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Saturday, 17 September 2011 21:55

According to Chinese media, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been nominated for the China's Confucius prize. Confucius prize winner will be announced in December 2011, a day before the Nobel Peace prize in Oslo, Norway, winner to receive 100,000 yuan (about 16 thoUSAnd dollars). Furthermore, Vladimir Putin, at a premium of Confucius also nominated Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Yuan Lunpin - creator of hybrid rice, as well as the Panchen Lama, who is second in the hierarchy of Tibetan Buddhism.

China's Confucius prize has established in December 2010, its peace prize, which is the alternative of Nobel prize. First China's Confucius prize was awarded on December 9, 2010, one day before the official opening ceremony of the Nobel prize. The first winner of Confucius became Lien Chan, former vice-president of Taiwan. First prize was awarded to Confucius for "creating a bridge of peace between Taiwan and mainland China." In 2010, besides the former vice president of Taiwan for the award were nominated for 8 more people, some of whom had previously received other Peace prizes: Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, the former South African President Nelson Mandela, and the Panchen Lama, the second the hierarchy of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as Bill Gates.

Chinese Peace prize is named Confucius - the famous philosopher who lived in China in the VI century BC. Confucius prize was created in order to "reflect the opinion of the Chinese people on issues of peace" and is awarded to those people who are "committed to peace and made an important contribution to peace." Although the committee Confucius prize is not a state, it is working in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of China.

Confucius prize was created as an alternative to the Nobel prize because of the fact that in December 2010, China and 18 other countries around the world have reported failure to attend on December 10, 2010 at the ceremony of the Nobel Peace prize in Oslo, Norway as the Nobel Peace prize in 2010 was sentenced to prisoner Liu. Back in December 2009, Liu was sentenced to 11 years in prison for "inciting subversion of state power", as Liu was a member of the protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989, as well as one of the authors of "Charter 08" and an open letter to Chinese authorities with a demand for political reform. After the official decision of the Nobel Committee, the representatives of China said, that the ceremony of peace Liu contradicts the basic principles of the Nobel Peace prize. Chinese Foreign Ministry said, that the Nobel Peace prize should be given for the promotion of national reconciliation, promoting peace and friendship between the peoples of the earth, and to promote disarmament and other activities aimed at maintaining peace.

Therefore, China was forced to create their own peace prize, which reflects not only pro-American views on human development. The first ceremony of the Chinese Confucius prize for Peace was held in Beijing. The message of Confucius prize Committee said that former Vice President Lien Chan of Taiwan won the Confucius for his enormous contribution to the development of friendly relations between the mainland and the island of Taiwan, the activities of the former vice president of Taiwan showed that the world on both sides of the Taiwan Strait will lead to world peace, and will be a model for peace in the world today.

At the award ceremony named after Confucius, its chairman officially announced, that the China's Confucius prize was prepared long ago and should reflect the modern view has changed the world, since China is a symbol of peace, who has the ability to bring peace, in contrast to the small Norwegian. As noted by chairman: "When China is home for over a billion people, China should have more right to vote for peace." Nongovernmental Confucius prize will be awarded to those people who are "committed to the peaceful path and has made an important contribution to the peaceful development of mankind," "who is governed by the idea of the world and influence the development of mankind on the path of peace, "" the one who effectively resists deliberately non-peaceful actions, "" one who has proved his value in history and helped stop a war."

Although Vladimir Putin is one of the most likely winners of Confucius in 2011, but the spokesman of Prime Minister Dmitry Peskov said, that Vladimir Putin did not receive information that he was nominated for the China's Confucius prize.





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