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Friday, 13 June 2014 20:00

 Мертвый космонавт

Dead astronaut

In the 60-ies of XX century the Soviet Union and the United States had a race with the aim to master space as quickly as possible. Leader, of course, will qualify for technological superiority over the other. The Soviet Union first began in 1957 launched "Sputnik", the first orbiting satellite, created by man. In 1961, the Union struck another blow: first man in space, Yuri Gagarin became. However, brothers-Yudika Kordilya from Italy believed that Gagarin was not the first.

Brothers created is listening station in Italy to intercept data transmitted between land bases and spaceships, and both American and Soviet missions. A few weeks before the successful flight of Gagarin brothers claimed to have discovered and recorded signals from the astronaut slowly dying on earth oribte. The Soviet Union denied the claim brothers. Proponents of this theory believe that the Soviet government deliberately concealed the fact that the deceased astronaut to save the country's reputation as a leader in space exploration. The truth remains shrouded in mystery, but the records are available online, and if you're wondering if you search.

There is another conspiracy theory on the subject of space.
Pole shift

Pole shift

Some believe that the North and South poles of the Earth have not always been there, where there are now. Proponents of the theory believe that once the earth's axis shifted. Others say that the Earth is always spinning on the polar axis, but the crust is moving in such a way that the landscape under each of the poles changes. Climate change, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are a direct result of the pole shift. Some argue that in a short time waiting for the next tragic Earth pole shift, in which the entire continent will be under water, while others rise from the sea depths.

Hypothesis about the pole shift is in the list of world of conspiracy theories, which, in the opinion of many, the government and hiding knowledgeable people from the public. This is done so as not to cause panic among the population. Skeptics only shrug, claiming that there is no scientific justification for the pole shift.

The real poles do not coincide with the earth's magnetic poles, which in turn unambiguously shifted. Magnetic north pole is slowly moving from the northwest towards Canada. This means that if you are within ten years will go to the North Pole of the compass, each time you'll come to another place.
2012 and the end of the world


To blame the Mayans. They created a long calendar, who wore a spiritual significance for the whole culture. The calendar was divided into several cycles, the last of which ended in December 2012. Some people believed that the Maya knew that after 2012, the world is doomed to Ragnarok.

There are lots of theories about how it could be. Some believed that the 2012 pole shift happens (see above). Other - 2012 Earth after waiting for a new era of terrible destruction, followed by a new age of peace and enlightenment. Third - in 2012 a secret government will achieve its objectives and acquire world domination. What really happened? We are glad to announce that disasters, destruction, apocalypse now ... 2014. All is well.
Illuminati and the "Majestic-12"

The Illuminati

Secret governments are the main core of the conspiracy theories. According to "UFOlogist" William L. Moore, "Majestic-12» (Majestic-12) was the code name of a secret U.S. government headed by President Harry Truman. The purpose of the department: the fight against extraterrestrial beings. Skeptics say that the documents that Moore leads in evidence are fakes, and there is no secret department.

But the Illuminati - another secret organization that has access to the secrets of the Universe. There are dozens of theories about the Illuminati and their activities, some of which say that it is an organization that takes precedence over all secret organizations. Separate theories state that the Illuminati are common descendants of humans and extraterrestrials reptiles. According to this evidence, the hybrid offspring are now in power in all the tops of the world. And grind your teeth, you have claws.

The aims of the Illuminati are extensive enough: from the simple to the preparation of world domination of the earth to colonize other planets. Skeptics point out that there is no evidence to support the existence of the Illuminati, but conspiracy theorists say that the absence of evidence merely confirms the existence of the group. Illuminati, they say, so effectively work that erase almost all traces of their existence.

By the way, about the aliens? How about Roswell and Zone-51?
Roswell and Area-51


Talk of conspiracy theories, and not shy away from the incident in Roswell. In July 1947, a rancher Mac Brazel discovered some strange objects to the north-west of Roswell. Brazel could not identify this garbage, and military base nearby published contradictory information regarding the nature of the findings. Several gossip rags picked up. At that time, people just considered unusual incident, but after several decades of conspiracy theories on aliens poured oil on the fire. Then dozens of enthusiasts published books about Rozvellskom incident. The basic version of the accident was the fall of the spacecraft, and of course, then encrypting the U.S. government. Military, also confiscated debris.

