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Since 1954 , the year when Hugh Everett III officially made ​​an assumption about the existence of parallel Universes , this idea excites the minds of scientists, philosophers , writers and ordinary citizens . Perhaps we live in just one of the many branches of spacetime , maybe without even knowing it , often meet on the street creatures from another Universe , learned to travel between worlds .

But the only information about alternate realities comes to us from the stories of those who claim to have found a hole in space and explore the unfathomable worlds.

1. Taureda of Man

In 1954 , the year in general, it would seem , the day has arrived in Tokyo supposedly normal, seemingly people. But after his landing at Tokyo International Airport at first glance it is completely normal trip went a bit strange . He showed his passport and immediately subjected to interrogations about his origins : his passport looked quite ordinary , but it was listed country , which no one heard - Taured .

Mysterious man claimed that his country is located between France and Spain, but when asked to show it on the map , he pointed to Andorra. He insisted that never about what Andorra is not heard, and Taured is on this site for 1000 years .

He said that often arrives in Japan for five years now . Passport seemingly confirmed this : it was the set of customs and visa stamps , and a man with a currency was from several European countries . He even had a driving license issued in a mysterious country , and checkbook with checks unknown bank.

After a long interrogation and full confusion traveler sent to a nearby hotel as long as there is no formal decision . Morning at the hotel two men came out of the immigration service . They found that a mysterious man disappeared. In the reception did not see him , and the only alternative exit from the room on the 15th floor had a window .

Tokyo Police searched a long time traveler , but never found . Hopefully, if it really came from a parallel Earth, managed to find my way back home - in Taured .

2 . What if «The Beatles» not broken ?

Celebrity Style «The Beatles» tried to recreate many , but no one came to play as the famous Liverpool four . But if you missed the 1960s and have not been able to hear them live , upset early - all you need to do is to go to an alternate Universe where John Lennon and George Harrison are still alive , and the group still writes songs and plays concerts .

A man named James Richards , says that on September 9 of 2009 ran for her dog in Canyon de Puerto miles in California when tripped on a rabbit hole , fell and lost consciousness . He came to himself in a strange room next to the machine of unknown purpose and the person who introduced Jonas . According to Jonas , he was during his trip , for work-related mezhvselenskogo travel agency, car used to transport the unconscious Richards on a parallel Earth to help him.

Of course, in such a situation, it is logical to start discussing pop culture. Jonas Richards recalled , in particular, «The Beatles» - a group that existed in both dimensions. To the surprise of Richards in another dimension all members «The Beatles» were alive and writing music . Richardson brought from a trip with a cassette album called "Household Chemicals ", containing songs «The Beatles», which in this dimension has never been , and all helpfully uploaded to your site .

3 . Cap Ong

Cap City Ong , New Jersey, came about in the XIX- th century , after a man named Ong threw his hat into the air and lost it - it must be left hanging on a tree branch or slipped into another dimension , who knows. By 1920, the city became a ghost town , but Cap Ong has not been forgotten completely. In contrast, a ghost town became the basis for one of the first conspiracy theories on the Internet.

In the 1970s and 1980s, a new scientific paradigm called "chaos" , dealing with everyday events like the sound of the fan or the computer humming . Theory quickly began to gain popularity. It was as follows: two scientists , Frank and Althea Dobbs decided that consciousness may be regarded as an independent Universe, and if you could create your own " mental map " that could control the chaos and probably travel to other dimensions .

According to the brochure ( ordinary hoaxes , subsequently debunked ) , Dobbs , together with three other scientists have created in the header Ong underground Research Institute of Chaos.

It was here that they found a "gateway" to the alternative measure , creating a sensory deprivation chamber modified called "egg" . Say, with the help of this device , and they have learned to interdimensional travel. They allegedly found a world where there were no people , but had water and plants . Say scientists went there and remain there until now.

