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Friday, 03 June 2011 17:22


According to the latest report of U.S. Geological Service on 03 June 2011, about five hours ago, in the Nicobar Islands was earthquake of magnitude 6.

Nicobar Islands is a group of 19 islands (of which 12 are inhabited) between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean. Nicobar Islands is the territory of India, represent a continuation of the Arakan Mountains and the chain of the Andaman Islands. The total number of Nicobar Islands is about 570. Inhabited in the area around 40, including 26 - in the Andaman side, for tourists openly about 10 islands.

The capital and largest city - Port Blair, major cities - Diglipur, Rangat and Mayabunder. The largest islands are Car Nicobar, Great Nicobar, Chovra, Teresa, Nankovri, Katchal and Little Nicobar. Main village is Nankovri. The earthquake happened today in 260 kilometers from Port Blair. Port Blair – is the state capital, is famous for its near downtown and white sand beaches, major dive center, anthropology, forestry and maritime museum, historic buildings, Cellular jail, now made into a National Memorial. On the islands you can see more than 3000 species of plants including 150 species of ferns, 100 species of orchids, a variety of palms and fruit trees. In addition,on the islands are located 96 reserves and 9 national parks.

earthquakes in this area can cause a tSunami on the coast of PhUKet Island in Thailand. According to expert estimates, about a quarter of the population were victims of the tSunami, caused by an earthquake on December 26, 2004.

The earthquake of 2004 and the tSunami also changed the geography of the Nicobar Islands. Some islands have moved, lifted or broken up into two parts, as the island of Trinkat. The most destructive element has overtaken the islands of Car Nicobar and Chovra. Underwater earthquake in the Indian Ocean on 26 December 2004 with tSunami- was considered as the deadliest natural disaster in modern history. The epicenter of the earthquake in 2004, as now, was in the Indian Ocean, on north of the Simelue Island, located near the north-west coast of Sumatra (Indonesia). The tSunami reached the shores of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Southern India, Thailand and other countries. Waves were height of 15 meters. The tSunami resulted in massive destruction and huge number of people killed, even in Port Elizabeth in South Africa, 6900 km from the epicenter.

Note, that the first earthquake in 2004 was estimated at 6.8 on the Richter scale, and the earthquake today was estimated at exactly 6 on the Richter scale.

earthquakes in this region occur frequently, as this area is above the Indian plate - a big part of the Indo-Australian plate, which lines the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, moving northeast at an average speed of 6 cm per year. The India Plate meets the Burma plate, which is considered part of the great Eurasian plate. At this point, the Indian plate moves up under the Burma plate. The Indian plate is gradually slipping deeper and deeper beneath the Burma Plate until the increasing temperature and rising pressure does not turn pushed the edge of the Indian plate in the magma, which eventually thrown up by volcanoes.

As a major quake of magnitude 6.3 was recorded today about 12 hours ago near the East coast of Honshu, Japan. The epicenter of this earthquake was located at 308 kilometers from the FUKushima and 412 kilometers from Tokyo.

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