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Monday, 16 June 2014 17:00

10. Warwick Castle, England
Built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, Warwick Castle saw more battles than any other castle in Europe. Probably all its halls without exception imbued with the spirit of violence and war. Most visited by tourists of the castle - a tower with a ghost and a house with a ghost of Sir Fulk Greville, who in 1628 killed his own servant. They say that a homeowner late materializes from the portrait that hangs on the wall in the tower. dungeon - is another scary place. Many visitors complain of nausea and dizziness when one touched rusty lattice and instruments of torture.
9. Predjama Castle, Slovenia
Predjama castle was built in a mountain cave in 1274. His powerful fortress withstood numerous fierce battles. It was used in both defensive and offensive purposes, but as a result of a series of long sieges and earthquakes in the 14-15 centuries was destroyed. In 1567, the castle was restored along with numerous tunnels and secret passages that are said to haunt many ghosts of fallen soldiers, so sometimes there can be heard mysterious footsteps and noises.
8. Dragskholm Castle, Denmark
Built in the late 12th-century castle Dragskholm currently used as a luxury hotel. But really, he became known thanks to 100 ghosts that every night wandering the corridors. Three of them are even known: Grey Lady, Lady in White and Earl Boswell. The castle has a sad legend that a white lady in love with a peasant. Her father learned of their romantic relationship, and locked her in a room. After that, she never been seen. In the 1930s, workers restored wing of the castle and found the skeleton of a young woman in a white dress, immured in the wall. As for the graph Boswell, in the 16th century, he was imprisoned castle, where he died. Grey Lady all his life worked as a maid at the hotel. After her death, she was unable to leave the castle, so each time returned to check if everything is OK.
7. Leap Castle, Ireland
One of the castles favorite ghosts considered Leap Castle in Ireland. Its chapel is a very interesting story. It is there that in 1532 the sword killed his brother-priest, the last ghost still wanders in the chapel, which is called "bloody." dungeon has some own horror stories. It had a high ceiling with a hatch through which prisoners were thrown down at the bottom of the dungeon, strewn with numerous spines. Another manifestation of something otherworldly creature is about the same size as a sheep with a human face and black hollows for eyes. When the ghost can feel awful smell of rotting flesh.
6. Houska Castle, Czech Republic
In the woods, north of Prague, has an amazing castle. This fortification, but it did not withstand any attack. In the castle there is also the specter of a headless black horse and a woman who often looks out the window. Legend has it that once this place was a bottomless pit, where flying winged creatures, half man, half monster. In the 13th century Czech rulers decided to close the hole, which they called "the entrance to hell." To do this, and built a castle. However, before that several soldiers lowered into a pit with a rope. Once inside there, the first soldier cried, and when he pulled out, it turned out that he had aged 30 years and died a few days later. In 1930, the castle Houska drew the attention of Adolf Hitler. The Nazis used it to perform a series of occult experiments. Here were found several dead Nazi soldiers, who are likely to have been executed and tortured. It is said that even the skeletons found unearthly creatures.
5. Musham Castle, Austria
A remarkable example of Austrian architecture, as well as the source of ghost stories. Built in the 12th century castle Musham still known as Castle witches. It was once the site of the bloodiest witch trials. In 1675-1687 years. ThoUSAnds of women were convicted of witchcraft and sentenced to death. They were tortured and executed, beheaded in the castle. That's why most of them after his death continues to roam the halls. Also, the lock is also considered Musham werewolf lair. In the 19th century next to him found mutilated corpses of cattle and deer. As a result, some residents Moosham convicted and imprisoned as a werewolf.
4. Brissac Castle, France
Château de Brissac - the highest castle in France, it has seven floors. It is located in the heart of the picturesque Loire Valley, this is one of the most haunted castles in the world. In the 11th century the estate was owned by Jacques de Breese. His wife, Charlotte, had an affair with a young man, and for their romantic encounters they used the bedroom next to the room of her husband. Every night he heard their passionate moans until the two lovers disappeared mysteriously not. Perhaps deceived husband was directly involved in their disappearance, but was unable to completely get rid of a couple in love. Every night, he still heard their groans until mad and ran away from the castle. They say that the sound of their passion can be heard today, from the night until the early hours.
3. Edinburgh Castle in Scotland
Built in the 12th century Edinburgh Castle - one of those places where all the non-believers, he stepped on the threshold of becoming believers. Built on the site of an extinct volcano it is a symbol of Scottish castles. At this point, very often appear different paranormal. Many visitors see the ghostly figures. Often see Lady Glamis wanders through the dark halls. She was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake in 1537. Since 1650 the castle ghost still wanders without a head. There is also a ghost piper, an old man in a leather apron and even a ghost dog, prancing around the cemetery. And out of the dungeon still hear the moans of the French prisoners during the Seven Years War.
2. Chilling Castle, England
Chilling English Castle in Northumberland is very popular with tourists, although it is incredibly gloomy place. Here reigned death. John Sage executioner worked for three years in the dungeons of the castle. They say that every week they tortured about 50 Scots. Until now, at night you can hear John Sage drags corpses. Another famous ghost of the castle - it's Blue Boy, who is also called glowing boy. He frequents the pink room. Here are now bright colors can be a ghost story! Guests reported that he heard a long loud cry, they saw a blue flash of light over their bed. After extensive renovation identified the body of man and boy, immured in the three-meter brick wall.
1. Berry Pomeroy Castle, England
Strolling near Berry Pomeroy castle ruins, you can find the Blue Lady, which entices all the tower, where they met their death. This ghost daughter Norman - owner of the castle, who was raped by her own father. As a result of incest born child, whose father then strangled. Some say that she herself had killed the child. Her ghost still roams the castle and near and is considered an omen of death. She - not the only ghost. White Lady is believed - the specter of Margaret Pomeroy, which locked the jealous sister Eleanor and left to die of hunger. Both sisters were in love with a young man.



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