According to testimony, the bodies were transported to the base of the wreckage of the Air Force in Roswell. Others say that they were taken to Zone-51, a secret military base in Nevada, where the government has studied experimentally fallen plate. In the press got stories from officials autopsy alien bodies. Some have said that anyone who dared to investigate the case on their own, visiting "men in black" - the relevant authorities of Vigil. The official version of events is as follows: in the territory of Roswell crashed balloon codenamed "Project Mogul", which was part of the secret military trials. No aliens.
Planet X


Does our solar system giant nameless planet? According to the theory of "Planet X» - yes. Not so long ago we considered a hypothetical situation: What would happen if the solar system a black hole? Now let's recall the basic details of conspiracy theories about the unknown planet.

So, in our solar system is the tenth planet (of course, if you rank the planets Pluto, otherwise - nine). The planet is very unusual and is on the way, soon to be brought together with its Earth. Proponents of the theory refer to the growing number of earthquakes and weather changes as evidence of this mystical approach planty. They also argue that the government is forcing the observatory stop observing it, so as not to cause panic among the population. Astronomers say there is no evidence of "Planet X», and that if it existed, we would have seen it, and without a telescope.
Spy satellite USA 193


December 14, 2006 Vandenbergskaya Air Force Base launched a rocket carrying a satellite called USA 193. He was part of the exploration program NRO (National Reconnaissance Office). In short, a spy. satellite in orbit have any problems, and in late 2007 the U.S. Air Force found that soon "kid" will fall to Earth. In January 2008, the U.S. government announced that it intends to bring down the satellite rocket.

Why shoot down a satellite? States stated that the fuel tank is full satellite hydrazine, which is poisonous. If the fuel tank survive return to Earth, it can land on the town. February 20, 2008 U.S. missile shot down a satellite USA 193. But some of this explanation was not enough, so - "the authorities hide." Different explanation: some believe that the U.S. feared the "drop" a satellite to another country, the other - the U.S. wanted to show that they can bring down a satellite rocket. In 2007, China destroyed another satellite meteorological origin, calling it a "test." But this "test" jeopardized other satellites flying around the Earth, threatening to turn them into debris. satellite USA 193 was shot down in a low orbit that does not threaten other satellites. Could the answer be sent to the U.S. from China? Completely. According to some.

Is the Earth round? Is there evidence of an ancient civilization on Mars? Whether States have forged the Moon landing? Read on.
Flat Earth Society

Flat Earth Society

In 1956, Samuel Shelton founded a society that adhered to the theory of a flat earth. The basis of the theory went, "Shelton common sense" and his own observations. He affirmed that scientific evidence dogmatic earthly "ball" do not have hard evidence. When people later showed him pictures of the Earth taken from orbit, Shelton said the photos were false. Together with members of the community, he found new supporters of the theory of flat land and the fact that "the authorities hide" until he died.

In 1971, leadership passed to Charles Johnson. He led the company until his death in 2001. Without a leader, it fell apart. Critics of the Flat Earth Society say that members of the public simply denied any evidence that conflicts with their worldview, offering no real alternative hypotheses.
Face on Mars


In the 1970s, NASA launched two spacecraft called "Viking 1" and "Viking 2" on Mars. Both photographed the surface of Mars and sent pictures of NASA. On one of the photos on the hill surface of the red planet was like a person. Author and conspiracy theorist Richard Hegland went further and said that it is not just the face on Mars, it is actually a person. Hegland suggested that alien civilization colonized Mars, and face only confirms the existence of an alien city in the Gaza Quinces. When other satellites began to photograph the surface of Mars, Cydonia images showed that the face was just a sign of soil erosion. In response, Hegland said that the equipment used by NASA for subsequent pictures was not as accurate as what shot "Vikings". In addition, the space agency had revised the pictures making them less face like the face.
Americans did not land on the Moon

Americans on the Moon

Granddaddy of all conspiracy theories can be called the Moon landing hoax. Those who, because States did not land on the Moon, believe that they lacked the technology to transport people to the Moon and back. Allegedly, NASA has committed a false landing in order to make people believe in what President John F. Kennedy kept his promise to land a man on the Moon before 1970.

What are the evidence? First, the video landing on the Moon is not visible stars in the sky. NASA argues that the fact that the surface of the Moon and astronauts suits strongly reflected light, and the camera caught them in the first place, and not weakly glittering stars. Secondly, when hoisting the American flag in the lunar soil on canvas wave appears. In the absence of air in the space is not possible. NASA claims that astronauts cranked axle flag at the time of the action, so he wrapped himself. Rotation axis to move and made the flag.

According to NASA, there is plenty of evidence that people were on the Moon. Photos, videos and reviews of dozens of astronauts who visited the Moon's surface of the Earth. Samples of soil and rocks. The most persistent conspiracy theorists believe that all fake and "authorities hide."



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