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Saturday, 21 June 2014 07:02

Sudden insight, inexplicable apprehension, unconscious anxiety - sometimes intuition prompts help find the right decision or warn of trouble. It is a pity that this happens infrequently.
Tips fate?
Tatiana had long dreamed to get into one big company. And finally, thanks to the patronage familiar, she was invited for an interview. The girl made a great impression, she was offered a decent salary ... and she refused. Why? "For some reason, the feeling that I can not work in this team." As it turned out later, Tatiana intuition did not fail: just a couple of months of her friend - the one that organized the meeting - quit. As more was unable to be in this "cage-minded", after which she decided to tell his story in intrnet what it took to create a poster itself.
And surely you can remember a couple of episodes of life when a flUKe, obeying instincts, managed to avoid serious trouble. As if fate itself took by the hand and led away from the problems.
Only fate has nothing to do with it, and thank need themselves - or rather, his own intuition.
Actually, in today's society is not made contact to your sixth sense. Imagine you go to the office of the chief and declare: "I think this product is not worth it to market. Why? I have no idea: an inner voice tells. " Situation, to put it mildly, absurd - but only at first glance. We are accustomed to the fact that all incomprehensible, not giving evidence and logical explanations, does not deserve attention. Though actually, that intuitive knowledge is the most complete, and often - and most reliable. And today is not a hypothesis, but a scientifically substantiated fact.
Left March
Premonitions, prophetic dreams, sudden enlightenment - all signals that takes the subconscious. If he were only allowed to speak in full voice! But no, we ignore it prompts carefully, and if they take note of them, then try to explain to the position of the Spotless Mind. Because the only way we can "legitimize" intuitive decisions, to justify them in their own eyes.
Why be surprised? From an early age we train the intellect, logic, analytical skills - in short, actively develop the left hemisphere (which is responsible for all of these functions). But the right, in whose jurisdiction the subconscious, intuition and creativity, is given the unenviable supporting role. And do not blame the shortcomings of the current system of education that mankind turned "left" many centuries ago, and has only recently come to the conclusion that the right hemisphere was pushed into the background entirely undeserved. Judge for yourself: people with a developed intuition - real lucky. They are incredibly lucky - and not because they favor a star or a higher power. But because in most cases intuitively make the best decisions. Among them are particularly gifted, capable of predicting the future and see the card through. This, of course, about psychics who are neither wizards nor swindlers. These are people Sens, that's all (so mysterious term is translated from Latin).
In fact, many scientific discoveries were made through orderly function of the right hemisphere - to take at least the famous Newton's apple. First person that called dawned - and only then he summed up by his insight evidence.
But let's get back to everyday life, to the history, which began our conversation. Tatiana somehow came to the conclusion that in a prosperous company operates wolf laws. Rather, she realized this later, but first she just did not like something. Note: her mind did not fix anything suspicious (otherwise she would easily explain your choice), but the subconscious, which captures all the information is immediately raised the alarm. What is so suspicious it could be seen? Yes, anything! Unfriendly looks, frowns, nervous movements - when a person focuses on a specific task (in this case - in the interview), he does not care about such nuances. More precisely, his mind is focused on them. But the subconscious picks up the smallest details, draws a complete picture, and if it does not block, gives the best solution.
The door to the subconscious
In some situations, the lock is released automatically - during sleep, for example, or at the moment of total relaxation. It is in such moments we can clearly hear the voice of intuition. But it really is constantly maintain a dialogue, and this does not necessarily have the abilities.
To begin with, remember the cardinal rule: voice of intuition always sounds quieter voice of reason. If you set yourself to argue, analyze, look for patterns, to establish contact with the sixth sense is unlikely. All you need it later - when you need to be seen to decipher and compare images to understand what prevents intuition and why. But to hear her timid tips, learn how to disable logic. There are lots of ways to purify the consciousness. For example, meditation. Try to allocate at least every half an hour to communicate with each other. Soft music, candles, incense will help you relax and get rid of unnecessary thoughts. However, it is not necessary. Some to hear yourself, you must be in the nature, the other - a walk through the bustling streets, the third - jogging and so on. You better know how to make your mind a little quiet. Over time, you can include the desired state at any time, even while at work, in the noisy company, public transport.
Study the signals that takes the body. Slight tremor or sweating, barely noticeable twitching shoulder, certain gestures, facial expressions - watch yourself and find that certain feeling (anxiety, joy, doubt) call the appropriate reaction.
Ask questions. start with the smallest. For example, watching fellow passengers on the subway, try to guess who will come out on what stop. Or try to imagine how a child was the person sitting opposite. Ask yourself whom he works, whether married than interested. It does not matter that you can not check their guesses. After all, the goal - not a prize in the competition of clairvoyants, and the development of intuition.
Tarot tell fortunes. No need to learn classifications - just specify the question, pull the card out and look closely in the image: the answer will come in the form of images and associations.
Keep a journal in which to record not become events, but guesses, impressions, dreams. Once a week, reread the record - it will help you better understand the language of the subconscious.
If you're consistent, soon will sound more confident voice of intuition, sudden insights become the norm, and the sixth sense you can trust one hundred percent.




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