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Thursday, 03 July 2014 03:00

In the city of San Jose was the seminar Institute for the Future - futurological Congress, that was visited by both futurists and businessmen. Its follow-up were identified coming trends that will shape the technology program for the next decade.

1. The next 10 years will be a new generation of internet. It is no secret that the original concept of the Internet was seen as a kind of its free zone, which would not be influenced by any commercial entities or the state as a whole.

As a result, the world got a centralized and highly vulnerable system. However, in the next decade the situation may change.

Already actively being developed technology solutions that allow the Internet to bring the original concept. Projects like Hyperboria, TOR, Meshnet and others were active development after scandals involving wiretapping and total espionage.

Now they are gaining momentum, so that in a few years the old model of the Internet may be displaced new.

2. Appears "Wikipedia for manufacturers." Network encyclopedia "Wikipedia" at some point destroyed the concept of monopoly on information.
Now, one can expect that there will be a similar project that organizes all the data on all types of production, existing today.

As a consequence, international giants monopoly will end, because any user can log on to the Internet and play any production chain.

Already at this stage, there are all prerequisites - are actively developing network factory, a platform for research, community, the production of components.

3. 3D-printing will revolutionize the construction. The rapid development of 3D-printing literally revolutionize understanding of the construction and manufacturing in general.

Home that will "print" will differ in appearance from the existing at this stage, recalling the "city of the future" from a science fiction movie.

The very process of construction would be less time consuming, and significantly diversifies form factors and force to review the materials used.

4. Changed the idea of ​​the prison system. The main focus will be the therapy work. Prisoners can develop their own business, doing research, etc.

5. Sharing wealth and any resource will become the norm. In recent years a huge number of startups that are based on the idea of ​​the so-called "resource sharing."

In other words, if one person has a resource, and the other person is willing to pay for it to get it for temporary use, then these two people can cooperate and develop mutual benefits.

Housing or rent using AirBnB, a car that is taken in the services like rent or Mobility ZipCar - all these are the first examples of a new trend.

In the near future this trend will develop, which is quite natural, considering that according to recent studies, both people and businesses tend to use its own resources only 1/10.

6. Public Relations will be based on the model of "pay in advance." The same "hung" coffee in coffee shops, which paid for a previous visitor - this is it.

Now there are many social startups that try to encourage users to grant kindness. While it is unknown how this model will work in the case of purchase of more expensive products, but it continues to evolve.

7. Telework become the norm. Number freelancers continues to grow with each passing day. According to forecasts of futurists, personal presence may soon become completely unnecessary, and the distance between people finally lose its value. Fortunately, emerging technologies will facilitate this.

8. Microflora appears global map of the Earth and will radically change our understanding of the role and functions of the ecosystem. In that case, if the development project called Earth Microbiome Project is successful, the idea of human relationship that exists between the different levels of life on our planet will change radically.

Relationship between man and the ecosystem will be revised, so that the inevitable changes expected in most disciplines. Will actively conduct research aimed at, to make possible the process of ecosystem management on the bacterial level.

9. With Big Data technologies will be able to model reality and predict all social processes.
Thanks to technology mankind will learn to practice social processes, in particular crises in virtuality that help avoid them in reality.

Mass gamification will enable design reality proschityvaya advance the possibility of negative phenomena in society and in politics.

10. Creating neyrokarty help empower the brain. The fact that the capacity of the human brain to date are actually poorly understood, has repeatedly said.



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