12/31/2010 Hainan International tourism in 2010 and prospects for 2011: Hainan vs Hong Kong?

Then came the last day of 2010 - is a the first year of construction of the International tourism in the Hainan Island, which resulted in achieved very mixed results. On the one hand, achieved the largest in the world results for the construction of infrastructure of International resort:  in the Hainan Island has been built and commissioned high-speed railway Haikou-Sanya, construction of new hotels, stadiums, parks, water parks, International exhibition centers, beach resorts and urban infrastructure cities. Nowhere in the world there was no such development and such investments in 2010.

If you take the main countries of the world's resorts in 2010, then up to 2010, in the Hainan Island has been invested in the 1.76 times more funds, than in 2010 was invested in Thailand, Egypt, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Vietnam together, and on scale projects for the next 5 years, Hainan almost 11 times faster than all the resorts on the scale of investment.

But at the same time in the Hainan Island in 2010, foreign tourists have arrived in 157 (!!!) times less, than in Thailand, Egypt, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Vietnam combined. This discrepancy amount invested and the number of foreign tourists visiting anywhere else in the world, nor in 2010 or earlier were not observed. This suggests that in 2010, despite the excellent beaches, good environment and an abundance of fruit in the Hainan Island, were not created conditions that meet the requirements of foreign tourists, because of what they chose other resorts in the world to relax and not come to Hainan .

One of the main problems- is a irregular methods of work with foreign tourists and drive up prices for foreign tourists for many goods and services in the resort towns of the island of Hainan, as well as the reluctance of many in the tourism infrastructure to reckon with the needs of foreign tourists, this is manifested in the fact that often in hotels system is not all inclusive, foreign tourists are offered unusual for them to food, hotels include the cost of the tour only breakfast and lunch and dinner in many restaUrants in the hotel prices are much too high compared to prices at other resorts in the world.

Also, hotel management did not take into account national peculiarities in the celebration of holidays, offering to celebrate Christmas and New year to a maximum of 12 nights, because of which millions of foreign tourists have gone to celebrate New Year in Thailand, Egypt, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Vietnam, but very little who came to celebrate New Year in the Hainan Island. Management of hotels in Sanya City is well aware of that, hotels are big losses, but still stubbornly hotel management imposes its understanding of service to tourists, not wanting to change anything, but trying to change the tastes of tourists. But the problem is that tourists come to the resorts do not change their tastes, and something to learn from the Chinese comrades, and the tourists who come to resorts to relax, Sunbathe, swim and relax in the world, so the resort in the world, management which understands this and attracts the most tourists.

Because of this incompetent management policy objects of tourist infrastructure in relation to foreign tourists for 360 days in 2010 in the Hainan Island came as many foreign tourists, but in Thailand came in just 4 days (!!!), in Egypt-only 17 Day, Cuba- just 20 days, then there is reason to rejoice no, there is only reason to change the methods and ways of working with foreign tourists and to improve service to foreign tourists on the tourist infrastructure of the island of Hainan.

It should be noted also incompetent information policy in the sphere of international tourism, especially the issue was sharply during the October flooding in the east of Hainan Island in October 2010, when many news agencies in Russia, many people began to write about the sinking of the  Sanya City, we are the first directly refuted all these "messages" and sent a letter to those media with the request that they remove all information about the sinking of the  Sanya City, we were told that information they take directly from the Chinese media, we looked and saw that the Chinese media reported flooding in the Hainan Island, but representatives of the Chinese media did not take into account the important fact-the majority (99%) of Russian tourists visit  the Sanya City, only for Russian citizens, Hainan and Sanya is the same thing, so everything is automatically tied flood of Hainan Island with the flooding of the Sanya City, from because of what happened the mass abandonment of tours to the Hainan Island, and still the tourists are afraid to travel to Hainan Island to relax, although the effects of flooding, which was 150 km away from Sanya City, has not left any, and Sanya have already forgotten the second day after heavy rains, as the landscape of the Sanya City eliminates the possibility of flooding. Until now, the Internet, these are reports of flooding and they will be there all the years is necessary to consider and introduce strict censorship on the news about the island of Hainan, which scare away tourists.

Also, many so-called international events take place without the advertising support for foreign languages,  most international events in English and Russian languages can be found only on our website, with all the information we need to get yourself, one of the organizers does not want us to help, they refuse to provide information to us, even in Chinese, although we offer them free to transfer their advertisements from Chinese into English and Russian languages and place in the Internet, but they do not want it and deem it unnecessary, it greatly complicates our work and every day we spend hours trying to find the right information and tell people around the world about what a wonderful event are now in the Hainan Island, but it also has positive aspects, since we are using information from many foreign sources, about 25 % of our news about the island of Hainan contain more information in English and Russian languages, than similar news in Chinese in the Chinese media. We have already appeared regular visitors from Singapore, Canadian provinces and Australia, which are known that most of their inhabitants are  Chinese. Also, we have got regular visitors to the United States, Australia, China, Canada, Western Europe, Asia, South America and CIS countries, even from Africa to come to us constantly every day. In China, our site is most popular in Beijing, where we read the news daily and several times a day in two languages.

As for the prospects of International tourism in the Hainan Island in 2011, then on December 27, 2010 there was a unique event - China's Government changed the tax policy for foreign tourists to Hainan Island, due to changes, foreign tourists will be able to buy goods in the Hainan Island is cheaper, than the citizens of the PRC (for details see the news on our website from 12.27.2010). This may lead to the fact, that the Hainan Island can be a major destination for shopping among foreign tourists, but now the main place for shopping is Hong Kong, we immediately began to track the press in Hong Kong in order to response to this change in tax policy in the Hainan Island and the reaction of the representatives of the Government of Hong Kong not long in coming: already December 28, 2010 held an interview with Michael Wu, Chairman of the Travel Industry Council, a journalist's question, that is not afraid to whether Mr. Wu, what  Hainan Island, as a result of new tax policy, to lure foreign tourists from all Hong Kong, Michael Wu, laughed and replied that he did not fear because in Hong Kong to create better conditions for foreign tourists. What, Michael Wu has not explained, but those, who came to Hong Kong can relax this to see ourselves, in contrast to the Sanya City, you will not be met at the airport in Hong Kong crowd of guides, you will not be forced to carry on so-called "factory" where the goods from Chinese stores sell on highly inflated prices, many inscriptions in Hong Kong are duplicated in English, so you can easily visit on their own tours, markets, shops, etc., without intrusive care guides,  in Hong Kong all done to yourself and quickly organize your holiday shopping, and that can not be said now about the island of Hainan.

Because of this, for 360 days in 2010 of foreign tourists in Hong Kong came to 100.5 times more, than they arrived on the island of Hainan. But from 27.12.2010, the Hainan Island have a good chance to make up to 2011 in the Hainan Island profits of foreign tourists to 100.5 times more, than in Hong Kong, only for it must not inflate prices for foreign tourists, to improve service duplicate the inscriptions in Russian and English, to take into account the tastes and wishes of foreign tourists, it is possible  to achieve a sharp increase in the number of foreign tourists.

We think that it is possible for only a year, in the Hainan Island  the infrastructure now is better, than in Hong Kong, and then it will be much better in future!




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