinations have shown that its pages are made somewhere between 1404 and 1438 years. The manuscript has been called "the most mysterious manuscript in the world."

In second place Kryptos, a mysterious cipher covered sculpture, created by artist Jim Sanborn, which is located in front of the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia, USA. It is so mysterious that even the CIA could not decipher it until the end of the code.

Sculpture contains four encryption, and although three of them managed to decipher the code to open the fourth fails so far. In 2006, Sanborn gave a hint that the first encryption provides clues to the fourth, and in 2010 opened another: 64-69 NYPVTT characters in the fourth part of the word "Berlin".

In third place cipher Bale. Bale cipher - a set of three ciphers which allegedly reveal the location of one of the greatest treasures buried in American history: many thoUSAnds of pounds of gold, silver and precious stones. Treasure was originally produced a mysterious man named Thomas Jefferson Bale in 1818 during the gold mining development in Colorado.

Of the three, only the second cipher is decoded. What is interesting, it seems that the key to the cipher is the American Declaration of Independence - a surprising fact, given that the name matches the name of Bale author of the Declaration.

The transcribed text pointed to the area where the treasure: Bedford County, Virginia, but its exact location, apparently hidden in one of the remaining ciphers. To date, treasure hunters searched thoroughly (often illegally) Bedford County hills in search of Undeniable Wealth.

In fourth place Phaistos disk. Riddle of the Phaistos disk is similar to the story in the spirit of Indiana Jones. Discovered by the Italian archaeologist Luigi Perna in 1908 in the ruins of the Minoan palace at Phaistos disc is still one of the most famous mysteries of archeology. It is made of baked clay and contains on itself mysterious symbols, which may represent an unknown form of hieroglyphics. It is believed that it is made somewhere in the II millennium BC

Some scientists believe that these characters resemble the characters "Line A" and "Line In" letters, in other words, written languages, which were once used in ancient Crete.

Then what is the problem? The fact that the "Line A" indecipherable.

In fifth place encryption of Shaboro. In fact, this Shepherd's Monument XVIII century English Staffordshire. If you look at it from afar, you can take it for a sculptural reproduction of a famous painting by Nicolas Poussin's "Arcadia Shepherds." But it's worth looking closer, as immediately becomes noticeable strange sequence of letters: DOUOSVAVVM, - code that you can not decipher the more than two and a half centuries. And although the author of this cipher remains unknown, some believe that this code can be a clue left by rytsaryami- Templars as to the whereabouts of the Holy Grail.

Many of the greatest minds of our world have tried to decipher the code and failed, including Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin.

Sixth in the so-called business Tamam Shud. case Tamam Shud considered one of the greatest mysteries of Australia and revolves around an unidentified man who was found dead in December 1948 on Somerton Beach in the Australian city of Adelaide. Aside from the fact that the person has not been able to identify, case became even more mysterious when in a secret pocket sewn into the pants of a man was found a tiny piece of paper with the words "Tamam Shud". This phrase is translated as "finished" or "complete" and is used on the last page of a collection of poems "Rubaiyat" of Omar Khayyam. In addition to this puzzle was soon found a copy of the "Rubaiyat", which contained a strange cipher left by these supposedly dead man.

Due to the content of the poems of Omar Khayyam, many believe that the message was a kind of suicide note, but it still remains unsolved, as the case itself.

In seventh place is not the subject - signal. One summer night in 1977 Gerry Ehman, a volunteer program SETI (widespread program of searching for signals of extraterrestrial intelligence), became perhaps the first person to receive a message from another planet. Gerry Ehman scanned the radio waves from deep space hoping to chance upon a signal that carries the signs sent by sentient race, when he noticed a jump in their dimensions. And stumbled. The signal lasted 72 seconds - the maximum possible duration of the measurement, which allows the equipment and scanning range Jerry Emana. He was loud and, apparently, was transferred from the place where never been one of these men: from the point of the constellation Sagittarius next to the star called Tau Sagittarius, 120 light years from Earth.

