The second year of international tourism on Hainan Island, China
Saturday, 31 December 2011 18:47

The 2011 marked as the second year of international tourism on the island of Hainan, Hainan Island up to 2020 must become one of the best international resorts in the world. And all the tourists, visiting the island of Hainan can see how much changed of infrastructure of Hainan Island and the Sanya City in the last two years, thanks to the initiatives and investments of the Government of China, the Hainan Island has become virtually the only resort in the world, where constructed a modern tourist infrastructure: uses high-speed railway, built a new and modern hotels, roads, undeveloped the beach area, on the beaches located a clean modern restrooms and showers, regularly cleaning streets and the beach area, buildings of futuristic design with an unprecedented LED with cost nearly $ 100 million was installed on the island of Phoenix.

This new infrastructure is not located in any city in the world, the Sanya City on the availability of physical infrastructure is already is the best resort in the world, but only by physical infrastructure, according to the latest publications in the press in Russia, CIS, USA and Western Europe - resorts of Sanya and Hainan Island are not popular among tourists in Russia, CIS countries, the USA and Western Europe, for example, ten days ago, one of the most major news agencies in Russia- the RIA-Novosti reported about the results of its research -on what areas in the world are the popular for Russian tourists, but Hainan Island did not appear in the results of this study among those areas for recreation, which prefer to choose Russian citizens for recreation.

And there are several reasons - the lack of cheap flights from Russian cities to the Sanya City and Haikou City on Hainan Island, Chinese airlines does not carry Russian tourists to Hainan Island from cities of Russia, Russian tourists get to the island of Hainan or buy a tour of tour operators, or make several changes to reach the island of Hainan, and it is very tedious and expensive, and not everyone can get to the island of Hainan, as tour operators can offer only a few planes in a week to all Russian cities, in general, this leads to the fact, that the resorts in India, Thailand, UAE and Indonesia for tourists from Russia, CIS countries, the U.S. and Western European countries can get for the price 2-3 times cheaper, than the resorts of the island of Hainan. The situation can only fix the introduction of new flights to the resorts of Hainan from Russia, CIS countries, USA and Western European from Chinese companies, it is possible and quite profitable, it can be seen in Hong Kong, which daily receives many flights from Russia, CIS countries, U.S. and Western Europe. Note, that the distance to the   Hong Kong and to the Hainan Island from Russia, CIS countries, USA and Western Europe, almost is the same, but the cost of trip to the island of Hainan is much higher. If is this possible in Hong Kong, why is it impossible on the island of Hainan?

As we have been able to ascertain from the public data, the large Hong Kong companies and Hong Kong financial groups, that have an impact on Chinese airlines are more interested in the development of Hong Kong, but do not in the development of the island of Hainan, its potential competitor, if you look closely, even the schedule of flights from Sanya to Hong Kong for many years, is structured in such a way, that is very difficult fly to Hong Kong from Sanya and catch the most flights to Russia, CIS countries, the USA and Western Europe in one day- you will spend the night in Hong Kong, in addition, despite the fact that the flight to Sanya from Hong Kong takes about an hour, the cost of this trip is comparable to the cost of flights to other Chinese cities that are located at a distance of nearly 7 times further, than distance to the Sanya City.

By the way, just a few weeks ago in Hong Kong there was a joint conference of Hainan Province and Hong Kong, where companies from Hong Kong was given the right to develop of international tourism on the island of Hainan. As reported by one newspaper of Hainan on the results of this conference, "Hong Kong will be provide valuable and sage advices on the development of international tourism on Hainan Island." Not a bit of doubt, that the advices of the Hong Kong companies will be valuable and wise question only, for whom - for Hong Kong or Hainan?

We had to work with representatives from Hong Kong company, which was the organizer of one of the largest exhibitions on the island of Hainan, and we hit the professionalism of the Hong Kong company - the response to our request for information about this exhibition came after 40 minutes after our letters, they look through our website and offered free of charge to attend all the events of the this exhibition during the entire time it works, so that we can in the Russian and English report about this exhibition, although the cost of tickets for this show in several times greater, than the cost of tickets to the exhibitions, which organized by representatives of tourism infrastructure of the island of Hainan. Note, that almost 100% of all our letters to local companies and the Departments of Hainan Island are not answered at all.

It should be noted, that for all time of operation of our website, although we reported about a hundred various fairs, festivals, etc. - never representatives of tourism infrastructure of the island of Hainan did not give us any information about the exhibitions for free, for example, comes our representative to the manager of a well-known in the Sanya City, the venue of Miss World and offers: "Can we write about your wonderful place the good article in Russian and English with photos and address, so that tourists could to visit all of your shows? ". They answered: " Of course, just buy our tickets and work- write about us the good article, we will be happy! ". By the way, we posted on our website the more information about this place in Russian and English languages, than all other websites combined.

