The effect and harm of weight loss capsules

All the ladies who decided to do fitness to maintain the figure should clearly understand one simple idea: the figure will be until fitness. The contract with the devil subscribes bloodlessly, imperceptibly and irreversibly. Fitness is not as bad as its consequences.

No, I'm by no means against a healthy lifestyle, but I will not go on fitness any more, as I remember perfectly well those times when even a reflection in a mirror that looked younger for a couple of years and dropped at least a kilogram five could not drown out the constant Fatigue, nervous breakdowns and depression. Training more often ended in tears, and parents and husband seriously offered to go to a therapist.

Now, of course, I understand that to work, educate a child, play KVN at a level that requires constant traveling, hang around at night on the Internet - and so a decent load on the nervous system, and to put on the body also serious physical education was, at least , Cruelly. Yes, and a sharp weight loss was the straw that completely undermined the psyche.

In general, with fitness, I said goodbye, especially since it's an expensive matter financially, but the family budget is not unlimited. After I dropped out of classes, I got cheerful, laid down on rolls, which caused quite a shiver in my hands and involuntary salivation, and soon realized that I would not be able to walk through the door very quickly, and it seems that mini-skirts would have to be abandoned forever . After a constant pumping of muscles, fat began to grow uneven areas, yes, where it was not there for a long time. It was then that I learned what real cellulite is, and that it happens not only on the hips.

What to do? Diets did not help any. When you try to starve in the blood, sugar is falling (it came to the point of fainting). Panic led me to a page on the Internet, advertising drugs for weight loss. Discussed and condemned everywhere Li-Da promised weight loss fast, the consequences are unclear, the effectiveness is unquestionable, and the members of the forum made assumptions one more terrible. Not that there eggs of helminths, not drugs, or poisons, slowly killing the body. Making sure that everyone who tried this dubious product - losing weight, I safely spit on warnings and ordered the Internet a treasured pack of capsules.

Reference: Lida, Leiday, Judeamen - dietary supplements of Chinese origin. Provide rapid weight loss and have an unexplored composition and a variety of unpleasant consequences of the application: from habituation, to serious health problems.

I have long assumed that fat penetrates the brain and prevents thinking logically, but to get so stupid ... I began to drink Lida according to the scheme proposed in the instructions. Chinese coffee beans, which were attached for a better effect, flew into the basket, because they were not so much nauseous, but just turned from one smell. What to say? Lose weight was in the second week of admission. Not so fast, but stable.

The consequences also did not have to wait: constant dizziness, dry mouth, sorry, problems with the stool. I did not want to eat at all. At all. It's good that after reading the forums, I followed the advice to drink a lot of water - without this, it would be bad at all.

By the time the pack of treasured capsules was over, I lost weight, although not as advertised, but quite noticeably. True, the figure was spoiled by fat deposits in unnecessary places (before fitness I grew fat evenly and lost weight evenly, now everything happened to the plots). Lida gave the effect, but it was not possible to work effectively during her admission - she was thinking badly, she wanted to sleep, constant lethargy did not presuppose any initiatives, but the general weakness of action.

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