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Monday, 23 May 2011 06:16


According to numerous reports in the U.S. press, four hours ago, the Joplin City, Missouri, United States swept the most powerful tornado, which heavily damaged buildings and facilities, previously received information about hundreds injured, the exact number of injured and damage is assessed.

As reported by eyewitnesses, the tornado appeared to 5.45 pm at local time on May 22, 2011 and went straight through downtown of Joplin, which was caused by very heavy damage to the material infrastructure of the city, as well as a path the tornado resulted in numerous injured among the local population, as reportedly: ” the Regional Medical Center suffered crowded. " Eyewitnesses report the unusual strength of tornado, which can be easily knocked down dozens of heavy trucks, destroyed a radio station and television station.

In Joplin immediately directed all the rescue teams from all over the state of Missouri, as many people remained under the rubble of homes and locked in cars. As reported by eyewitnesses, the strength of the tornado was such, that the tornado took down from the many trees in downtown of Joplin not only leaves but also the bark of these trees, but from some of the buildings were only the mountains of debris. As reported by eyewitnesses: "tornado tossed cars into houses like chips." Although tornadoes for these places is not such a rare occurrence, all the witnesses unanimously declared, that this is the strongest tornado ever to happen in this area.

Tornado –is the most violent act of nature, which is a narrow monstrously rotating column of air, that extends from a thunderstorm cloud to the ground. Because wind is invisible, not always possible to consider the tornado visible sign of the tornado-funnel, consisting of water droplets, sometimes items throughout its existence, tornadoes are not always in contact with the ground. Dust and debris in the rotating funnel also make a tornado visible and indicate the position of the tornado. In the land of its diameter is only about 100 m. The speed of rotating winds in the range are from 150 to 500 km / hr. In the center of a tornado is a region of extremely low pressure, where the dust is drawn, forming a dark hand rising up to heaven. Around this pipe rising air is blowing very strong wind, uproot the plants and destroying buildings. tornadoes occur in the depth of the low pressure in the interaction with atmospheric fronts or other weather changes. In continental regions, they are accompanied by intense heat in late summer when the ground is the most heated.

tornadoes are most frequent in the central regions of the United States, but they are both in India and in many other countries. This tornado in the city of Joplin has arisen due to the abnormally hot weather in this region the United States.

In general, the researchers isolated two types of tornado: tornado, which became the cause of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes that have appeared due to other factors. Usually, tornadoes are the result of storms, and often most dangerous. Supershtorm – is a long (one hour) storm continued through, the rising air flow, oblique, and kept rotating. The width of this stream is 10 miles in diameter and 50,000 feet in height, is required from 20 to 60 minutes for the formation of tornadoes. Tornado is a very small part of this massive gyre. The most powerful tornadoes are the result of strong thunderstorms. tornadoes second type are formed without the involvement of the ascending swirling air flow. This tornado - a whirlwind of dust and debris that forms near the surface of the earth along the front line without the terrible wind whirling funnel. The most destructive and deadly tornadoes form under the huge cumulonimbus clouds, which in the U.S. called supersells. These clouds often produce large hail, squally winds, severe thunderstorms and showers, as well as tornadoes.

Of all the U.S. states most affected by tornado in Texas in May 11, 1953- tornado struck the town of Wake in central Texas, which is 300 kilometers from the Gulf Coast. The most terrible drama in U.S. history, associated with tornadoes, was played in 1925, when a tornado passed through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, killing 689 people. Each year in the U.S. there are about a thoUSAnd tornadoes, more difficult to say, as some tornadoes occur in sparsely populated areas and therefore are not recorded. Most tornado season lasts from early spring to midsummer. In some states, peak tornado is in May, while in others - in June or July. But in general, tornadoes can occur at any time of year.

According to forecasts of U.S. meteorological- today is probably a repetition of tornadoes in Missouri and Kansas, and probably heavy hail.

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