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Wednesday, 04 June 2014 05:00

Here is information from Alexander Reo , a seasoned traveler, doctor parapsychologist , researchers spirits planet Collector different ritual relations with idols .

Who gives life to the deity ? ...

" Did you know that was going to buy seemingly harmless souvenir, you jump into a life of magic item ? Because almost any African Idol - neither more nor less than a copy of a deceased individual. Local shamans claim that his lost soul wandering around the world and will be evil until such time until it finds a picture of his former body. Going into it , she settled there, eventually calms down. That's because it figures loved ones leave Africans themselves and the wooden "double" get rid of his enemy , having sold for a pittance to some tourist. But I still brought wooden idols , unable to resist their attraction. At first they were noisy at night , winning a place in the room. In the morning I discovered one of them fallen , someone - at the other end of the apartment. I had to buy a small palm tree and crocodile skull , putting the whole company in a Sunny spot and turning face towards their distant homeland "- says Reo .

Before worship images of the gods , the Indians confer subject vitality. Doing this with the rite pratistha prana , which means literally " breathing life into a god ." There are scientific explanations for the phenomenon of life in inanimate fetish . Chemist from England Don Robins put forward the idea , according to which the artifact from any material accumulates at the molecular level image wizard who created it , and then " translates " this image in space. A physicist from Scotland Tom Lesbridzh assured that any substance has the ability to store and transmit information in an electromagnetic form. Spontaneous emission of such information appear as a ghost or sound.

Danger brings magical figure called link. She made ​​priests of the Bon religion , which appeared in Tibet long before the Buddha. Purpose of such figures - ritual murder of the enemy , the vital energy which infuses the link above . Tourists are actively selling these figures to " exorcise the spirit of the enemy from the homeland." Such a spirit can long run amok in your apartment to find his way home .

Demanding idols litter and tsa - tsa ...

Should never buy metal figurines tightly closed down, especially if it applied mysterious signs . In the middle of such a figure is placed various magic "tricks ", because of what it becomes very demanding idol who needs all the time to worship , make offerings of water and write, fumigate spices and anoints balms . Stripped attention god can considerably complicate your life.

Oriental priests in ritual meditation charge their energy not only sculptures , but also ordinary items : knives , combs, mouthpieces , cups , beads, scarves and the like. They are called the word " rubbish ." As soon as you will try to " bestow " such litter , lam.

Professor J. Englishman and German B.Rayn Getruda Shmeydler conducted studies on the effects of the human mind and will to inanimate objects and confirmed the presence of " thought- force," which speak good magicians .

You should not drive home a miniature clay stupas and tsa - tsa - hollow inside amulets in the form of drums. Tsa - tsa ... made ​​of bones of the deceased . Generally never take anything out of the caves , burial ritual any facilities !

Kidnappers breath ...

In the East believe that live around us hosts evil spirits - singdomo . Such creatures kidnap breathing humans and animals. Stolen breath they are in Samye Monastery on the bank of the Brahmaputra . But sorcerers Lama monastery caught singdomo and immured in the clay figurines . If you bring this into your home and put in the bedroom, then you know ...

But you can buy the monks figure with " saddled demon ." The time will come and he did take the last breath of his master , but always be sure that until the hour of his death all his breaths were healthy.

Interestingly buy on the east Placis yak tail . Big, fluffy, black and white . They are very comfortable fanned dust repel flies. But God forbid you wave it over his head ! Incur terrible trouble. Dangerous to buy skins and marmots , ground squirrels , squirrels. These little animals reincarnate holy hermits , so buying a skin , you become an unwitting accomplice to the murder of a saint.

Women should not buy a necklace strung on a strap of silver coins. Because each coin - love souvenir from men . If the coin is small, rarely woman destined to rest in the arms of her lover . But if the strap is literally filled with " groshikami " its owner at all likely to remain single .

In India and Nepal are sold amazing beauty boxes silver medallions on openwork chain. As a rule, they are decorated with turquoise, absorbing the human ailments ; translucent carnelian - " God's eye" that looks out and scares the evil demons ; pieces of coral, authorizing force. But check whether the empty box : local ladies there are pieces of the relics of their dead relatives. Do you do these bones will be selected for the coveted them flesh , that is your health.

Deceptive charm and silver earrings in the form of seven thin circles , dotted with ligature characters. Each circle embodies the kind of magical weapons , now directed against you. Because you - a stranger !

Collectors of weapons is not recommended to seek sacrificial knife Phurba . When a person sleeps his astral body performs its mission , these triangular daggers Bon god priest Shen Lha - mu can cut the thread that connects the soul with the body.

Niv means not drive home and Tibetan gialing - wind instrument type oboe . He made ​​from the femur of a virgin and richly decorated silver forging. "material" for gialinga specially grown in monasteries in Nepal. No, girls , thank God, do not kill . But waiting for , when one of them die a natural death , the bones are used "on purpose ."

Poisonous grace ...

So what comes out - nothing exotic , and you can not bring from distant countries ? Yet as much as possible ! For example , Arab sorcerers made ​​of iron, copper or their alloys wonderful mascots . Make them in accordance with the position of the Moon or the Sun in a particular zodiac constellation .

Indian magicians produce amulets sacred trees and shraktya gangida - wheels with radiating rays . This chakra - the ancient Indian symbol of the Sun . These mascots began to speak to a protective effect and are tied to the right hand of the owner.

If you're lucky, in the Buddhist monasteries can be purchased lists with unique works " Kanjur " ( sermons and teachings of the Buddha ) and " Tanjur " ( Buddha's comments to the phenomena of nature). energy lists are so large that they glow in the dark ! Long time to sit on such books, and even more so to keep them in the apartment is very dangerous. The fact that they are written on special paper , which is made by hand in monasteries and impregnated with poisons - from insects and mold. These vapors are harmful to humans. The same applies to the scrolls with prayers and image mandalas : acquire and store them only in special metal cylinders , by the way , very beautiful .

If you already have a house like souvenirs, here are a few tips on how you can neutralize them :

♣ need to balance the amount of "good" and "evil" ;

♣ idols , having eyes, do not have to look at each other and "see" in the mirror . As little as possible to touch the figurines ;

♣ do not spend in the presence of idols feasts with friends, if they can not keep themselves in check ;

♣ respectful attitude to images of man : say hello to him , talk , praise them .

Some novice collectors of curiosities may ironically smile about these tips . And very vain! Because they are not tested in practice, once the real collectors.



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