The October 30, 2010 was in Sanya, Hainan rich in events with the participation of U.S. citizens. The day began with the fact, that U.S. Secretary of State unexpectedly visited the Sanya City and held negotiations there with representatives of the Government of China, during these negotiations were discussed many important issues concerning international relations.

In the evening, the surprise of many, the Miss World 2010 won a U.S. citizen Alexandria Mills from the city, famous of horses for all over America, as reported by the contestant itself, representing the U.S. at Miss World 2010 in one of his interviews - her hometown is famous for all America for its horse races. The success of the U.S. contestant in the Miss World 2010 was a surprise to many, including for the Americans themselves.

Unfortunately, we could not make up their impression of the contestant from the United States, as upon arrival at the airport of Sanya City, in the beginning of the contest, she silently passed through the airport of Sanya on anybody not paying attention and no one was welcoming, as opposed to contestant from the Philippines, which was behind her from afar and welcomed encountered (see photo):


We would like to mention the friendly nature of the contestants from French Polynesia, France, the Philippines, Aruba, Kazakhstan, the U.S. Virgin Islands, UKraine, Belarus and Russia, which, despite the fatigue, behaved in his hands and smiled warmly to all meet, we especially liked the contestants of French Polynesia and the Philippines, which did not have any visible signs of fatigue and long hours of flight, the girls were smiling and at ease talking.

As a result of a vote on our website, first place in the competition won contestant of the French Polynesia-Mihilani Teixeira, second place- contestant from the Philippines-Czarina Catherine Gatbonton, third place - contestant from Vietnam-Nguyen Ngoc Kieu Khanh.

We are very sorry that the contestant of the Philippine - Czarina Catherine Gatbonton failed to take their rightful place her in the Miss World 2010, we are very worried for her during the competition.

We are very sorry for contestants of the CIS, which we kept for three weeks, placing links to them on the resources of Russia, Tatarstan, Kazakhstan, UKraine and Belarus. We have received several letters in which we are reproached, which we supported the French Polynesia. Can answer that, for example, a contestant from Russia, we have placed more than a hundred links to many online resources, including dozens of links to websites and forums of Kazan, our links removed in all forums, except for one! For contestant from Belarus, we also placed dozens of options, including the forums of Grodno, but a contestant from Belarus about our site, and even words are not written in his diary. From any of the contestants of the CIS, we have not received a single letter with information about the contestant to create a page about it on our website or even any letters concerning these contestants, including contestants from themselves.

Therefore, we have the right to maintain order, whom are more supportive of the site visitors. So, we got dozens of letters about the contestant from French Polynesia and voted for her for almost 50% of all visitors! Contestant from French Polynesia made us the biggest impression, and we supported this contestant!

We congratulate the contestant from French Polynesia-Mihilani Teixeira, who received a special rank in the contest for best dress, entered the Top-5 in contest "Beach Beauty" and entered the top-25 overall ranking of the Miss World 2010. If it were not dramatically changed global causes, she could win this competition, she had a good chance to win and she has all the qualities of this mission of peace, yet 29 October 2010 she was in second place in the ranking of one of the famous UK bookmaker.


Mihilani Teixeira will still be first in our ranking of all participating Miss World 2010, ahead of them by a wide margin!

In the process of voting on our website, we are faced with the fact, that almost 95% of all voters do not know anything about the Sanya City and Hainan Island, this was due to the fact, that the rights to coverage of the Miss World 2010 to the owner of the contest, and the official website of Miss World published little information about the Hainan and Sanya. Therefore, since the beginning of the contest, we started actually perform for the organizers of their work, telling visitors from around the world about Hainan Island and Sanya. We are confronted with a flurry of unexpected questions and someone thought that the Sanya City is located in Vietnam (since still in the Internet there are references that the Miss World 2010 will be held in Vietnam), somebody thought that Miss World 2010 held in Shanghai, who had thought that Sanya is the island's name, etc.

Since it was announced, that the competition Miss World 2010 is held for the development of international tourism in the Hainan Island and Sanya, we sent a letter to the organizer of the competition that we will cover all free events for this contest on our website in two languages, taking into account the interests of tourism in the Hainan Island, we emphasized that Russian tourists occupy 60% of all foreign tourists of the Sanya and Hainan Island, and we have so far been the only ones who regularly cover these events in Russian language. But organizers of the Miss World 2010 did not bother to answer on our several letters, apparently they do not care about foreign tourists in the Hainan Island. We have addressed an appeal to all hotels in Sanya, which hosted the Miss World-2010 several times, but we were told only one that they will think about this- they think so far! If now they have more time to think, then after two or three years in the Hainan will complete several hundred hotels, including two seven-star and think it will be too late if they are half empty and did not care about customers, the competition and then only tougher.

We do not live in Hainan Island, we live in Russia, and in Hainan Island every year come to relax, have a lot of friends among the Chinese and foreigners, but we can not do their job for the hotels. We are just amazed such an indifferent attitude towards their customers, we have especially come to the Sanya City on the competition Miss World 2010 and we were surprised that almost nobody knew about the Miss World 2010 at these hotels, as most tourists are Russian and besides no one is lit up all the events of the competition in Russian, but we offer absolutely free to create ads in the Internet for these hotels, together with news of Miss World 2010, could be done so that people would simply wanted to get to Hainan and stay close to the contestants. The prices of many of these hotels were almost three times higher than when booking these hotels through our website!

As a drawback, it should be noted and the paucity of information in English on the official website of Miss World, after each event, there appears a maximum of half a page-page text and some pictures, which apparently was not enough photos and video were generally of poor quality, we noted that the photographers were three times more than the photos appeared in Chinese, English and other sites and in many forums combined, in many countries is causing a backlash. Has practically not been used to achieve modern information technology, and we could download them to a live webcast photos and videos detailing all the events of Miss World 2010, which would cause a multimillion-dollar interest and would bring millions in revenue for the organizers. Due to the fact that we have refused to provide information that we have ceased to cover the events Miss World 2010 and began to describe only those events which involved contestant-winner of our vote.

Whatever it was, we thank everyone for participating in our voting and express our appreciation to all Internet resources that have supported our voting.

The winner of the voting on our website is the visitor from IP, asking him to register within 7 days on our website, provide contact information (registration at our home page).





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