01/01/2011 Miss World 2011 will be held in Sanya, Hainan Island, China


Good news arrived recently - Miss World 2011 will be held for the sixth time in Sanya City. Miss World has already was held in Sanya City in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2010. In October 2010, reports have appeared, that Miss World 2011 will be held in the  Ordos City in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China, and now there is an information, that the venue of the Miss World moved to the Sanya City, but this information is not officially confirmed, and the organizers of Miss World may at any time to change the venue of the Miss World 2011.But now reportedly to a specific date of Miss World 2011 final  in Sanya - is  December 10, 2011. We believe, that the choice of the beginning of December for the Miss World in the Hainan Island is not very good date, as in the first place- is the coldest period  in the Hainan Island, secondly - foreign tourists in the greatest number will be located  in the Hainan Island in the period from December 24 until January 10, ie, during the Christmas and New Year. Therefore, because of such election date of Miss World 2011, as well as in Miss World 2010 will come very few tourists, but nevertheless the beginning of December is much better, than the beginning of October (when was held Miss World 2010), as December  in the Hainan Island are not heavy rains and typhoons, and all the people of Hainan Island remember well, how much damage the tourism industry of Hainan Island have caused heavy rains and the threat of typhoon Megi in October 2010.

But especially heavy damage, it seems bigger, than the actual flood, caused the media to devote most of the flood  news about Hainan Island, as long warned of foreign and Chinese tourists to travel in  the Hainan Island and events of Miss World 2010 were virtually invisible on news about flooding, due to such activities to local media, went massive rejection of the tours to Hainan, not only in CIS countries, but also in China itself, so in October 2010 greatly reduced the number of Chinese tourists, even that was not observed for many years, and the reduction the number of foreign and Chinese tourists will automatically cause elevated prices of goods and services to tourist infrastructure of  the Hainan Island, as owners of these objects tend to preserve their previous income while decreasing numbers of tourists due to higher prices, but this is the wrong approach, since it has sharply declined the number of Chinese and foreign tourists, because of the increased prices for many tourists from China will no longer afford, as it is surprising, but tourists from China will be cheaper go to vacation in the Thailand, than in the Hainan Island.

Therefore,  in the Hainan Island is now looking for a way out of this situation, and in December 2010,  in the Hainan Island was conducted as many international exhibitions, fairs, shows, festivals, carnivals, which we reported on our website, as they have never been carried out in another time of year. We think, that this explains the transfer of venue of Miss World 2011 from the Ordos City, China to  Sanya City, China.

Hopefully, the organizers of the Miss World 2011 at this time take into account all the mistakes of Miss World 2010 and will pay careful attention to the organization of the Miss World 2010 in Sanya, in particular, more carefully consider the organization of spending time of   Miss World-2011 contestants, as in time of Miss World 2010 have been numerous reports from contestants on a rather dull organization of the contest in Sanya City, not like in its scale and organization to an outstanding international event.

We have our own views on the organization of the Miss World 2011 in Sanya City, we know how to make the Miss World 2011 has finally attracted many foreign tourists to the Hainan Island, we can do so that citizens of many countries in the world would simply wanted to get in Sanya City and watch of Miss World 2011, and we will make it on own money and with our experts, if organizers of Miss World just give us the opportunity to do so and will not interfere, we do not need any sponsors, we need no obstacles in providing information about contests of Miss World 2011. Organizers of the Miss World-2011 can not work even provide information to us, we'll create it yourself, if organizers of Miss World just at least give us the opportunity to make photos and interviewing of Miss World 2011 contestants, then the organizers will be surprised that the number of foreign tourists which will arrive in the  Sanya City to watch Miss World 2011.

And for that we will not need  money from the organizers, we will  not need their assistance in whatever form - must be that they simply did not hinder us to organize the arrival of foreign tourists in the Sanya City to the Miss World 2011, in which case we alone can get information about events of Miss World 2011 and  and will make this information as text, photos, video and online broadcasting. Tens of millions of people will know  about the  Sanya City and Hainan Island, because we every day will be spread  much information about Miss World and tens of thoUSAnds people specifically come to the  Sanya City, the names of Miss World 2011 contestanrs will know in all countries and all continents!

We can do so, that citizens of many countries in the world would simply wanted to get in Sanya City and watch of Miss World, but this requires the willingness of at least the Chinese organizers of the Miss World to do this, but the organizers of the Miss World-2010  did not try do this, because of what, the few tourists who had come specially to see the Miss World 2010 in Sanya City, and most of those who came, were dissatisfied with his organization (you can look at the responses of the Miss World 2010 in the Internet).

On our website was posted some material about the Miss World 2010, as the Chinese organizers and the British organizers denied to us access to the materials of Miss World 2010, and they almost do not engage in the normal organization of the contest, as appeared in the Internet from organizers of the contest a few dozen photos for 30 days of the contest with 120 contestants of Miss World 2010 is not just a little, it's not at all!

We have also repeatedly appealed to the hotel, where  were held contests of Miss World 2010, to provide us with any available information about the competition in the Chinese or any other language, so we can free them to put this information together with the advertising within these hotels on our website, most do not bother to say anything. The outcome of such a marketing policy for themselves these hotels: sadly deserted beaches near these hotels and small groups of tourists in this hotels, although willing to settle in these hotels during the Miss World 2010 in many countries around the world was very much.

But also on the part of contestants  were admitted major mistakes, since almost none of them had their own website, wherever anyone could see photos and find fresh information about this contestant of Miss World 2010, so most of the contestants as come invisible to this contest, and went unnoticed and 50 percent of contestants did not even hit for a single large photo in the Internet, although contestants dropped the biggest opportunity in their lives, to use the Miss World contest for their career development, and therefore, in our view, contestants of Miss World 2010 must carefully approach the contest itself, pre-create the image of himself by posting information about themselves online.

We can do it!

Contestants of Miss World 2011 may send to us photos and information about yourself, we are completely free to create each of the contestant a unique image on our website, so that people in many countries around the world have seen the beautiful girls are involved in the  Beauty contest in the  Hainan Island!

We take into account our experience during the Miss World 2010 and already Miss World 2011 on our website will be covered much better and it will contribute to more inflow of foreign tourists to the Hainan Island, as our website -is the only one Internet site, that seeks to build image of an International resort in the Hainan Island!

We hope for participation from future contestants of Miss World 2011, please send us information about yourself, and about you know the whole world! At this time you will not stay unnoticed! This will help you in your future career!
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