Gerry Ehman wrote the word "Wow!" printed on the original signal, and therefore it was called "Wow! signal." All attempts to once again catch the signal failed, which led to a great debate about the nature of its origin and its meaning.

Eighth place in the so-called "Letters of the Zodiac", but to the signs of the zodiac is not relevant. "Letters Zodiac" - a series of four encrypted emails that are believed to have been written by the famous Zodiac, a serial killer who terrorized San Francisco residents in the second half of the 60's and early 70-ies of the last century. Write a letter icons, somewhat like letters, partly runes. Separation of words from each other not.

The letters were probably written as a way to tease journalists and police, and even one letter (or rather, three fragments of it) was able to decipher the other three remain unsolved. Decipher the message suggests that three months of the Zodiac ready Aztec priest became a victim of his own addiction to homicide, tearfully begs him to help stop killing people (placing it, for example, to the gas chambers). In addition, decoding starlaypera ends with the sentence "My name - Lee Allen." By the way, the personality of the zodiac also never been established, the killer has not been caught, although the Zodiac murders was no longer identified with the 70s.

In ninth place guiding stones Georgia. Ground breaking stones Georgia, sometimes referred to as "America's Stonehenge", is a granite monument in Elbert County, Georgia, in 1979. The stones contain engraving in eight languages - English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian - and each contains ten "new" commandments for "Age of Reason". They look like four stelae, virtually connected in a cross with a pillar in the middle and topped with "cap" of a small square plate

Well, what's puzzling, ask most. Monument do not contain any encrypted messages! Yes contains. Remain a mystery its purpose and origin. It was erected by man, whose identity has not managed to establish exactly and who was hiding behind a pseudonym R.C.Kristian. Where did he get these commandments is unknown, too, because no sources do not contain anything like that.

Of these, the first of the Ten Commandments is perhaps the most controversial: "Maintain humanity number below 500 million in the age-old balance with nature." Many believe that this calling to reduce the human population to the number, and criticism guiding stones even demanded their destruction. Some fans of conspiracy theories even believe that they were created "a secret society of Lucifer", calling for a new world order.

There is a version that the giant "letters" are set taking into account certain astronomical considerations - hence, in fact, the name "America's Stonehenge".

On the tenth place plank Rongorongo. These mysterious wooden tablets with inscriptions inhabitants of Easter Island. Currently not clear whether each character is a single word or syllable. Today in museums around the world survived only about 25 "boards." Traditionally, they are numbered in the Latin alphabet, which, however, is not the only way to refer to "tables", among which there is one stick, two inscriptions on the pectorals reimiro, as well as the inscription on the snuffbox and Figure tangata manu.

Found "signs" in 1864 by Bishop E. Eero, who argued that these boards were almost in every home Aborigines, but the islanders are almost could not read them. Within two years, almost all signs that saw E. Eero died: whether from his own hand, or during civil strife. It is believed that they were written at Rapanui. Last knowing Rongorongo rapanuets, Vick, died in 1866.

Since then, scientists from around the world trying to decipher Rongorongo. Significant contribution to the study done T. Bartel, Knorozov and NA Butinov, IK Fedorov and many others. However, there is no consensus even in determining the type of writing, not to mention the specific readings. A well-known theorist Grammatology I. Gelb believed that it was not written, but only magical figures, arguing that its signs are so similar to each other, differing only with respect to small parts that attempt to differentiate their encounters great difficulties.

Butinov Knorozov and prove that it does not Pictography and morfemno- syllabic script. New Zealand researcher SR Fisher (monograph 1997) believes that the plank "mostly reproduce the magic formula fertilization fixed in later versions of the creation of the world, and are based on the repetition of producing formula: Agent X united with agent Y and spawned the object (s) Z". By an ironic characterization linguists KI and IK Pozdnyakov, "it turns out mess in which all copulating in the most improbable combinations."



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