03/16/2011 Railways in Italy: timetable, train fares and route map

Railways of Italy stretching along the coast and mountains crossed by only a few places. Therefore, it is easy to make travel between cities, located on the same coast, but the journey to another can take a long time, as they often train takes a detour and a transit transplantation in a nodal point. In the north of Italy-the situation is different. Here are a few hubs. The most important of them- is a Bologna.

Italian railways operated by Trenitalia. It consists of two major divisions: Divisione Trasporto Passeggeri a Media e Lunga Percorrenza (deals over long distances, corresponds to the long distance trains) and the Divisione Trasporto Regionale (trains, as a rule, within one or two neighboring regions, corresponding our train).


Types of trains in Italy are:

IC Intercity - in this type of trains there are the first and second class for passengers. First-class passengers can enjoy the air conditioning. Meals are served in accordance with the menu. Seats on trains can be reserved in advance, but only a part of IC trains require reservation of tickets. On some trains, additional charge for those who does not own the cards and tickets "Eurail" or "BTLC";

EC Eurocity - is a international flights;

EXPR - train - express, used for international train communications;

Espresso - in the trains of this type, there are both classes, although some trains may be only with the second class. Also, for the trains of this type do not need tickets booking. Drinks and food available to the extent specified in the list;

DIR Diretto - -the trains of this type is often use only a second-class seats;

Locale - these trains in Italy are often called "accelerato" and roughly corresponds to an ordinary train. These trains usually do not have first class, but not at peak hours in the cars and so freely and comfortably. Trains in certain areas, have their own names:

Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) - between Turin and Salerno, connecting Turin, Milan, Florence, Rome and Naples. The trip from Milan to Rome takes about 3 hours (by car on toll roads the same way can be done in about 6-7 hours);

Frecciargento (Silver Arrow) - between Calabria and Venice, connecting Bari, Rome, Verona and Venice. The trip from Rome to Venice takes about 3.5 hours;

Frecciabianca (White Arrow) - between Milan and Venice, Genoa and Rome, on the Adriatic Riviera to Bari.

Ticket price depends on the length of the route, while with an increase in the latter decreases in proportion to the price per kilometer. For example, a 300 km train Regionale will cost about € 10, 100 km - about € 4, and 5 km - about € 0,9. Rates of high-speed trains is much higher: 20 km (without booking seats) are € 4, and 150 kilometers - more than € 9. Even higher ticket prices for trains Eurostar, but there is a discount: the most common 50% discount for children under 12 years old and a 20% discount for groups (6 or more people.), but the trains of certain types of discounts may be different.

Tickets for the first and second class, which have different costs, can be purchased at ticket offices or stations, the authorized travel agency. To Eurocity, Intercity, Eurostar Italia tickets require registration. Passengers who have more than 60 years of age or less than 26 years are eligible for discounted rates when buying train tickets at the Italian train. After buying tickets, before boarding the train they need to be validated in special machines that are usually at the beginning of the platform. The fact that the train tickets are valid for six hours and if the tickets are not validated, the supervisors will think you're going to use the tickets repeatedly and you will be fined. In Italy there is the possibility of refunds of unused tickets. Refunded for the tickets that are purchased no more than a year ago. On all unused tickets to the office where the ticket was bought, stamp and money refunded minus 15%. Tickets can be purchased in the ordinary office at the train station (preferably knowledge of Italian to communicate with the cashier) in the machine (preferably the presence of a plastic card, because there may not be back) or visit the Italian railways (you can buy the cheapest tickets, but not without difficulty - please, read instructions on purchasing tickets). If a ticket without specifying the place, date and time of departure, they can be used on any train on this route within 2 months after purchase. When boarding a train should look at the numbers 1 or 2 on the doors and windows of cars (as well as permitting and prohibiting smoking sign for those to whom this is important). These figures indicate the class of car, and you should not, having the ticket in coach class 2, to take place in the carriage of a higher category - in principle, it is with you in the right to demand payment.

At each station there are placards with the schedule of arriving and departing trains. At top in large letters written ARRIVO (arrival) or PARTENZA (departures). In the latter case, the most typed in large print a route destination, and under them more chalk to published major intermediate stations, in parentheses after each item indicates the time of arrival.

The route map of railways in Italy, indicating the exact distance between the cities of Italy can be viewed on our forum:




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