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Saturday, 09 March 2013 00:41

As reported by AFP, referring to the Danish Administration of Quality Supervision of food, mass food poisoning occurred in the Copenhagen restaUrant "Noma", which three years in a row is the best restaUrant in the world and has two stars in the famous gastronomic guide "Michelin". As reported the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, 63 people, who attended the restaUrant "Noma" in the period from 12 to 16 February were infected with intestinal infection, which was also found in the employee of the restaUrant "Noma", who worked with the products. The restaUrant "Noma» (Noma - an abbreviation of the words nordisk «northern» and mad «Kitchen") is known worldwide for its Scandinavian cuisine for the first time in 2010, was recognized as "the best restaUrant in the world" by the prestigious British magazine RestaUrant, THE VIDEO:

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