And this is a typical situation, searching for information about Hainan Island, we are spending personal money and personal time, judging by the number of visits, this information is very popular among foreign tourists, probably due to the fact, that more it was nowhere to be found. But the main problem is that the information we have basically taken from the local press of Hainan Island, and the local press in Hainan Island in the majority of cases reported many of the events already upon their conduct, so we can not tell about the many interesting events in advance, so that foreign tourists could learn about these events in advance and arrive on the island of Hainan to see them.

To do this, we have came to the Department of Tourism of Sanya City and to the Department of Tourism of Hainan Province, unfortunately, the leaders we could not meet, every time they have been very busy, we have offered them for free to translate into Russian and English and send them any information about upcoming events on the island of Hainan, and if they have provided to us it in Chinese, if the some of this information can be used on our website. But they were told, that they have professionals, that make a site about Hainan in seven foreign languages, which themselves can translate any information.

But it was more than a year since then, and still is only one website on the Internet, which are regularly reported in two languages ​​about the wonderful tourist events on the island of Hainan. We all enjoy of the island of Hainan, and we believe - it is the best place for a holiday in the world, so we spend time and money to convince other people to come to rest on the island of Hainan, but in this respect, we make it very difficult. Most of these people in the Sanya City was surprised, that in our site can advertise for free.

But in turn the most we do not have surprised of the representatives of the tourist infrastructure of the island of Hainan, but a representative of one of the largest websites in China, emerging in several languages ​​worldwide, including in Russian: when we turned to them to put some of our articles about Hainan Island, that foreign tourists can know - what a wonderful tourist infrastructure is built on Hainan Island, they were told- it is possible, but it will cost for us about $ 5,000 (the amount was specified in RMB) and not at all, and - in a every year. When we asked why, we, the foreigners, which are perfectly free to publish articles in Russian and English about the remarkable events on the Chinese island of Hainan, and have yet to pay to the Chinese for our the same work that kind of money? They were told, that no longer with us did not want to talk and asked to no longer refer to them, the man who wrote it, declined to reveal their name and phone number, but his email address was registered on the official domain of this site.

But, in general, the administration of the largest Chinese website is not against on our activity, since a few months ago there appeared an article in Russian, which reported, that at the present time the Russian tourists can learn about the many events on Hainan Island in Russian, and had not been reported, where exactly, but since no one else, except, does not report regularly about events on Hainan Island in the Russian language, learning about them can only appear on

This is one of the sample overly "money" attitude to foreign tourists on the island of Hainan, a description of many cases, where foreign tourists purchased products and services with highly inflated prices, can be found online at various websites.

But more surprising to us was, that repeatedly the ordinary people in the cities of Hainan Island, where we do asked about where to find the one or the other point of interest, and told them about our wesite,- this people refused to take even money from us, and free of charge helped us.

Although, in the present time, the focus of tourism development in Hainan Island is on some travel companies, we are no longer just reported, that only reliance on self-organization of tourist resorts on the island of Hainan can to attract to the island of Hainan the millions of foreign tourists: foreign tourists have been able to reach the island of Hainan is cheaper, than other resorts, the hotels must offered European cuisine at reasonable prices, the foreign tourists have seen signs, schedule of buses and trains, and other inscriptions at least in English and Russian languages, so the hotel has staff who know foreign languages ​​or foreigners - is lead to the fact, that foreign tourists will be able to buy everything they need goods and services on their own, without mark-up guides of travel agents.

This will lead to the fact, that everyone on Hainan Island will make a profit, and have no damages, because mathematically advantageous to get a little profit from the many tourists, than to strip a small number of tourists, as often happens in the city of Sanya, where prices for goods and services to foreign tourists exceeds the prices on similar goods and services in the other resorts.

As we have mentioned earlier - just millions of foreign tourists can justify such an unprecedented investments in the infrastructure of Hainan Island and to take all measures necessary, as in 2011, Hainan was a missed opportunity to capture of Egypt share of the tourist market, although such a possibility had the first time in 35 years, though in 2011, have taken the necessary steps that we wrote over a year ago, the amaount of foreign tourists in 2011 on Hainan Island was at least 7 million, but the opportunity was missed.

But other countries did not miss such an opportunity, in 2011, many countries around the world simplified visa regime with Russia, and China has become the only country in the world, where on the contrary, proposed to strengthen the visa regime and which began to consider a bill about fingerprints of all foreigners, including tourists, for entry into China, including on Hainan Island.

Make it so that tourists do not come - it is very easy, but very difficult to attract tourists, and in 2012 it will be harder to make, the Olympics in London and the European Championship in Poland and UKraine severely reduce the number of Russian and European tourists on future directions and predictions of the Maya in 2012 will cause a real tourist boom in Mexico in 2012 for tourists from the U.S. and Europe.

But having a tremendous infrastructure still leaves Hainan as one of the main contenders for the role of the world's best resort.

The tourist infrastructure of Hainan Island, China is able to turn out from "World workshop" to the "World Resort," which will bring more profit, than the production of household goods, many people in the world must to dream about to come to the island Hainan and spend their money in China! This can be done in reality! Welcome to Hainan Island, China!




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