4 . Carol Chase MakElheni

In 2006, the year Carol Chase MakElheni went from Perris , California, to his home in San Bernardino. She decided to stay at the Riverside - the city where was born. However, Carol quickly realized that this is not the city , although geographically it was where it should be .

She claims that she could not find a home where she spent childhood and where they still lived her parents , or the homes of other family members. She did not recognize none at home, although numbers and street names were seemingly correct. Even the cemetery where they were buried her grandparents , turned out just overgrown weeds enclosed wasteland .

Maybe she just drove into the wrong city? She would have thought so , if it did not find familiar high school and college . However , Carol was looking familiar building long - it was in the eerie atmosphere of Riverside . Residents were some strange , and she soon left the city , fearing to approach any of them .

Carol said that he was in a parallel dimension where her Riverside was much more sinister place . Impossible to confirm the story - a few years later when she again came to Riverside to attend the funeral of his father , then got into an ordinary town, where it grew. Alternatively Riverside Carol never was .

5 . Lerina Garcia

In July 2008, 41 -year - old woman with a good education Lerina Garcia woke up in his bed perfectly ordinary morning. She began her regular day , but gradually has detected the small details that seemed very strange .

For example, her pajamas different from the one in which she went to bed . She decided she got it wrong , and went to work , where she worked for the past 20 years . However, when she came to his department , I realized that it was not her department , despite the fact that he was in his usual place on the same floor.

Deciding that definitely is something strange , Lerina returned home and found there his ex-boyfriend , with whom broke up six months ago. He behaved as if they were still together. And her new lover , with whom she lived for four months , was not there. He never found even after hiring a private investigator : no trace of him or his family could not be found .

Although the incident with Garcia seems some neuralgic disorder , she herself believes that woke up in a parallel Universe . Unfortunately for poor Garcia , she was unable to return to their own Universe , forever stuck in a dimension where he lives with ex boyfriend, from whom can not get rid of.

6. Pedro Oliva Ramirez

Around 11 pm November 9, 1986 -year Pedro Oliva Ramirez , he said , went from Seville, Spain , in the town of Alcala de Guadaira. He traveled this road many times and was shocked when the road suddenly made ​​a turn , and he was on a six-lane highway unfamiliar forward .

Around him were strange objects , and in general everything was strange. He felt the heat , but at some distance from it voices . One voice stood out from the general chorus - it was he who told Ramirez that he just teleported to another dimension. By Ramirez intervals exactly eight minutes drove old cars with white or beige narrow rectangles unknown license plates.

About an hour drive found Ramirez left . Signpost reported that this road can go to Alcala , Malaga and Seville. Ramirez drove in the direction of Seville, but was very surprised to see that almost reached the Alcala de Guadaira . He returned , but could not find again the intersection , traffic sign or six-lane highway.

7. Canyon Gadianton

In May 1972, four girls returned to Southern Utah University after Saturday's rodeo in Pioche . When they are about ten o'clock in the desert crossing the state line between Utah and Nevada , then stumbled to the fork . They turned left and drove into the canyon Gadianton . Suddenly a dark asphalt turned into white cement . Deciding that they just turned the wrong way , the girls went back , but to my surprise , saw a field of grasses and yellow pine , not the desert.

They decided to stop at a roadside cafe and ask for directions , but quickly changed their minds when one of the girls start screaming hysterically . From the top of the hill behind them at high speed down the four brightly luminous ovoid vehicles on three wheels . The frightened girl rushed back into the canyon , and white cement replaced the usual dark asphalt , and around them was a familiar desert again .

Girls are not lucky - they slashed one tire , the car skidded and they left traces of three on the road tires. Had to wait until the morning to walk to Highway 56, where they met the soldiers of the National Guard .

Their story sounds like fiction, but the tire tracks is hard to explain . Traces left their " Chevy " nipped just 200 meters in the desert , and the girls , they said , drove more than three kilometers north of the highway . And there is no physical evidence of their journey , except, perhaps, the automobile hood flying down from the wheel - it could not find. Maybe he is still lying somewhere in the Utah desert , and maybe exhibited in the museum on a parallel Earth .

