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Saturday, 21 June 2014 10:57

Surely you have heard the expression "blue blood": the so-called representatives of the aristocratic family. Elite.
But you know, there is a literal reading of this metaphor jammed. That is, the people and the truth is blue blood. And it is not necessary that they belonged to the families of kings and princes. These are ordinary people. However, very few of them seven or eight thoUSAnd on the globe ...
Story - a lie, but it hints
Such "golubokrovnyh" properly called kianetikami. Researchers rare anomalies try not to miss any of them - all need to be registered in order to help study the intriguing mystery. It is in fact why some living organisms iron is replaced by copper - in fact it gives the blood a blue color.
First blue blood of some vertebrates in the scientific literature has described the famous naturalist from Holland Ian Svammerdam in 1669. But to explain the nature of the phenomenon of failed. As the French scientist L. Frederico a hundred years. Rather, he called the substance that gave blood clam blue, but no more. Complex term "keyhole" ("heme" - Blood, "cyan" - blue) added nothing to the knowledge of previous years. But the French chemist Louis Vauquelin took the next step: found in living organisms, with an unusual "blue blood", familiar to all metal - copper. That was in 1808. He spent a lot of research and found her in the hemolymph of invertebrates.
These same conclusions were sensational Italian researcher B. Bisio: "In some animals blood blue, and sometimes bright blue because of the copper ions." Remember in school we were shown bluestone? Well, here's a merry color ... Experiments with people then did not spend, although observations phenomenal phenomenon described. For example, in the chronicles of the Spanish Catholic monastery town of Vittoria fixed funniest thing that happened with one executioner. This master of his craft was banished to the monastery to beg the Lord's forgiveness for the terrible sin: he executed a man who, as it turned out, was the bearer of "blue blood." Sentenced the defendant is not the executioner, of course, and the court. This poor guy just swung the ax - but he was a scapegoat: the Inquisition to do business. But what? Blue blood - a sign of election! How dare this butcher shed her? Tried-and ryadili concluded that execution of the innocent. And the executioner had to go to the monastery - to atone for sin.
Copper people
Usually most of the copper that has fallen into the body, simply dissolves, and only a small absorbed into the bloodstream. And kianetikov reason there is an abnormally large concentration. First it was thought that this is due to copper ornaments, which were quite popular for thoUSAnds of years. Copper bracelets, necklaces, earrings - all these trinkets women (and men) were, as a rule, on the most delicate parts of the body, through which are important blood veins and arteries. Prolonged skin contact with copper - with a bracelet on the wrist, for example - could lead to the fact that the body penetrated copper particles and eventually mixed with the fraction of iron. And the blood was undergoing change, "golubeya" as nakapleniya copper. Allegedly because was in the old days kianetikov much more than now - well, who is now wearing copper bracelets or necklaces!?
But there is another factor that prevents a large group kianetikam become blood heavenly hue is not inherited. That is, the children of these oldtimers in the veins most ordinary red blood, so that the number of "elite" on the planet is not increased.
In the animal kingdom, individuals with "copper" color of blood much more - "noble birth" boast clams, octopus, squid, cuttlefish, spiders, scorpions, some fish ... But unlike people with blue blood, these inhabitants of the land and ocean - not the exception. The fact that the blue hue to them "living water" is the norm. Well, as a person, then why the blue blood? What nature such jokes jokes?
Scientists have expressed the idea: it "works" for survival - the more diverse species, the greater the chance that it will prevail in the global cataclysms. By the way, about the same say and esotericism: that kianetiki appear by chance - the way nature creates gold reserve or insUrance fund. Had a global disaster, a large part of humanity will perish, and "golubokrovnye" as the most viable will be the creators of a new civilization.
Liver blue, purple brain
Yes, kianetiki - people in whose blood instead of iron predominates copper - more tenacious. It's a fact. Besides, kianetiki less susceptible to disease, blood clots them better, and all wounds, even very heavy, not accompanied by profuse bleeding. By the way, in our time, the main cause of anomalous copper in the body, scientists believe copper-bearing contraceptives, such as intrauterine devices or diaphragms, which are put on for years. But I wonder why some organisms it "repaint" the blood, while others do not notice it?
Copper, as iron is present apparently in all our bodies, but its biggest concentration detected in the liver and brain. However, copper-containing components of the brain, until recently, been very poorly studied. Only in the early 1970s were obtained copper-containing proteins of the brain - albokupreiny. However, their role and today is not entirely clear.
Probably, the high content of copper in the organs of the central nervous system - not a random phenomenon. Here is an interesting fact: the gray matter of the right and left hemispheres contains different amounts of copper. But we know that the hemisphere developed differently. Maybe it is because of copper? And work differently. Left more active and has more different bioactive metal. Most copper is found physicians, is in the subcortical structures related to the implementation of motor functions.
Found that the right hemisphere of the brain controls the left half of the body, and left - right. That's right hemisphere is responsible for the coordination and spatial movement, the left also controls language and speech. But is that the right hemisphere is growing faster than the left and becomes more active, performing to some extent and function of the left hemisphere. In this case, the person becomes a lefty. This phenomenon is due to some hormonal abnormality. And abnormal copper content in the brain. Or lack of it ... There is still work and work!
And I, you know, care about here is the question: why is humanity at the dawn of its development of the world chose bread tillage main subject? Why cereals began to cultivate? This is a strange choice. After all, despite the fact that the iron range in abundance: it is found in almost all foods consumed by humans, especially a lot of it in legumes, vegetables, herbs, berries - but very little in the grass. But in them, our favorite cereal, and especially - in the bread very much ... copper. So why ancient farmers engaged troublesome and capricious crops if the beans are much more useful? And raise them much easier! Usually evolution makes no such errors. Most likely, the way she identified two, and the man himself chose - "iron".
We have much to find out more about the role of copper in the functioning of the body. For instance, newly found that the amount of the metal varies with infectious brain diseases such as encephalitis. So, we can talk about relationship between the level of copper with diseases such as schizophrenia and epilepsy, which occurs when the brain functions. Copper preparations have already been successfully used to reduce excitability in mental illness. But perhaps in the future we will be able to treat a wider range of diseases copper. In the meantime, let us remember the beautiful legend: the ancient gods have visited Earth, in whose veins the blue blood. Those of people who seemed to them most worthy, they are closer to him and even joined with them in family ties, as appeared on our planet demigods kianetiki ...



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