8. Draft " MontaUK "

The " MontaUK " was a series of secret U.S. government experiments . It was held at an abandoned Air Force radar station on the eastern tip of Long Island .

The Philadelphia Experiment was the beginning , the aim of which was to create technologies that make ships invisible to radar detection . Project 1943 was an extraordinarily successful because the 'USS Eldridge " allegedly became completely invisible , and then transported to another dimension and eventually materialized again in our space off the coast of Norfolk , Virginia.

Since most of the crew were killed and others were on the verge of insanity , official financing Philadelphia experiment stopped. Nevertheless , scientists and military officials experimental results impressed - they wanted to continue studying interdimensional travel and teleportation , so in 1960 a project was launched " MontaUK ."

Under the leadership of Dr. John von Neumann scientists within the " MontaUK " psychological changes have been studying those traveling between Universes . They wanted to determine why the Philadelphia Experiment so affected people : Teleport - it is certainly good , but if all will die or go mad , the sense of it is not .

According to the theory of scientists , people are born with "temporary reference point " associated with unique to our Earth electromagnetic fields. Therefore, such a sharp transition to a different two-dimensional plane became fatal for all crew members. In the experiments of the " MontaUK " von Neumann supposedly solved this problem by creating a computer model of the Earth and changing the "time reference point ."

According to the documents , von Neumann was able to send people to other dimensions without consequences. However, after the completion of the experiment in 1967, he sent Congress a report on its findings regarding the control over the mind and interdimensional travel . Congress stopped funding the project and stopped , fearing mass mind control .

9. Shadow People

According to Albert Einstein , there are four dimensions : three spatial coordinates and the time at which light can move in a special way . Stephen Hawking developed this theory by asking whether in our Universe there are other dimensions.

However, according to Hawking , matter and light attached to the " membrane " measure that makes interdimensional travel impossible. Since the space - time can work as gravitational lenses , however, we can sometimes see the shadows of people or even galaxies from other dimensions - they are reflected in our space .

Especially meeting these people - shadows common in North America . In one such story goes about meeting a woman with mysterious entities. In the mid -1990s, she was a little girl and lived in Dorchester , Massachusetts. When she first slept in the new room , I saw on the wall high unnatural shade.

To her surprise, a shadow detached itself from the wall and began to move around the room. It was something similar to the glasses. Near the closet she had seen three such shadows. As a result, her entire room slowly began to envelop the huge shadow , and the room was plunged into total darkness. The frightened girl jumped out of bed and ran into the room and grandparents. She believes that the night was faced with travelers between measurements , which are also probably saw her as a human shadow.

10 . Markawasi Stone Forest

Stone Forest Markawasi located in the Andes in Lima , Peru. Stones are like grotesque sculptures , and sometimes indistinguishable from human faces . They are formed naturally , no one knows how . As if that were not enough, it is believed that in the forest there is a door to another dimension .

According to Dr. Raul Rios Centeno , a patient came to him with hemiplegia in the last stage . Hemiplegia - a disorder that leads to complete loss of motor function of one half of the body.

When he began questioning her , she said she went with friends hiking in Markawasi . According to the patient , they wandered there late at night and stumbled upon a stone cave lit by torches , where some people were dancing in clothes XVII- th century. The woman said that some otherworldly force pulled her to the cave , but one of her friends pulled her from the entrance before she entered . Unfortunately, it left half of the body has had time to intercede for the "threshold" and was completely paralyzed .

Analyses notable reasons for paralysis not identified. Centeno believes that a woman has experienced the dimensional shift that caused changes in the energy flow of her nervous system. Many scientists believe that in the stone forest Markawasi really have a door between worlds, and accidentally crossed the border this woman and her friends . If the poor woman went through the door, would never return.



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